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  1. In a sequel series Gendry will embrace his Targaryen heritage and get together with Drogon to depose Bran the Broken and restore the dynasty!
  2. It was fan service when Jon Snow, definitively revealed to be the Prince That Was Promised, defeated the Night King in single combat before going on to marry Daenerys and take the Iron Throne jointly with her and the two of them ruled well and wisely for the rest of their long lives, and so did their son Nedrogo and all of his successors (as confidently foretold by Bran), and also when Arya assassinated Cersei after getting close to her disguised as Jaime (the look on Cersei's face when Arya said "For Lady!"!), and when Jaime went off to live on Tarth happily ever after and with a thoroughly complete redemption arc. The rest, not so much.
  3. After Episode 2, Joanna Robinson asked Bryan Cogman (in a podcast interview) whether we're supposed to believe Bran's account of the Night King's aim (to erase humanity, etc.). The question was followed by a deathly silence, some nervous laughter and then a non-answer "Bran has said what he said...that's all I can say...". It may well amount to nothing, but it was interesting that he didn't just say "Yes".
  4. Meera's departure in The Spoils of War was supposed to be permanent. If Sam doesn't have something of genuine significance still to do, it may very difficult to think of a good excuse for not having him as a fatality during the battle at Winterfell. (Being the author of "A Song of Ice and Fire" won't cut it for me.) I wonder how they deal with Drogon...
  5. Jorah's point was that the Unsullied would strictly obey their instructions, not that they were incapable of violence aganist civilians.
  6. Nice though it would be to suppose that all of the goody soldiers would behave with honour and decorum during the sack of a city, I don't think that Game of Thrones has ever been guilty of operating on that assumption. If you'd like a specific example illustrating that soldiers working for the Starks behave like any others in warfare, recall Brienne and Jaime's journey through the countryside when they found the bodies of three women who had been hanged by Stark soldiers (and at least one of them raped or otherwise tortured beforehand) on account of an allegation that they had "lain with lions". He had a vision of a dragon flying over King's Landing (while on his way to the cave). That shot was alluded to during Daenerys's rampage, so that's presumably what Bran was witnessing.
  7. I've been hoping for tonight's episode to be titled "Beloved Aunt".
  8. I feel that if I were to daub graffiti over someone else's property, and subsequently decide that I didn't want my work to be displayed any more, the property owner shouldn't be obliged to remove what I'd done. I don't see why my posts on someone else's message board should be viewed in a significantly different way.
  9. I think the primary explanation is that he would have been making her complicit in treason.
  10. I didn't feel deprived of much by that particular omission since there wasn't much to expect from their reactions in the first place. Any tension there might have been in the scene was down to the question of whether Jon was going to let the cat out of the bag. Other than Jon and Daenerys, Catelyn Stark was the one character whose reaction to the revelation would have been relevant.
  11. It still is, but the first season is the one with the most consistently high quality. I think the average quality has been decreasing in general (perhaps not strictly with each season better than the next), but the high points of each season so far have been reaching a consistently high level.
  12. I think you could reasonably say that it's been in decline since the first season!
  13. But surely (insofar as he could be said to owe it to his legacy) what he owes is to get the story right according to his own taste and judgement. And if what's holding him up is not creative problems but simply a lack of effort, it's up to him how much he values his legacy versus living his life!
  14. Who'd have thought that the social media culture would facilitate a system of self-reinforcing opinion loops?! I know nobody (off the internet) who has expressed serious disappointment with the current season so far. Reactions to the third episode have ranged from positive to ecstatic.
  15. As disastrous as that episode was, it takes more than a drop in quality to effect a shark jump. The reason depends on which of the various defintions of the expression one adopts, but the essence of it is that the events depicted weren't concocted simply for novelty value or to try to drum up interest in a waning show; at the time, Game of Thrones had never been more popular, had finished its preceding season with two of its most acclaimed episodes ever, and the general nature of the sensational events depicted at that stage of the story had been predictable for years. The cause of the failure (along with some rather mediocre film-making) was not the attempt to be novel or sensational, but rather a ham-fisted effort at moving the plot into the place that they wanted it to be going into the final season.
  16. It was a pretty specific thing for them to bring up, at that point, if they didn't have any intention of addressing it later.
  17. Varys's story of his castration involved his parts being burned by a sorcerer in a brazier, and the terrible voice which answered from the blue flames has haunted him ever since. Now we know the White Walkers are Lacanians flaunting their Phis... This is not true. The Red Priestess who came to Meereen reminded him of it, and asked if he would like to know the name of the one to whom the voice belonged.
  18. This must mean that it was the Night King's voice that Varys heard in the flames.
  19. It basically is a phi when Jon and Daenerys see the same symbol in the cave on Dragonstone. I wonder what it means... Phi
  20. A "rhombus with a line through it" was the first appearance of the spiral?
  21. But you don't think that is what's going to happen, is that right? And you do think that (i.e., snuggling back up to Cersei) is what's going to happen?
  22. You're a disgrace to your homeland. The only reason I started to watch it in the first place was that I thought it might be fun trying to recognise the locations...
  23. That was my assumption, too. I don't see it being in contradiction to the Benioff & Weiss quote. Do you mean "yes" in the case that he is intending to kill himself and Cersei, or in the case that he isn't?
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