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  1. Yesssss! Two of my very favorite Reich works Will!! Had not seen these particular performances. I went through a couple weeks last year where I was just obsessed with Double Sextet (and every few years do the same with Music for 18 Musicians!) Insane grooves. Spot-on descriptions of why it's so great - about 20:27 on is my favorite portion of the Sextet, setting up the modulation with that cycling chord progression, soooo good! Tactile in harmony and rhythm somehow, you can feel it. Both of these - incredible Reich pieces. Not sure if you're familiar with the Dutch minimalist Lou
  2. I see the Season 1 soundtrack release is up for pre-order at Amazon! 😍 Says available Feb. 1st at Amazon, but Jan. 22nd at La-La Land.- here's their promo: Really enjoying Season 2 so far (lol Bortus) - ready for some deeper character development of others hopefully on the way.
  3. Well I'M excited about the possible reschedule!! When I found out about this one it was already too close to really make plans, I had just started a new job etc. etc. This is a 3000% bucket list item for me ( 1) hearing Vienna 2) hearing them play JW 3) WITH JW conducting). I wonder how much far ahead notice there might be if/when its rescheduled? Crossing fingers majorly it will work out!
  4. I just popped in to see if anyone else had posted it yet 😉 SO excited SW is coming to Houston!! And in a season also including HP3, Home Alone, Apollo 13, American in Paris. Live scores to film are truly finally a significant widespread thing and I’m still pinching myself that this is real. I have heard that here the JW live film concerts have become their most money-making concerts of the season, unsurprisingly. It’s a win-win for everyone!
  5. Listening to the Popov Symphony now - wow! Amazing piece, and amazing story behind it I see, being banned from performance until 1972! That reminds me of another cool piece I like from around that time - Mosolov's Iron Foundry: Also - going back in time a bit to late 19th c, here is a favorite piece from my band days, the wind arrangement of the Finale to Kalinnikov's Symphony No. 1, in all a wonderful piece!
  6. Friday night we saw the coolest thing at Alamo Drafthouse - a very nice print of Nosferatu with live performed score by the group Invincible Czars. They have created scores for several silent films and have garnered quite a following in the Austin area, now they are touring across the country as well - http://invincibleczars.com/silent-film/ 4 guys, playing 15 instruments - very creative, super creepy, and impressive score with nods to Bartok and other folk music. Really, really well done. Highly recommend if they come to your area!
  7. Was just browsing the season for the Dallas Wind Symphony (now called the Dallas Winds) - happened upon this!! The Last Jedi: Music by John Williams Tuesday, March 27, 2018 – 7:30 pm Meyerson Symphony Center Dallas Winds Jerry Junkin, conductor http://dallaswinds.org/the-last-jedi/ December 15, 2017 marks the return of Luke and Rey, as Star Wars fans the world over line up for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. On March 27 we bring all-new arrangements of Williams music for The Last Jedi to band fans, along with more Williams gems from Indiana Jo
  8. Got my shipping notice early this evening! Says estimated delivery on Saturday.
  9. Man y'all posted all the good stuff while I was away from this thread! Seems like a lot of us here like exactly the same composers. Guess that shouldn't be a surprise for film music lovers! Oh Finlandia! Rousing but yeah I'd put it way down in my favorites of Sibelius works, too many better ones. With the Centenary a great choice for Last Night of Proms though! ...And now y'all done made me fall down the hole of early Sibelius works here, which is always super dangerous...some of his most fiery, sexy, groovy, entrancing, unabashedly heart-on
  10. This is great!! Awesome combo. There is a ton of good swing/latin combo jazz out there, I think much of that would be up your alley. I just listened to the first about 8 minutes so far, but immediately thought of Eddie Daniels, one of my favorite jazz clarinetists, definitely look up his stuff - And Paquito d'Rivera - Just a couple to start off - I may come add more later There are SO many great groups!
  11. I love and adore this thread! This is so incredibly gorgeous, wow. Have heard a few snippets of Schinittke before, but not this. Would definitely agree with the below! My (first) contribution: Check this out from POA, then listen to the finale of Shostakovich's 5th Symphony below (ironically, starting at 1:40 in each is best to hear the affinity) - Mostly in the woodwinds and general rhythm/flavor. but undeniable (though likely unintentional) influence. Several others in mind I may po
  12. Eagerly awaiting this!! Huge favorite of mine from JNH that truly needed this kind of release. Still among the best music he's ever written, legendary as well for the tight time he did it in - mindblowing really. I always marvel at how he found such incredible inspiration out of such a dumpster fire!
  13. This vid was included in the Harvard honorary degree thread, but deserves mention here too - Here is the Harvard "Din and Tonics" acappella group with a super cute and creative JW medley!
  14. So jealous of those going to this!! Very, very tempting to go to Chicago again I would happily sit and listen to the Chicago Symphony play anything with a big cheesy grin on my face. Making the pilgrimage to hear them live is one of the best decisions a music lover could ever make!
  15. I love, LOVE this piece!! Got to see her perform it live with MTT/SFSO last fall - incredible (and she wore the same lovely dress!) With phenomenal principal trumpet as well...both soloists and the orchestra have to be really "on" for it to be stellar. Heard it live a few times now with different groups, such a fav of mine.
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