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  1. I would not have any Skywalker/Solos born with "too much Vader" in them. Making evil genetic in Star Wars is lame. I would not have it be a remake of ANH. I would not have JJ Abrams direct. I would tweak Lucas' story rather than scrapping it and rebooting it. I would also make sure the heroes were heroic, not just super defense squad who kills captives.
  2. This is an hilarious turn of events. Predictions: -Williams' source music was rejected. -"Hamilton" type bluesy piano will make an appearance. -"Alias" type garage band laptop beatz will make an appearance. -Ben Burtt will write random non Huttese words to have Disney contract actors speak for ambience. -Song ends with a busboy dropping their tray.
  3. Yeah. That's what I came here to say. The stylistic departure of the cinematography is pretty shocking as well. It would help to accept this if it wasn't a saga Episode but a spinoff, because it doesn't seem to fit in.
  4. We can only hope Mr. Williams is playing hooky to work on Star Wars Episode VII.
  5. I guess I must like James Horner's music more than I ever admitted to myself, because when I first heard this, my heart was crushed. I never collected many of his albums, but I always thought of him as a very emotionally effective composer, and would find myself playing his themes on the violin, and choosing to watch movies just because I knew he composed the score. My wife and I were very effected by this bad news. We'll be watching plenty of his movies and collecting more of his music now that he won't grace new movies with his heart and talent anymore. Nobody can deny the deeply touching beauty of his best dramatic music, and the exhilerating adventure of his best action music.
  6. - sigh - more political propaganda... so disappointing.
  7. Call of Duty isn't influential on big game studios, the military spending budget is.
  8. All I know is that Remote Control better produce the score (a la Tron 2.0) just to ensure the quality control that a AAA tentpole property needs. I'm a Disney stockholder, and I will settle for nothing less than the highest standard of production.
  9. I was utterly wowed by The Hunt, and was amazed at the contemporary, yet superior Ludlow's Demise. I was like, "this guy tops 'em all". Similar thoughts to what Blumenkohl expressed. What a great week that was when The Lost World CD hit shelves.
  10. I consider "Hans Zimmer" to be the name of a band. Sure, it's the name of a composer within that band as well, but just like with any band, pinpointing attribution to an individual is really tough. With band music, it takes a village, as they say.
  11. Give the man some telomerase. I'm sure people would be against rich old composers living until 200 years old, but it would be fun to see you whine about it until you die.
  12. Good lord, you people should move on to the general net to trash Williams instead of polluting the fan pages with this cruelty. Prediction: Each year Star Wars 7, 8 and 9 come out, we will hear inferior Star Wars scores and superior Williams scores for OTHER FILMS.
  13. I listened to the clips this morning, and my face was blown off. I feel like a kid again. This is so amazingy classic, perfect and dramatic.
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