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  1. While we're on Zimmer, I'd like to mention Carl Orff's music used in Badlands, and Zimmer's score to True Romance. Both films are similar though, so I guess I could understand it's use.
  2. The Gruntilda music always reminded me of Danny Elfman, especially in the last battle of the first game. People who enjoy this music may also enjoy the Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack. EDIT: Forgot my link. And some variations on Grunty's theme.
  3. 1. Medal of Honor 2. Star Trek 3. Mercenaries 4. Space Mountain 5. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
  4. It was actually just yesterday that I read a pessimistic reply on Youtube that the music from Wrath of Khan would never be completely released. I hope that person is aware of this release! What a great score. It even has a precursor to some of the music from Aliens.
  5. I thought that's what this thread was about too...
  6. Am I the only one who loves 'Rjuken Sabotage'? I never see it mentioned by anyone, here or on other sites.
  7. Fuel by Metallica The Touch by Stan Bush Panama by Van Halen Ripley's Rescue by James Horner And I guess Sabotage by the Beastie Boys will be getting popular among the boards soon.
  8. Is that a BTTF reference? Given that they're inspecting a spaceship that came back from the future, I'd say yeah, it's a BTTF reference. :cool: Gotcha. Didn't get that part at first.
  9. Yeah, I remember actually busting up when I saw the To Be Continued screen and heard the music.
  10. There's a wonderful Family Guy cue there called 'Back From Death'. Lots of fun.
  11. Super Mario Bros. theme, supposedly performed by the Boston Pops, conducted and arranged by John Williams. Can anyone actually confirm that?
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