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  1. A true classic. I always felt that it sounds extremely progressive for the time it was written. Personally, I really adore Chopin. His music sounds very personal, almost too intimate. But I still haven't found something that does more for me than his "Fantaisie Impromptu".
  2. [media=] Good scene. It's funny that Spacey just decided to throw that dish against the wall, even though it wasn't in the script.
  3. Well, it has definitely helped to know that it's ok to be the way you are. I often have felt that had I been born a guy, some things would have been easier for me, but after a while I just came to the conclusion that it would be hard either way. Well, clothes wouldn't be as much of an issue, but I'd have other problems. Music definitely helps to enhance my mood. I can really say that it makes my life more bearable. I feel better about my social issues now. I used to really loathe myself because I could never get it right. But really, most people aren't worth it. The ones that matter don't care
  4. All of How I Met Your Mother. I'm just not sure whether I should like it. Good series. Wittier than most other popular TV series.
  5. I can't rely on the taste of most people my age. It's pretty pointless. I feel similar about modern music, but there it's more a matter of quantity over quality. The films might have not been good examples, but I totally agree with everything else that he has said. I don't even expect films to be good these days. I tend to be more sceptical.
  6. Yeah, that's something that puzzles me, too. But I can totally see where they are coming from....
  7. He's someone I have to check out at one point. My knowledge of films from the Golden Age is so limited it's embarrassing. Newman and Herrmann are definitely on my to-do list. And now I guess Miklós Rózsa, too.
  8. "Main Title/Trinity Infinity" is some great stuff. His music certainly fit the films, so I see no problem there. Oh, "Hotel Ambush/Exit Mr Hat" is cool, too.
  9. oh the sacrilege.... Indeed. Thomas Newman apart from having and developing a truly indelible style of his own in the world of film scores that has been copied countless times by others with far less effective results is like his father before him a master of melody and dramatic instinct. He often says more with less, prefers to focus on smaller ensembles but he certainly is not as, I am sorry to say this about these gentlemen, anonymous as Isham or Shaiman whose scores are often quite utilitarian. But I have to say Newman's most recent scores have suffered from either anonymity or overt subt
  10. I totally agree. Zimmer was great on The Lion King and Rain Man, but his more recent scores... I did love the Inception score and The Dark Knight had some great moments, too. But Zimmer has become too used to the action genre for me to like most of his scores. And collaborations... Well, James Newton Howard had some great ideas for The Dark Knight, so I can't complain there.
  11. I switched from Firefox to Chrome in... February. I occasionally use Firefox now, but mostly Chrome.
  12. Mine's Tommy Newman. Great keyboard player, trust me.
  13. Female. Single. By choice. I figured I have much bigger problems, so I stopped worrying. ^^
  14. My main problem with Asperger's is that I never get anything done. But that might also be caused by stress, which is something that stops me from doing things most of the time. My social fears have increased during the last ten years. That combined with my occasional bouts of depression can really stop me from leaving the house some days. It's also difficult to explain my problems to other people. Usually, I don't even try. Because you're expected to perform well in most things because it's "natural". I have my music sorted by first names and the albums in chronological order. I have tried la
  15. NAME: Salome LOCATION: Germany AGE: 23 SEX: female PROFESSION/EDUCATION: Library Studies FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Harry Potter 1-3, Schindler's List FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): The Lord of the Rings FAVORITE FILM(S): Lord of the Rings, Finding Nemo, Little Children, The Reader, American Beauty FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Sofia Coppola, Sam Mendes, Michel Gondry, Roman Polanski, Stanley Kubrick SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Music, Literature VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: today
  16. So they listen to each other's scores... I can relate. ^^ It's been on my mind since then...
  17. Ah, no, Whishaw's great. Although I admit that he looks a bit too hipster for my taste. And he looks nothing like Cillian Murphy. I'm not an avid fan of the Batman films, so I can see your criticism. You don't like Shore's LOTR scores? XD This winter will be fun, I can already tell. I absolutely adore the LOTR scores.
  18. Well, the string section on the WALL-E score was pretty big. 49 violins... I couldn't say what I prefer - Newman on a smaller scale or with orchestra. Not bad for 56. But he also worked on "The Return of the Jedi", didn't he? [Thomas Newman's first foray into film composing was assisting John Williams in conducting part of the score for Return Of The Jedi. ; http://www.denofgeek...s-thomas-newman] I can actually see why John Williams would like Thomas Newman and vice versa. Even though they are very different composers.
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