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  1. Really! Another Natty Gann fan? Good stuff. If you haven't heard Flight Demonstration Music, you should check it out. It's like the ultimate Horner end credits suite. For voting purposes, at least.
  2. Krull The Land Before Time Flight Demonstration Music Willow The Rocketeer Star Trek II Once Upon a Forest Cocoon The Journey of Natty Gann Glory
  3. Heartbreaking news, and more deeply affecting than I might have thought. You kind of prepare yourself for this with someone of Williams' age, but I never considered what it would be like to mourn the loss of James Horner. He had become one of my top two or three absolute favorites, particularly over the last five years or so. Even in his most routine scores, there was always something to enjoy. And at best, he soared to heights few could match. I'm just grateful there are still a good number of his works I have yet to discover. Listening to some of his many great pieces today has been a comfor
  4. I don't want to hijack the thread and go into a lot of detail, but I'd say my perceptions of each are pretty much in line with how the majority feels. Both are fresh, inspired works, probably seeming especially so after KotCS, which I find has waned over time. Tintin's a spirited romp, with the absoutely dizzying "The Pursuit of the Falcon" a definite highlight, and War Horse is already a favorite of mine. The emotion is so direct and genuine, the themes are plentiful, and the pastoral atmosphere so rich. I condsider "Plowing" a JW classic, and I was also thrilled that he composed a gorgeous e
  5. Couldn't resist popping in here. With Renovia's return and the mentions of Boston 2004 in this thread, it seems like old times! As Ren said, a few of us met up at Williams' 2004 Pops concerts in Boston - besides the two of us, there was IndySolo (Neil), diskobolus (Kevin), Foxfan (Francis?)....and I think we got a ride from John Takis somewhere in there. Also met another member, vmw331, at the Detroit Williams concert in 2008. HAH. Funny that you remember that! Yeah, it was me.
  6. Still reading regularly to keep up with releases and news (War Horse trailer music ftw!). Just not posting anymore. Except for right now, apparently.
  7. What sad news. I have a fair amount of his recordings, and was always impressed by how great his re-recordings and arrangements were. Rest in peace. The Prince of Egypt - "When You Believe," Erich Kunzel and the Cincinatti Pops
  8. Yeah, that new poster is crazy awesome. Here's a larger version of it, with what seems to be an accurate lineup (spoiler alert, I guess): Pretty exciting!
  9. Sorry to bump this after a few days - just wanted to thank everyone for their kind wishes, and Alan for continuing to dredge this thing up year after year. Top-secret Vice Presidential espionage, of course!
  10. I can see this being as frustrating as trying to decipher Conchord's Indiana Jones press releases...
  11. Wow...fantastic news! Seems credible coming from Heyman, moreso than Williams' diplomatic non-answer from last year. Hopes cautiously up!
  12. This is awesome, hah: I'm looking forward to the score; to be honest, I hope it's more Up than Star Trek in terms of inspiration. And speaking of Up, it's really grown on me. I think it has an elegance and grace to it that you don't get very often in film scores these days. The waltzy main theme is lovely.
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