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  1. Well damn how about that! I’ve only seen RoS once and was so caught up in that scene I guess my brain only registered that a Sith theme was playing, not specifically who’s. Yup that’s 13m02 from RotJ. Thanks.
  2. Wow this is cool. Would love a complete edit. I’ll have to check out your videos. One piece I’ve been so desperate to hear is the high strings arrangement of Palpatine’s theme when Rey is on the old Death Star, before her vision.
  3. yes I’ve seen the film. where is the article in which Newman says he was forced to do it.
  4. I have no idea. Aren’t his scores always messy and non chronological? I’ve seen many expanded Newman edits in the past based on OST+FYC combo.
  5. I bought the FYC off eBay a few days ago. If it’s lossless (fingers crossed) is there anyone willing and/or capable of combining it with the OST to make an expanded edit? I still have not seen the film.
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