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  1. i think its also to do with the way george makes his movies nowadays. we no longer get long stretched out tracks like Battle of Yavin or Hoth. Instead, he prefers to cut and paste and track in music from his previous movies. that arena battle in AoTC with tracked in TPM music is plain embarrasing
  2. somehow i'm thinking dragons or big flying friendly monsters, dont take my word for it though
  3. aieee!!! this is so familiar...cant place it yet though....is it from a cartoon?
  4. yes, i love F&A a lot, sadly its usually overlooked and hard to find in my part of the world. mediocre movie though
  5. btw, what cues which are unreleased in Ep2 and 3 would you like to see in the future? for me, i think there are some bits and pieces here and there but nothing as siginificant as the omission of the two big Force theme statements in TPM
  6. ah yes, but TSS went up against FOTR, which was the best of the LOTR trilogy and can be regarded to be about as good as any other score out there IMHO.
  7. i think Harry's Love starts out rather good, but gets maddeningly repetitive, even in 2min.
  8. hmm...i feel the patriot is fair game for crouching tiger. and yeah, i'm of chinese descent. i havent watched Basic instinct either, so i cant comment about it. however, i do feel far and away is really one of JW's best works (its my most played JW album outside of SW) and it would not have been travesty if it won.
  9. Far and Away, The Patriot, Legends of the Fall. btw, is the music used in CoS during the quidditch match where Harry and Draco fly between the wooden bars of the stadium really AoTC music or self plagiarism?
  10. i dunno, wasnt the Bodyguard the best selling soundtrack? disregarding whether its instrumental or not
  11. Raiders should have won, Hook should have won, Superman should have won, Born on the Fourth of July should have won, The Patriot should have won, ESB should have won, POA should have won, Far and Away should have won, AI was Oscar material though I dont disagree with the academy's choice of FOTR, which was equally deserving. I do disagree however, with ROTK's win.
  12. hmm, in no particular order Temple of Doom, ESB, Far and Away, JP, Last Crusade, the patriot
  13. i've listend to Quidditch World Cup. I think its rather poor. Not in the same league as JW's action cues of the first 3. i think overall, it lacks a sense of magic and wonder. i loved PoA's medieval sound. some other tracks (Foreign Visitors Arrive) are quite good though. i'll save my final comments till after i've seen the film. can only hope there will be more of JW themes there which are not included on the CD
  14. I'm no big fan of horner too. i loved american tail, land b4 time, braveheart and glory immensely, but ntohing much beyond that. zorro and apollo 13 were pretty good. a number fall into good but not great hence not worth buying category and troy was quite dreadful, ok, i know he had to write it in a jiffy, but it was still dreadful.
  15. i've listend to The Story Continues. quite good really, but i would have liked the hedwig's theme to open it, just for continuity's sake. oh, the yule ball song is rather horrible imho.
  16. Welcome! You'll go far here if you disagree with the statement above. Neil yea, MV music is total rubbish. nothing more than cheap Zimmer in autopilot clones. Well, maybe except for that Gregson Williams dude, I kinda liked his work on Kingdom of Heaven.
  17. Hi guys...first post here. Haha, I've always LOVED film music since I was very young (must have been because of SW and IJ), and now I'm 17! Anyway, the best ones I've heard myself are 1. How can you listen to them? There are no words! 2. Will there be any band singing on the Revenge of the Sith soundtrack? 3. Pirates of the Carribean had awesome music!
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