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  1. How can an alternate timeline still be bound by events from later series? That doesn't make any sense to me. Spock Prime would know of those events but to everyone else they are irrelevant and had not happened.
  2. No need to rehash anything. Why would they go with Khan when they've just opened up the timeline to do anything they want? Let's keep things at least semi-original here... I'd really like a new villain that doesn't have some personal vendetta against Kirk or anyone else. Let's just have a bad SOB that needs to be stopped.
  3. Right now the only things I could get excited for would be expanded Trek scores or complete Prequel scores. Other than that....meh.
  4. I'm thinking of giving the Lost scores another shot. i briefly listened to Season...2 I think it was awhile back but didn't really pay much attention. The music was always good in the show but I had doubts it would hold up on a CD by itself. What season is the best one to listen to?
  5. Even if Spock Prime wanted to go back (or forward) in time and fix things, the Federation wouldn't let him. We, as the viewer think that the original timeline is the "right" one, but to them, their timeline is the right one. Yeah, saving Vulcan sounds great, but they would argue: Who's to say the other universe is any better? Not to mention that SOMEONE out there has to be skeptical about time travel. It always surprised me that people never question the whole time travel thing. Yeah, I get it, they're advanced and space-faring, but this is TIME TRAVEL and manipulation. Someone out there has to look at Spock and say "yeah....okay....right, we'll get right on that."
  6. The score is growing on me even more after I saw the film. I still don't like the chorus in the climax, though. Man, I really want to see this movie again but can't afford to dish out cash to see it more often. I feel like there was so much to take in. The best thing about this movie is taht it had it's own "feel." It wasn't just a movie, there was a bit of--well, magic, I guess--throughout the whole thing. Flaws with the plot and whatever aside, I think most people would agree that this "felt" like the best of Star Trek, despite being drastically different.
  7. An exciting sci-fi movie can't be made that is scientifically accurate because by its nature it would have to remove anything exciting about it. You want science go watch the Discovery Channel.
  8. Saw it last night, loved it. It was clever and bold. (Whoever came up with the idea of a reboot being a direct sequel in the same timeline and universe while managing to erase the original timeline and completely change things deserves a promotion) I liked that they didn't fix the timeline, it made it different from every other time travel movie ever made. Two Spocks existing in the same timeline? Is Spock Prime just going to have to pretend to be somebody else? If so, someone's going to wonder why this strange Vulcan suddenly popped up. Nero was a great villain, completely mad. I'm glad they invented a new villain instead of trying to "redo" Khan. Although, in a way, Nero was to Spock what Khan was to Kirk. I even loved the "Spooooock!" yell Nero does. Liked the characterizations. Except for Sulu. I could live without Spock having his deep baritone, but that voice absolutely defined Sulu. Right now he's just another Asian helmsman. The only thing I absolutely hated was Scotty's little alien sidekick. Why did they have to have him pop up on the ENterprise at the end? No doubt he won't be in the sequel. Music was pretty generic though. Kind of disappointed that there isn't any amazing music left unreleased, thuogh I do like the main theme and some of the music. All in all, I want to see it again. EDIT: I find it amusing all the people who are upset about the "alternate timeline." The old movies and TV shows are still there. You didn't lose anything. Also, fans have been calling for a "Mirror Universe" movie since I was a kid. We finally got one, it was good, and hopefully they keep going. Now let's hope they can focus on the exploration aspect of Trek and discover some new species that aren't Klingons or the Borg. I would, however, like for the final movie to have the Klingons as the villains, only if they are truly done as evil. I never liked how they became some sort of neutral friend/foe thing.
  9. Yeah, the themes are easily recognizable. And I really like them. My complaints come in with the ridiculously over the top and non-rythmic chanting in Narada Burns that just comes from nowhere and the fact that there is not really any crescendo or climax to any exciting pieces of action music. It's all very servicable, but not much else. Enterprising Young Man is great, though.
  10. Watching an episode from last season right now. It's rare when I get a chance to catch old episodes and it's amazing how many little hints make sense now. I can't remember the name of this episode (the data on my TV is wrong) but it's where Desmond and Sayid reach the boat and Desmond slips back and forth through time and tries to get Faraday to help him. Funny to think how crucial the "time slipping" would be.
  11. I'd rather listen to someone who always sounds like him rather than someone who sounds just like everyone else.
  12. The music is good, btu the sound is horrible. Chariots of Fire, etc would have been better without all the synth. That's my opinion on 90% of the synth, too. It always sounds so cheesy and hollow. Synth is okay sometimes, but usually it just detracts because you think of how great the music could have been with a little heart behind it.
  13. I'll catch it on DVD, but probably won't spend the money in theaters. Not a big enough fan, and the first movie was entertaining but a little brain dead.
  14. Anyone else who's heard the CD think it was edited and put together by an amateur? I just noticed one of the tracks just stops in mid-beat, and it's not one of those intentional ones. I'm not a music expert, so bear with me. There's a full note, unrelated to the music that came before, and it's not a a climax or anything. It's as if it's going to start a new part of the track and as soon as the note is over, there's a harsh cut, as if it wasn't originally supposed to end on that note and it was just convenient to cut there because it had a fairly clean end on the note. Also, the End Credits are really hacked together and a few other spots have a few really noticeable edits. Not to mention the earlier complaint that the tracks are too short to get into, like you're starting in the middle of the intended cue. Overall the score is growing on me slightly, but the OST itself is really just poorly put together.
  15. What's convoluted about it? Oh, I didn't know HOW it happened, I see your point now.
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