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  1. I think 43 euros for ToD. Everything else was way below 40 euros... luckily! Of course I am not counting box sets here such as the elmer bernstein film music collection which would be the most expensive release in my collection at a buying price of roughly 160 euros. But this is more a collection and not a single soundtrack so it does not count.
  2. Let me give you my honest opinion: You made a big mistake by revealing your demos to the fans, because they are the least qualified people to value it properly. Fans always have different anticipations of what might come out in the end but even if your music is not to their taste in the first place, they may end up being amazed how well it fits into the game's world when they can actually see it along with the visuals. Or let me simplify my point: What you did is basically having a test screening of a movie without any footage but score only with a test audience that has absolutely no idea abo
  3. These are my most anticipated upcoming movies: 2007 1. Beowulf: It's easy to see why. Ancient english poem, Zemeckis, adventure, Silvestri, groundbreaking visuals... there are like millions of reasons to look forward to this one. 2. 3:10 To Yuma: A gritty western remake with crowe, bale and a nice opportunity for beltrami to create a nice western action score. I hope it will deliver. 3. The Mist: Yeah, its just another remake but at least one that could benefit from a talented director like frank darabont. And i am curious who will get the scoring gig on this one. 4. I Am Legend: Will Smith ki
  4. The top 5: Jerry Goldsmith - "Ruler of the Queens Navy!" 3,6 days, 8,5 GB Alan Silvestri - 2 days, 5.85 GB David Newman - 1.6 days, 4.39 GB Elmer Bernstein - 1.4 days, 3.46 GB James Horner - 1.2 days, 2.76 GB John Williams - 0.7 days, 1,42 GB However, it should be more as i only store files of vulnerable cd-r copies, sold-out limited editions or oop CDs and thus i dont have everything by these gentlemen up on itunes. Thats also the reason why i have less than a day of williams music, there are a lot less cd-r releases and lots of official releases which sit on my shelve. Everything combined I
  5. Sorry but I dont know what exactly you dont understand. I was talking about the advantages of mo-cap over a real live-action film where the surroundings and circumstances often limit your possibilities whereas mo-cap enables you to have a world class performance from a world class actor within any environment you want for exactly the same cost no matter what you do with it. Now sure you can just scan the body and animate the character per hand but that way you would loose the performance that "makes" the character. Animators are still animating characters with the help of guidlines invented fr
  6. It will be released in imax 3d and regular cinemas. There is still some uncertainty about the rating as reported in comingsoon.net's beowulf comic-con sumary: The internet trailer implies something along the lines of pg-13 though. I hated that rock music at the end. Where is that great score I heard during the silvestri concert? They are aiming the marketing of this thing at teenagers which i think is a bad move from the executives because that film was never made for that target audience in the first place. It will just shy away potential older audience.
  7. The point is that all of these people used technology to push filmmaking many steps forward. With Mo-cap it is exactly the same. You have great actors doing the pure essence of the performance in a minimalistic environment. It's cost effective because you don't have to go through a lengthy process of animation for any of the characters and you dont have to cope with location shooting or having cost intensive film rolls or all that stuff that drives the budget these days. Every movement is already there, done by world class actors and it just needs to be put in context with the environment. It'
  8. The comments about the animation and motion capture procedure that people made in this thread really only shows their lack of knowledge on the subject. As soon as an ambitious cgi production goes underway for something that is not a kiddie movie for a change, everyone suddenly becomes an expert in cgi animation or effects work. What was done here with Beowulf actually hasn't been done in feature film animation before. The only thing that comes close are short movies from independent 3-D artists or students. We have a great, serious and dramatic piece of historical literature turned into a movi
  9. I must be the only one who absolutely hates the cinematography of the trailer. Annoying hand camera shakes and fuzzy images are hardly what I want to get from a big budget hollywood production.
  10. Well, it certainly did not sound overblown to me when i was there and i was just a couple of feet away from the orchestra. To me, it just sounded right and I never felt any resemblance with his sommers scores maybe except for the march at the end which shares some similarities with van helsing as far as the choir is concerned but even that march as a whole is really more related to judge dredd in almost every way. It also helped greatly to hear mummy returns and judge dredd that evening and the beowulf part has definitely a lot going that distinguishes it from these two, mainly during the firs
  11. No nothing is known about an album yet but thats no reason to worry since the movie is still several months away. I guess by the time of September/October we should find out more. The label could be warner / reprise again and there seems to be not much danger of song overload except maybe for an end credits song by silvestri and ballard. I would be really surprised if no score album would come out this time.
  12. Hardly the right way to describe it when almost 60 percent of the suite consisted of very lyrical but subdued atmospheric music for male choir, strings, woodwinds and piano comparable in a way to basic instinct or bittersweet romantic music ala poledouris. Only the last third really qualifies as overblown once the march kicks in.
  13. The film comes out november 16th this year and the first teaser trailers are expected at the end of this month after the comiccon 2007. by the way, that video really is just a glimpse on how great the live experience really was. That concert was amazing from start to finish, and beowulf was such a magnificent finish that Alan had to come back to the podium several times. People were screaming and going crazy while Alan joked: "I am not going to like the way it looks the next time I come out!"
  14. Maybe the teaser will be shown before beowulf. In that case I would already have two things to look forward to in november
  15. No thats still the title that has been rumoured for a while now. Those close to the production have even dubbed this project x in order to avoid the title being made official too early. That's at least what this article is saying: http://www.hawaiitribune-herald.com/articl...ews/local01.txt
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