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  1. Thanks for the comments about all of the recent episodes. I have been told about the wrong note played on the piano for Kevin's theme, which comes from me getting incorrectly transposed sheet music. I have re-uploaded the episode with the piano performance removed. As for Hook, we were not pressed for time. I try to keep co-hosted shows to an hour if possible. Many people write to me wishing we could spend two hours on their favorite score, but that is not the goal of the podcast. I'm not planning to play every minute of every score, but to just give a historical guide to the music. However, I was not aware that the piano melody that plays before "We Don't Wanna Grow Up" would turn into Tinkerbell's theme, so thanks for that observation. My podcast episodes are not being affected by the worldwide pandemic, so you'll still get new ones every Wednesday!
  2. I have been hearing from a lot of people about my lack of discussion about the commercial soundtrack releases. I bring up such things only if it feels like something historic happened with the soundtrack release. Other times, I do record something but take it out in the interest of time and flow of the episode. Besides, my plan since the beginning has been to focus mainly on the music as heard in the film, and the composition itself. But, I will take your comment into consideration going forward. That was the goal that Erik and I made for this episode. We knew there were lots of people who did not like this score, and we wanted to "convert" them. I'm glad you are enjoying the score now.
  3. Year Two of "The Baton: A John Williams Musical Journey" has begun, and I am giving you TWO new episodes today. The first is a fun and lively discussion about the score to "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial," including those amazing final 15 minutes. The other episode focuses on the drama "Monsignor," which marked John Williams' first straight dramatic film in eight years and featured a very un-romantic love theme for Christopher Reeve and Genevieve Bujold. I have already recorded episodes 58-60, and those will be released over the next three Wednesdays. I am looking forward to bringing you the final 55 episodes of this podcast, and thanks to everyone for being a part of this journey with me!
  4. The first year of "The Baton" is coming to a close. I'm so grateful to everyone who has been a part of this fun and insightful journey since the beginning, and thankful to those who found the podcast later and became new fans. I am very excited to get Year Two started, but for now, please enjoy the final episode of the year, which focuses on the film "Heartbeeps" and its very fine score by John Williams. See you in 2020 for 56 more episodes!
  5. I am very excited about the newest episode in my podcast, because it features a discussion of the best score ever written: "The Empire Strikes Back". I am joined on this episode by Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra trombonist Jim Nova, who helps me understand why Vader's theme is so sinister. We also talk about that stellar music during the asteroid field chase, the big lightsaber battle in the bowels of Cloud City and whether or not the score would translate into a great musical. Learn much in this episode, you will! "The Empire Strikes Back"
  6. I didn't know it either, until a year ago! I'm glad there is some new information in the episode for you!
  7. Let's get back on topic … though there is a Jerry Goldsmith connection. The 50th episode of "The Baton" is here! And the score discussed in this episode is a "super" one. I'm joined by co-host Doug Grieve as we discuss the music to "Superman." I'm sure everyone reading this knows that John Williams was not the original composer for "Superman," and we discuss that a bit while theorizing about the relationship between John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith. But, this episode is really about analyzing this great score, from the record-setting opening titles to the wonderfully orchestrated theme for the villains. Enjoy! "Superman" episode on "The Baton: A John Williams Musical Journey"
  8. I am open to anyone joining me as guest host … provided they have something interesting to contribute about a particular score and/or that time period in John Williams' life.
  9. Played fine for me on the Spotify app. Try other platforms (including YouTube) if you keep running into problems.
  10. Thanks for the insight on "The Fury." I should have gone in more detail about having "Gillian's Power" on the CD, but it really is nowhere near as good as the film version and the there in is part of the reason. I played the "Jaws" episode on Podbean and it was fine. If you are playing it on another platform, let me know. That is my goal!!! But I don't think I am there ... yet.
  11. The solo episodes have a quick turnaround and I try to have them completed at least two weeks before they go live. It takes a week to produce a show, starting with watching the film then doing research and creating the script. Recording and editing are usually done in one day. Shows with guest co-hosts take twice as long. I try to stay at least two weeks ahead so I am not rushing to get each episode done. Sometimes I am working on two episodes in the same week, if I have the time to do so.
