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  1. 2 hours ago, Thor said:

    Now that's a specific question, mxsch, but I believe Datameister gave you the answer.


    I absoutely adore Carpenter Brut, by the way! This version of Sembello's "Maniac" is quite cool (that one also has the claps, btw -- no pun intended).

    Me too. Both of his albums areso cool.

    9 hours ago, Datameister said:

    According to a fellow in this thread:



    I can't vouch for the accuracy of this ID, so take it for what it's worth. :)

    Thanks I quess I'm stupid enough not to form correct search answer.

  2. 14 hours ago, HunterTech said:

    Honestly, I kind of worry that all I listen to is superhero scores, given that it has been much of the media that I've consumed in my life thus far. It's part of why I never did post in the two recent top ten threads, since it basically would be this anyway.


    In either case, these are definite favorites for me:

    Spider-Man 3 (plus the previous two)

    Batman Forever


    TMNT Trilogy

    X2: X-Men United


    Superman Returns


    Dark Phoenix

    The Amazing Spider-Man 1-2

    Wonder Woman 84

    Ghost Rider

    The Dark Knight Trilogy

    The Incredible Hulk

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Justice League (Holkenborg Edition)

    Batman 89 / Returns


    Honorable mentions would be Supergirl and Iron Man 2, since I'm just not familiar enough with them yet to be included, but still have too many neat moments to ignore. Beltrami's Logan and Fant4stic are fun, but I more tend to just moderately enjoy. Badelt's TMNT and Powell's X3 I like on some levels, but never could get behind the full products.

    Iron Man 2 have Mayhem in Monaco and Iron Man Battles the Drones, they are real fire

  3. There is no limit in quantity, just write as much as you want. I'll start:


    The First Avenger


    Infinity War 



    Batman Returns


    Spider-Man 2

    Age of Ultron

    Justice League (Josstice version)

    X-Men: The Last Stand


    Black Panther

    Iron Man

    Iron Man 3

    Thor: The Dark World


  4. On 12/22/2020 at 4:04 AM, crumbs said:

    Bit of a shame they didn't have access to more orchestra-only versions of cues, as the electronic elements in this score really are a bit overdone compared to Arnold's other 4 Bond scores. The Gustav Graves entrance cue is so much better in the film without all the electronics. Alas, hard to argue with composer intent (but I'm very glad he stripped it all back for Casino Royale).


    I'm guessing orchestral versions weren't in the session leak? I can't find any information about its contents.


    I also remember some ice party source music that used the theme from the DAD song, seemingly missing on this release. Guessing that wasn't composed by Arnold? Or just some licensing trickery because that source used the theme from Madonna's song?



    That's a late answer, but this is just some shitty remix of Madonna's Die Another Day.

  5. I've found more callbacks to previous scores on my recent relistening of the album.

    There is a motif in So Many Stairs, I Can't Risk This and The Tool of the Thief which sounds painfully similar to the music when Fury commands to put Helicarrier on the left and Cap sees the damage in the first Avengers. It also reappears in that score two more times.

    Also ostinatos in You Shouldn't be Here sounds painfully similar too to the one which heats up things in the Invasion from the First Avenger.

  6. 6 hours ago, HunterTech said:

    The primary brand I can recommend are Superlux, who've made some stellar products for ridiculously cheap prices. I got the HD668B for a discounted price at $30, though it should be good at the $40 it's more often at. Some of their other models I hear are also good, but those don't have detachable cables and are quite lengthy, so that's something to keep in mind. They also are mostly semi-open, meaning sound can easily go in and out, thus not that great at isolation and are prone to sound leakage. There do exist some closed models, but I hear less about them. Also, you likely would need to replace the pads if you get them, since the tight clamping force makes the ones they come with feel incredibly uncomfortable.


    The Samson SR850 are supposedly from the same manufacturers, and as such have a lot of the same qualifies that the previous brand has for around $40. Still have to deal with the long non-detachable cable and semi open nature, so there's that.


    On the pricier end, you have the Philips SHP9500S for currently $80. Probably the best pair of cans that I own currently, but their fully open nature prevent me from using them too often. I reckon they should satisfy under the right circumstances if you live in pretty quiet spaces.


    The last ones I can point to are the AKG K361, which do go a bit over $100, so this might surpass your price limits a bit. Being my most recent acquisition, I've been a bit more conflicted about them. It often doesn't quite feel the same everytime I put them on, but for whatever reason, I've been getting more consistent results after I switched the cable. So that could play a factor in your assessment of the cans.


    (I will also say that 2 out of the 3 sets I've directly mentioned have some EQ applied for them in recent times, so there's a good chance the default sound might not be for you (though as far as orchestral music goes, they should all be good)).

    I have found legit and new K361 for only 68 bucks, is it worth it?

  7. Just now, Edmilson said:

    Not sure if this is from other scores, for me it sounds like your typical Marvel score from Silvestri. Maybe is something from the first Avengers or Infinity War, Endgame reuses a lot of material from Silvestri's previous Marvel scores.

    That is a bit from Vitarays from The First Avenger, got it.



    There is actually a ton of info for all reprises on wiki, plus I've added discovered one.


    The score for Endgame would become the first Avengers film to reprise the established themes for Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, and Ant-Man. "More Problems", a track from Pinar Toprak's Captain Marvel score, was reprised for when Danvers destroys Thanos's ship. As he did with Infinity War, Silvestri reprised the Infinity Stones motif in "The How Works", "So Many Stairs", "In Plain Sight" and "Gotta Get Out". The thematic material in "No More Surprises" from Infinity War is reprised in "I Figured It Out" to depict the relationship between Tony and Morgan Stark. Silvestri reused significant parts of Infinity War tracks "A Small Price", "Even For You" and "Morning After" in Endgame tracks "Destiny Fulfilled", "Not Good" and "Gotta Get Out", respectively, to mirror Gamora and Black Widow's sacrifices. A dramatic variant of "Porch", the violin piece from the end of Infinity War, plays as Thor leaves Thanos's homestead to depict how Thanos's victory remains.


    In addition, Silvestri reprises various themes from The Avengers as well. Parts of "A Promise" are repurposed in "One Shot". The ending of "Don't Take My Stuff" is repurposed in "I Can't Risk This", when Future Cap fights Past Cap. Black Widow's motif, which debuted in tracks such as "Red Ledger", "Interrogation" and "A Little Help", is briefly reprised for the opening of "I Was Made For This" as the team mourns Black Widow. In addition, the opening of "I Was Made For This" is repurposed from "They Called It"; the motif first played when the Avengers mourned Phil Coulson, and returns when they mourn Black Widow. The ending of "I Got A Ride" is reprised in "Portals"; the track traditionally plays during a long take of the Avengers fighting. Parts of "Seeing, Not Believing" are reprised during the final battle in the track "Get This Thing Started". "The One", which plays when Iron Man takes the Infinity Stones, reprises the theme from "One Way Trip" when Iron Man releases the nuke in space. Another portion of "One Way Trip" is reused when Thanos's army disintegrates.


    Silvestri reworked numerous tracks from Captain America: The First Avenger. The "Captain America Main Titles" are reprised in "Perfectly Not Confusing", when Tony returns Cap's shield. Part of "Invasion" is reprised in "Tunnel Scape". Also transformation moment from "Vitarays" reprised as ending for "I Can't Risk This". The ending of "Factory Inferno" plays when Cap grabs Mjolnir, and the first half of "Motorcycle Mayhem" plays when Cap wields Mjolnir against Thanos; both reprises are contained in the track "Worth It". Silvestri also reprised "This Is My Choice" when Cap passes on his shield and mantle to Sam Wilson.

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