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  1. Is there further insight into this? Happy to see that they've found a solution to this issue!
  2. I don't see him combining Return and End Credits. Musically it would be possible to combine Saving Willie + Slave Children's Crusade + Short Round Helps + Mine Car Chase, but that probably won't happen neither.
  3. However, he's more consistently great than Scott and Spielberg. Scott has done a pile of weak movies in the 90s, like for example... G.I. Jane. Well, Tarantino was flattering Scott, but he didn't say that he was ultimately disappointed by Prometheus. Yes, he does absolutely.
  4. Phantom Thread not winning best score was ridiculous. This year it's fine, Dune is a great score. There is one of those rare cases again, where I'm completely on your side. Nope, I just deconstructed your argument of a film composer being "a joke", due to writing music during the respective film's pre-production.
  5. Yeah, just as much of a joke as Ennio Morricone writing scores for Sergio Leone...
  6. I grew up with Spielberg, but I don't let that manipulate my judgement too much - Villeneuve is the better director.
  7. It's not the usual thing to share here, I guess, but I uploaded a bunch of electronic pieces (which dive into the harmonic and dissonant stuff more than music of that sort usually does) on YouTube: Enjoy.
  8. The only thing I don't like about First Knight is the generic Love Theme which does get repeatet a lot, but without any noticeable variation.
  9. Hey, Link, Legend, Extreme Prejudice and Poltergeist II are all extremely awesome! Or Not without My Daughter.
  10. I have only watched It Follows and Donnie Darko - are the two other movies worth to at least check out or should they be handled like the Matrix sequels?
  11. It was quite nice, but the rest of his oeuvre is insanely great. Hollywood is Tarantino on auto-pilot, not many of the qualities that made him the genius that he is rightfully seen as by film critics are left in his last two films. I rewatched Django and Basterds, recently - these are impressive and important works of his!
  12. It's worse than everything that he has done since Jackie Brown except The Hateful Eight. Whoever thinks that this is a movie that matches his earlier qualities or comes close to Django Unchained or Inglourious Basterds hasn't understood a thing.
  13. The movie runs on the magnificent direction which is thoroughly neglected by the awards.
  14. I can only repeat myself: A re-recording is what this magnificent score deserves and it would make it so much more enjoyable!
  15. Anyone else thinks that this is Goldsmiths most Morricone-ish soundtrack, especially the Love Theme?
  16. The strenght of 3 and 5 is especially the translation from the book to the screen - everythink that would overload the films is cut out of the story. The films handle with the very essence of the books with their unique palette of narrative devices.
  17. Thank you a lot for drawing my attention to this device. I don't know how it escaped my radar, but it's exactly what I needed: A minimalistic player that can literally nothing except storing and playing music. I have neither bluetooth, nor internet or whatever else on this device - nothing which I would have had to pay extra money for, although I didn't need it. It is basically just a portable DAC with a display that you can equip with a micro SD card. Wonderful!
  18. Well, it's not just one false letter, it seems like a different language, maybe where the term originates from.
  19. More objectively said, it is a kind of film that is created by cold calculation instead of individual intuition and is no longer art, because there is an underlying economic model that shapes these movies and fills them with hypocritical meaningfulness (in the worst case). The format of moving pictures and sound are not enough to justify the term "art". WTF, do you have issues with your attention span? Is that a usual practice? When I start a movie, I stick with that decision. There was one recent exeption which involves a German comedy... but well, it's a German comedy, you know...
  20. It's the same instrument that is used in Planet of the Apes to imitate the ape noises:
  21. To me Harry Potter is certainly more intriguing. The development of the movies, their style, their seriousness, their thematic focus and portrayal of characters was so diverse and diverging from each movie's predecessor. Williams' musical interpretation that could have been is something that I've been thinking about again and again. I mean, after The Prisoner of Azkaban we learned that he could do a hell of a shift in mood and atmosphere.
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