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  1. Even if it's the best option up there? It is not th best option.
  2. Yes, there was a bump. It's called The Patriot Williams Excerpts from Close Encounters of the Third Kind Los Angeles Philharmonic John Williams
  3. LOL After I heard this music on Seinfeld, I later found out it was used in Platoon. Then, I've heard it other times after now knowing the piece's name.
  4. He composed music for a season of the old Batman series, and The Green Hornet. He also arranged a couple of Horner's scores that featured big-band sound. Truly a genious.
  5. Thank God you didn't put that used J-Lo ass Phewww!!! LOL I like this one better, though nice ass
  6. Yep. Since 1980 (or 79, I think he guest conducted there), there has never been a year without Williams conducting the Boston Pops.
  7. That was kinda rude. - Marc Sorry, but the way to go to the top is by kissing ass. Maybe that's why I don't have that good a job.
  8. Yes, I placed a link for a picture of that before
  9. This should be renamed to "Howard Shore wins four globes" He won, the award, and got this nice picture. I want a picture just like that Lucky Shore
  10. Ah, yes, I forgot about that Russell Crowe movie on the sea... that one was far better
  11. I agree somehow, that horrible score he made for The Horse Whisperer was, for lack of a better word, horrible.
  12. Well, the love theme from the same Robin Hood is fantastic. From other movies, umm... I can't think of one right now.
  13. Yes, that one will be interesting too.
  14. I dunno, but ROTK was third best after Big Fish and Finding Nemo
  15. Well, you're a living icon on this board, and I couldn't bear thinking the suffering Neil must have been through with your absence
  16. joke victory, but a victory, nevertheless
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