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  1. Seems almost a shame about the EU, much of what I wrote for Star Wars in the past was inspired by the universe but hopefully the new books tieing in around the new film will be adequate enough. And I've not brought a Star Wars book since I think Outbound Flight, that or Dark Lord and the ROTS novelisation (better than the film in a way)
  2. I have a sizeableish EU collection (namely X-Wing, Zahn's books and Anderson's) but fell behind once the post-post ROTJ stuff came out. Don't know if it's worth the effort about now.
  3. There's surprise the threads have been allowed such proliferation but I've not been here long enough to form any opinion on the mods. Take that as you will. The Trek one was fun enough. Time to cut back I guess.
  4. Watched The World Is Not Enough whilst thinking now that only Zhukovsky and the boat chase provide any real attraction and then Rush.
  5. Hell's bells that "Wednesday's Child" is different. Seems more suitable for when Quiller is drugged up. Dunno, I might be tempted by this collection or see if my dad gets it then borrow it rather than spend bucks on it myself.
  6. An outsider would truly be bewildered. Even someone who's been here a few months.
  7. Yeah, but, John, if The Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the quotes don't eat the tourists.
  8. Thank you Q, but this time I have all the gadgets and I know how to use them.
  9. Find myself wondering if only Williams had used the Jaws theme whenever Jar-Jar appeared on screen.
  10. I don't know that I'd put the opening credits on quite as high a pedestal as you do, but they're certainly my favorite part of the original series. Maren Jensen ran a close number two, as a favourite that is.
  11. Rejoice Sharks, it's about the one time we do so.
  12. Definitely got to love the opening titles and music not to mention Macnee's narration. Somebody has done some fanedits of episodes and helps to lift the episodes effects wise.
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