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  1. Huh? Alan Silvestri has never composed anything like the mummy returns before and after the mummy returns, so how on earth can a silvestri pirate score be predictable? In fact, beowulf will probably be the only thing Silvestri is doing in recent years that will come somewhat close to match the adventurism of the mummy returns and i promise you that score will be very different from tmr.
  2. Just when i found hope within the promising potc 3 soundclips zimmer is smashing everything again with some of the most stupid comments i have ever heard about film scoring. The worst thing is that he gets away with it just because he is hans zimmer.
  3. At least it shows that he acknowledged all the harsh criticism about the direction of these scores and actually tried to improve something. Definitely a plus in my book. And I am a zimmer hater! Wether or not the final result is actually better than the previous two (though that's not a tough challenge) remains to be heard. At least my interest is raised enough that I will give it a chance.
  4. Do i hear actual real woodwinds in there? Interesting that Zimmer is now trying to do what Alan Silvestri was fired for.
  5. No need to use cgi for that. You would be surprised what can be achieved through the wonders of lighting alone.
  6. It will be interesting to see a movie without cg-stunt doubles for a change. In all of todays popcorn flicks you have a cg-stand-in for really complicated stunts and the problem is, no matter how good they are looking or how convincing their are animated... they always look totally fake.
  7. A lot of top box office candidates are coming out in 2008. Theres a narnia sequel, an iron man film, a mummy sequel, a rambo sequel, a hulk sequel, a new shyamalan movie, a new roland emerich movie, a remake of The day the earth stood still, a sequel to madagascar, another harry potter film and a hellboy sequel. Indy and Rambo are kind of sandwiched in between all of these movies which all carry strong potential with the audience. Something tells me that we will see several of them failing miserably at the box office but on the other hand business will be taken away from real biggies like indy. It will be interesting to see what movie ends up as most successful in 2008. And of course you never know what else might be rushed into production this year. Stephen Sommers' When Worlds Collide remake is overdue.
  8. Maybe. Or they just have plenty of them in stock or get them from other retailers who still have it in stock. We can't be sure yet. Maybe they are already working on a special expanded release? Where's michael matessino when you need him
  9. A 2-CD set as a limited edition of 3000 units is certainly possible. The original album seems to be OOP and lots of scores are coming from the Columbia/Sony archives. However, I would be perfectly satisfied with a 2-CD set containing the score as John Williams intended it for the movie in stellar sound and there would still be room for the most important alternates and one or two important concert versions. What fans made of Hook with all those 4-CD sets is really insane. It's like people collected all hook related material from as many different sources as possible just to fill as many discs as possible. The result is a nightmare of a listening experience with lots of endless repetition, cues from the DVD, the bootlegs and god knows what else while the sound quality is not only insufficient but also varying a lot over the course of all 4-CDs. No thanks, no 4-CD set please but instead give me a well-packaged 2 CD set with Williams' intended version plus a few goodies.
  10. For all we know this project could be anything maybe even something that Spielberg is only producing. Do Interstellar, Lincoln or even JP 4 still count as yet unannounced? I mean it's commonly known that these films are in development but have they been announced yet?
  11. Newman is not yet confirmed officially but I heard from a very reliable source that he will be there too! Well, that's fine but I want to document the whole thing with a good camera, produce a docu about the event and publish my production on the net if that's allowed. And I am sure many people don't have access to spanish tv.
  12. Confirmed! From Silvestri-Expert Emile Brinkman: and from Emile's unofficial Silvestri website: http://www.alan-silvestri.com/main.html
  13. I think it's a good title but I don't think it will be the one.
  14. Some other record producer (i think it was lalaland's own Michael Gerhard but it could also be someone else) once said that fans would be quite surprised if they would know how many more recent original recordings are already lost or damaged beyond repair. Quite shocking if you consider how easily things can be preserved these days with relatively little effort.
  15. By now the conan the barbarian tapes have become unusable as Ford stated quite recently at the FSM board.
  16. I have already pre-registered with Soncinemad. Cant miss the first Live concerts consisting of only Alan Silvestri's and David Newman's music. That has been a dream of mine since ages. I think I will take some good camera equipment with me to document the event if I will be allowed to do so.
  17. Yeah the dark fanfare ending of the trailer really is the predator opening. As I said, Silvestri will be there
  18. Yeah that would be cool but i think they are both completely out of their range. One is paramount and the other is touchstone. Very sad!
  19. Alan Silvestri scoring the next rambo would be so cool but the movie probably won't be an a-list project with an all too big budget anyways which is probably the reason they choose tyler and not someone more high profile as Silvestri.
  20. They just don't want to cash in on his passing because Basil was very close to everyone at Prometheus, especially Ford Thaxton so it is kind of understandable. And it's not like they would stop releasing his music entirely. They just delay releasing more for the time being.
  21. Unless I am mistaken, nowhere did anyone say the composer died recently. They just said "sadly deceased". And the only composers I know with the initials are Georges Delerue and George Duning (with one 'n'). I am guessing it's duning, because Roger said it's delerue and I dont trust him
  22. No they were clearing the release way before anything bad happened and besides, nothing was announced officially yet (the info was leaked from relieable insider sources). I am not sure about the current state of that release but something tells me that this was meant to be their big release for early 2007 and maybe it could have been available already. It's certainly coming but I guess they will wait just a couple more months.
  23. Isn't Basil's death a very obvious reason? Ford Thaxton said there won't be any poledouris releases from prometheus for the time being because of his passing. I suppose that should include conan the destroyer.
  24. Prometheus will do an expanded Conan The Destroyer but as it seems, they delayed this one because of obvious reasons. Anyways, here is Roger Feigelsons latest statement: Looks like it's going to be a george dunning score.
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