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  1. Why would I marry myself to some silly concept like that? I think for myself and come to my own conclusions, and happily piss off every idiot and group of idiots that thinks I owe them some allegiance. Look at Quintard, his jaw is still stuck to the floor because I said Williams is manipulative and should have let a new generation take over Star Wars! “How could a JWfanner think for himself!?”
  2. People who got the OG SARS never regained their damaged lung capacity. People keep saying this is no problem for young people, but that’s not true. Plenty of young people are exhibiting pulmonary and vascular changes that look permanent even though they haven’t dropped dead. In men who’ve had it, even asymptomatically, it seems to have lasting effects on the nads and testosterone production. We don’t know what that will mean down the line. If you want to risk turning into a shitty, wheezy, Girly-man, low-energy version of Darth Vader, go out mask free and get sick to your heart’s cont
  3. You sound like a reasonable, compassionate person. Don’t waste your reason or compassion on Quintard and the Aussie troll!
  4. You and Quintard have cost the world economy more money with your lack of panic.
  5. Just think 5 weeks of hard lockdown back in late February, ban international travel, have everyone hunker down, strict quarantine, take $150 billion hit on the GDP, and the US would have been COVID free by now and could judiciously re-instate international travel. Instead we'll pay $50,000 billion over the next decade for this bullshit because the pencil-neck nerds needed evidence this could be harmful.
  6. Masked up and went to the farmers market today. Retarded suburban housewife with her husband type was walking around dry-coughing her lungs into the air on everything with no mask. Her husband was wearing a mask. Yep.


    Pandemic, economic apocalypse, social unrest, we’re missing one.......what is it....OH RIGHT: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-53061476
  8. Once Dylan accepted the Nobel, I lost all respect for him.
  9. We got our biggest day so far in NC on Friday. Hospitalizations have been peaking every day for 5 days straight. Saturday the US had its biggest day since mid May! It takes about two weeks to start seeing the full picture from each event. So we’ll see.
  10. Same thing John Williams says he thinks of every other musician: "He's a young, marvelous, and creative musical talent." - John Williams, on any musician.
  11. My wife has no problems. She is 5’7”. I’m 6’4”. It does not work consistently with phone in my pockets.
  12. Great sound, wireless range of an asthmatic moth around a flame.
  13. 📈💰💰 There is so much money to be made right now with all this controversy. I’ve tripled my position in a public outdoor/hunting company in a span of two weeks. Fawlty Towers ratings are gonna be thru the roof! When people fight, the corporations profit.
  14. No physical book or pamphlet can be excised from circulation.
  15. Voluntarily making yourself a slave of modern healthcare is a silly thing. Better to suffer in your soul than be owned by the modern medical supply chain.
  16. We have our own problems. Free market is dead. Late-stage capitalism is pretty weird. Very socialist if you are a big corporation. Government owns most of the market as of this year, with the Fed and Treasure printing money to take ownership of everything.
  17. Tit for tat is better than getting steamrolled. The best answer is to not be employed. Employees can’t capitalize on controversy. You need to be self-employed, then controversy is publicity and you’ll boost your business.
  18. Cowardice is not the answer here. Fight back. Hold idiots to account.
  19. I'm glad to be returning to my normal life of surging coronavirus cases, riots, civil unrest, here in the US!
  20. Can’t do anything about it. Minneapolis is shutting down their po po department. Maybe you can request a hit job once criminal organizations step up to maintain law and order.
  21. You went from PekingDuck to PorkiePie?
  22. Other than Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams he was largely without taste.
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