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  1. We’re all gonna die of the next minor cold we catch because our immune systems are gonna get so lazy.
  2. Wearing a mask may help build herd immunity, @Quintus! With a lower risk of you getting horribly sick! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/face-masks-could-giving-people-covid-19-immunity-researchers/
  3. If your lungs don’t got what it takes, you’re off to the glue factory, Godzilla!
  4. In the South, we don’t have people giving each other the stink eye. Almost all people are wearing their masks and going about their day. When they get far from each other, they take em off and breathe. We even dine outdoors without masks while distanced from others. Australia, like California, must be a nation of cowards.
  5. Better than avoiding triggers and then one day snapping and burning a neighbors shop down as a “protest!” Besides, our struggle filters the weak newbies.
  6. Bro, read what I've said in this thread. "We don't know if herd immunity is possible with this virus" ≠ "there is no herd immunity." Nothing's changed yet. We still don't know nuthin about herd immunity and COVID When you don't know, err on the side of being careful. The only evidence in favor of it is that Southeast Asia is fairing shockingly well, but that seems to be herd immunity acquired over time to other varieties of coronaviruses. If you are a blind worshipper of the Church of Herd 'Munity, rally together and go screw some HIV+ people and let me know how that H
  7. “Buy our movies and soundtracks!” Bruce Marshall: I’m lubed up and ready to go!
  8. Yes. You are from Norway? I don’t think so.
  9. Mme Blume parle courament. Je lui apprends le Mandarin. Elle m'apprend le Francais. Avec Francais, je connais cinq langues. How I impressed Mrs. Blume! I knew English and German growing up. Added Japanese around high school. Good way to pick up women back then in college. Picked up Mandarin while I was a salaryman having to go back and forth to and from China.
  10. J’habite en (or is it a for a state still?) Caroline du Nord. Je viens de Californie.
  11. Nou voulons avoir une petite place a Montreal ou a proximite.
  12. J’ai oublie, ou es tu au Quebec? Shit now we will be banned for not speaking in the JWFan Lingua Franca.
  13. Shhh! Quiet you bloody Wannabe Frenchist! You’ll get us all shut down.
  14. It’s funny, I think this forum was a ten-year early-warning microcosm of what would happen in politics around the world due to the internet. Trad film music vs. modernist film music. Taken to the extremes.
  15. Have you considered that the government circles that run the BBC are woke lefties?
  16. It'll take time. We need to move our factories back home, we need to make sure we can produce our own medical supplies. In the mean time, they still need our universities to teach their people how to think for themselves instead of steal American and European IP. So we'll be all smiles for another few years. JK our universities don't teach people how to think for themselves. Thinking for yourself gets you cancelled. We need to detangle ourselves from China and quick.
  17. I think at this time we can all agree: 1. Everyone needs to wear masks when enclosed with strangers. 2. If everyone is compliant with #1, open things back up, because the execution of lockdown in the West, particularly the US was a complete half-assed over-prolonged shit show. 3. Force relocate anyone who is keeping us from #1 to Australia 4. Greet our new Asian overlords who had their shit together.
  18. Are you hooked on news? I know friends and family who are disabled by news.
  19. You gotta quit listening to the journos man. They don’t know nuthin about nuthin. “Banning flights from China is racist. Why didn’t you ban flights from China sooner? Masks are useless, stop buying them! Masks are useful! Why the fuck are you refusing to wear them?” Listen to me. I’ve been the only constant voice of reason in all this since January. Why? Because you don’t need fucking data to have common sense.
  20. I haven’t been sitting in an Ergonomic Shrink Chair for 15 years for nothing...
  21. Farm is armed. It’s producing the goods, so it’s somewhat operational. It does look and feel a bit like the half-finished second Death Star though. Coyotes are a bitch.
  22. It’s a Coronavirus Tree!
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