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  1. Jarre to hold concert at Masada (Israel) (Guardian deems it an 'Anti Trump' concert) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/apr/03/jean-michel-jarre-anti-donald-trump-dead-sea-concert Even back in my 'very' Jarre Fan days, when I was far more left, to be honest I always found the various virtue signalling causes this guy latches onto, somewhat pretentious and skin deep. Back in the day I remember the controversy around the Sun City concert, essentially a closed event for the country's wealthy elite and a lot of the imagery at concerts in the vag
  2. Yes, according to an article I read the other day. After all, Israel is part of the Eurovision Song Contest - quite an oddity 'really", but it provided the world with gems such as Ole Ole, a song that initially drove me to the edge of insanity when I was staying in a hostel in Jerusalem near a square where a sort of charity 'flashmob' would play this about 6 times a day while dancing around in the square raising money for the disabled. It was one of those songs that became Stockholm syndrome, and I really grew to love my former torturer. I then learned it was Israel's 1985 Euro ent
  3. This. I think the last soundtrack I purchased was 5 years ago, and was a silly purchase anyway (The Bourne Legacy, and has probably only been played two or three times). Prior to that, it was one bought 5 years before that (The Bourne Ultimatum - one which has had a 'lot' more play). It was long ago that I realized I had reached 'peak aqquisition' (and compared to some my collection isn't vast), the signal being that you are hardly playing the ones you already have and there is even less chance that they'll be played as each new aqquisition arrives. Yes it's nice to have all the o
  4. Melange


    I believe that Harrison Ford went off course and briefly flew over Other Topics.
  5. Mel, thanks very much for your offer. The kindness of strangers, eh? The existing loans are from friends, and they are in no hurry to recoup the funds, so I'm alright at the moment. I can get by (just) on what I get from the DWP, but if I find myself needing your money, I'll let you know. Once again, my grateful thanks.


    1. Melange


      Glad to hear your friends aren't preparing to pull out fingernails just yet, Richard. Yeah if circumstances change, send me a mail. Melange.

  6. Btw, it all begins in The Philippines.
  7. Exotica as a genre is a big influence on the sound we have today (imo), the orientalist - "Eastern promise, mysterious sultry sensual" thing that yeah is even in William's -" To Cairo". Characters like Kora Pandit, Les Baxter, Martin Denny and others in the 50s and, earlier, Arthur Kettleby with his -" In a Persian Market" and similar, often wildly confused between regions attempted to be portrayed. Harem Silks of 'Bombay', for example. The kind of quirky dancing Egyptian sound thing appears often in the early 1920s in stage shows on film (YouTube helps) maybe as a re
  8. I'd forgotten he was even it, showing how forgettable that misguided ressurection was for me. He was good in The Hurt Locker., though.
  9. Only just heard this news.. Damn. His Midnight Express role was a highlight.
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