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  1. I just read the review of the concert at the San Bernardino County Sun (see the news from May 30) . The author mentions that Williams wrote the music for "Forrest Gump" I wonder what Mr. Silvestri would say if he reads this LOL
  2. I can get you a copy of what I recorded... if you can wait a couple of weeks for it. Miguel' date=' could you make a copy for me as well? I can wait ages if the wait is worth it. I can play mp3 files on my DVD player. I'm terribly short of essential Williams' interviews. The only I have obtained so far (outside of the A.I. dvd's one) in mp3 format is a 2-minute "The Making of Duel of the Fates", but this brand new one seems like a most best so far. I'd give anything to have it. Roman.-)[/quote'] I you want some more interviews from and with the Maestro then you should check this site: http://m
  3. that was me autologin didn't work and I didn't notice :-)
  4. Here is my final choice: Track 1: Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye from the 20th Anniversary Edition of E. T. (the last 30 sec. of this track). This will hopefully be played while I get my certification. As alternatives tracks I selected: Track 2: Rebel Fleet and End Title from Star Wars ESB Special Edition(also the last 30 sec.). Track 3: Prologue and Main Titel from Superman (Varese 2CD Edition) Time: 1:37 - 2:07. Track 4: Olympic Fanfare and Theme (The Very BEst of John Williams CD Phillips) Time: 0:00 - 0:31 Track 5: Prologue and Main Titel from Superman (Varese 2CD Edition) Time: 5:02 - 5:29.
  5. uhm.... :cry: I don't have this tracks on my CD. It has 10 Tracks and the label is "Alhambra" (or something like this). The tracklist and the cover is the same like the Varese OMPS ( see http://www.shef.ac.uk/~cm1jwb/closecd.htm ) but it seems I might have a european release. So again: What tracks?
  6. Thank you very much for the fast replies and for taking the time!!! I got some new (good) ideas! @scissorhead: I'm sorry but I don' t have sleepers. JFK Finale sounds quiet good. @melange: Really nice ideas but I only have the OST of Close Encounters (and I haven't seen the film yet (shame on me :oops: ). Regaining as son is not one of my favourite cues. I am sure something from "E. T." might be better. @the lord is judge: hm... I have nearly every official edition of Star Wars (except for the 4 CD Box) and I am not sure what you mean... Where exactly?
  7. I'm going make my final examintion(s) during May (here it is called "Abitur"). I just got to know that we could choose a short piece of music ( between 25 and 30 sec.) that will be played while we get our certificates(end of June). Because I' m the biggest Williams fan my school has ever seen I would like to choose something from JW. (also as a kind of "tribute" ) The problem is: I have found LOTS of pieces that might fit well (espacially fanfares) but I can't make up my mind which one to choose. I thought about something like the last 30 sec. of "Escape/Chase... "from E.T. (the "grande fina
  8. does somebody have news about a Special or Ultimate Edition of the AotC Soundtrack? I haven' t heard anything about it for quiet a long time so I thought I just ask...
  9. if you like "The Portrait" you shouldn' t miss "The Ludlows" from "Legends of the Fall" by James Horner
  10. I don' t have the video but here is a link were you can download the piece: http://mahawa.jw-music.net/mp3/mp3_index.htm its called "Tribute to Film Composer"
  11. the trailer and story are quiet funny but the music will rock anyway with all this jazz influenced stuff
  12. me me me me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease my preccccious
  13. or what about the love theme from "Cinema Paradiso" by E. Morricone? or the love theme from The Godfather? (just to mention some non-Williams love theme because Williams did SO MUCH incredible Love Themes!)
  14. even though I did not like Titanic (Ok: I HATE IT!!!) I have to recommend the song "Portrait" of the "Back to Titanic" CD. pure piano played by the composer himself or is this too sad?
  15. I am also not allowed to enter the page. Maybe they want us to demand more for a Special Edition of the AOTC Soundtrack with UNRELEASED music
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