  12. Yes, I am gaining so many followers each week and it's amazing! But, really, I am so busy producing each episode that I sometimes forget to let the JWFan folks know about each new episode. A new one is released EVERY Wednesday!
  13. The "Star Wars" episode of my podcast has arrived, and it's a big one! I had the privilege of talking with Sir Clive Gillinson, who played cello on the score with the London Symphony Orchestra in 1977. He looks back on his memories of working with John Williams and seeing the film with music for the first time. I also take time to discuss the main theme and other music in the film. Chris Hatt returns to join me in that discussion. Another former guest co-host, Brian Martell, relives his memory of seeing Star Wars in the theater and being captivated by the music. It's an episode I have been excited to bring you since this podcast started, and I hope you enjoy it! Star Wars on "The Baton: A John Williams Musical Journey"
  14. October has been a busy month, and very fun! Family Plot was a better score than I expected. And the movie was OK, too.
  15. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I understand why you think "The Missouri Breaks" stands up as a good film. I enjoyed hearing the score for the first time, but I was not enjoying whatever Brando was doing. As opposed to those other films that Thor referenced, I had such high expectations for the film, based on the involvement of Brando, Nicholson and Penn. I received a few emails from listeners who also had major issues with the film. As you will hear in the episode, I do praise some parts of the score. I am glad you're enjoying it! I regret to inform you that the "Star Wars" episode will not be two hours long. It might be the longest to date, but barely. As of now, I have a 65-minute show planned, which is longer than I want but necessary given the special guest who will be on the show.
  16. It only took 40 films and about 15 years!!! Very few become successful in a shorter time.
  17. You should go back and learn about the scores you don't know. In this journey, it has helped me understand the evolution as a composer and how JW worked to find his voice. To be honest, I might have done the same thing you are doing if someone else was doing this podcast, but I would have obeyed the host and started at the beginning!
  18. Hi, everyone! I know many of you have been awaiting the arrival of the "Golden Age" of my podcast, and that moment has finally arrived! The "Jaws" episode (Episode 41) premiered earlier today. Listen to the episode here. I'm joined by music teacher Jeff Owens, who provided some very wonderful insight into why the main theme is so scary and intense. Though we don't go through every minute of the score, we do talk about some highlights that make this a masterclass in film scoring. I have a bigger appreciation for this score, which I did not think was possible. Enjoy!
  19. Thanks for recommending Yavar for the Images episode. He had a lot of wonderful insights! About 80 more to go!
  20. That would be a big ambition, and if more than one person is involved, it might evolve into virtual boxing matches. Just look at how hard it is to officially say how long John Williams served in the Air Force.
  21. So, to get this thread back on topic, I want to thank @airmanjerm for the clarifications. And thanks to all those who are new to the podcast. I urge you to start at the beginning and catch up with us on this journey. You will hear music you've never heard before and learn new things about John Williams!
  22. The newest episode of my podcast features the score to 1971's "Jane Eyre," the third and final time Delbert Mann and John Williams would work together. This episode features fellow JWFan member @Yavar Moradi as he talks about why he counts "Jane Eyre" as his favorite John Williams score. We also have a good discussion about whether to count the main theme as a love theme or not, and the music it inspired about 30 years later. Hope you enjoy!
  23. I just finished watching this film for an upcoming episode of my podcast. It is not a great film by any means, but that six minutes of music near the end that everyone has talked about is worth sitting through the movie. I am co-hosting the episode with Townerfan's brother Gianmaria. We are going to have a fun discussion. And thanks Mauricio for the background info on the film!
  24. Just before I had read that comment a few days ago, I had finished watching "Valley of the Dolls" and was very excited to record that episode. After reading your comment, my feelings about doing that episode -- and the podcast -- hadn't changed. Your apology is accepted but I just wanted you to know that I didn't allow it to affect me negatively -- unlike the way Bernard Herrmann's comments about Symphony No. 1 affected John Williams.
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