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  1. Melange


    What on earth has travel got to do with anything? Is travel expected to forge a particular looking and sounding product at the end of it, like some kind of industrial production line product? If so, what, and precisely who said so? What is this rather offensive - "Sad Truth" Bullshit, too?
  2. Melange


    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-39543202 Yet more posturing 'moral high ground' delusion from our Governments. The hypocrisy is beyond the stratosphere. Read - "The Russians have had every opportunity to back off and quit being an obstacle to our regime change program that Sunni rulers desire, in which countless gruesome deaths, civilian and otherwise, have occurred on 'our watch' by proxy in our attempt to oust Assad at all costs - backing numerous Islamist militias with their atrocities and deceptions, to achieve it. How dare the Russians have their o
  3. Melange


    Remind me who began the last one, again?
  4. Melange


    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/07/truck-crashes-crowd-people-stockholm/ He was a good Boy. It has nothing to do with anything. It is isolated. It is a random perplexing mystery. Carry on!
  5. Melange


    Booting out Assad with a view to - "Insert externally located approved Government we made earlier" (aka - The Syrian National Council, in tandem with The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights) looks all well and good on paper. Battle hardened jihadists don't take kindly to 'suits' waltzing in and claiming the throne after having done damn all to gain it. It would be Libya II.
  6. Melange


    What comes to mind for me, is : I don't think there is such a thing as surgical 'tweaking' in the Middle East. Once you dip your toe in, you're in. It opens up a can of worms / sets in motion ripples in a pond, etc. Especially given how many factions are in Syria. It explains my Admiral Akbar comment.
  7. Me neither. I'm not into Metallurgy.
  8. Melange


    "From this day forward, it's only going to be...Syria first" Is it time for an Admiral Akbar meme?
  9. Oh it's a disaster, I can't emphasize that enough. First, my long suffering Wife joined the local Social Justice Warrior faction and has now banned all mention of the words "Tucker Carlson" and "Sean Hannity" during Dinner (which she now forces me to cook because a Woman's role is no longer food preparation, she screamed), one of my Sons sneaked off to fight Jihad in Mosul under the pretense that he was just going to the movies, the other has decided that he isn't sure if he is comfortable being referred to as a he, feels that I (not the Wife, because school told him that Women are 'always' ri
  10. Melange


    It's the 'go to'. Guilty or not, is irrelevant for this. All you need to do is throw a spanner in the works and sit back and everyone's attention gets wrapped up in what is seen as the seediness around the question mark. We saw this against Trump during the campaigning, one instance where the usual artillery failed to achieve effect. Now the new one is the protracted "Russia" thing. Delay is the key here. Drag this out as long as you can manage, to keep the waters muddy. 😄
  11. Melange


    "Women are dangerous!" - Marcus Antonious
  12. Melange

    the mstrox thread

    Various sponsors of your good works will be withdrawing their funding very soon, mstrox.
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