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  1. Even if this is all that could be currently found, it’s opened up the doorway (hopefully not a “slime darkened” one of course ) of possibilities. After all, Randy did say that they claimed to have “misplaced” it, not destroyed or found them damaged. Perhaps given time, a speciality label will be able to take a deeper look. Or hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony themselves comes out with some remastered version with “bonus” tracks after a while. Anything to make a buck for them. Until then, I’m very content with this release. I swear I haven’t been able to stop listening to that opening cue that plays as the Scoleri’s first trash the court room in “Order In The Court”. I’d have to say it’s my personal favorite out of the set.
  2. Oh boy, that was....interesting. First and foremost, I loved it! These sound so much better them how their heard in the film. For the most part I didn’t have a problem with the sound quality, only really a few parts here and there. Plus, as others stated, most of the important cues are accounted for. I was praying that the flight of the bumblee-esc cue with the Scoleri brothers would be included, so it was a joy to hear that cue! That, and of course the Statue of Liberty stuff. However, the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. The most aggravating thing by far is when little tid bits of cues are thrown in, just to be cut short for no apartment reason. For instance, in “Vigo’s Last Stand” at the 1:54 mark, we hear the beginning of the cue when Dana returns to the museum to rescue Oscar after his kidnapping and the museum is covered by slime, but this is almost immediately followed by the carpathian kitten loss scene. This is the case for a lot of the cues here. The end of “A Baby Carriage Meets Heavy Traffic” is cut short, and instead replaced with the end of the aforementioned museum cue, “Good With Kids” ends way too abrupt, leaving out a good chunk of the ending, and many other examples. With all that being said, I’m still crazy happy to have this at all. Just to hear these cues in clean audio for the first time has been a dream for years! Despite it’s flaws, I’m still incredibly happy with this release and can’t wait to get the actual cd in. I’m curious if there are any liner notes that might explain some of the reasoning for the way this release is arranged?
  3. I read a review a few days ago from someone who was sent a digital copy by Sony for promo review. They had more or less the same complaints. A lot of music cues were mixed together into one long track, things were out of order, etc. However, they did say that the sound quality was just fine. While all of those things are definitely a bummer, it’s important to take into account what Mr. Edelman said. This was probably all that was found, so they had to work with what they got. That would explain why alternate versions of cues are featured instead of the film versions. Not to excuse the random pointless mixing of cues though. If memory serves correct, from the review I read it sounds like portions of cues have been cut, and even placed into other tracks. Wtf. If I can find the review again, I’ll link it here. I’m still glad we got this release at all though. I’d rather have this then the countless rips that have surfaced over the years. https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/scblog/2021/08/07/randy-edelman-ghostbusters-ii-score-sony-cd-review Here ya go
  4. Most definitely! A lot of the scenes that strictly deal with the characters are more synth heavy, and the more action oriented scenes feature more orchestra (particularly the climactic scenes). Of course, everybody’s taste is different, but I actually rather enjoy some of the synth stuff! Not all of it of course, some of it’s definitely dated (lookin’ at you “one leaky sewer faucet”…) But, some of the scarier scenes that feature synth are some of the most memorable parts of the score in my opinion. Especially that “spirit Doug-e-fresh” theme that was brought up earlier. Hopefully some of that will be featured in this release. I suppose we’ll know for sure in a few days…
  5. Just found this vid which seems to explain things a little better. At about 9:42 is when Randy goes into detail about the process of this album coming about. With the release date right around the corner, I figured this might be of interest
  6. Hey y’all, I’m new here but thought I could contribute to this thread So... from what I’ve checked myself out and seen from other threads, here’s what seems to be the case. 1: A Few Friends Save Manhattan= appears to be a part of the end credits sequence heard toward the end of the film 2: A Baby Carriage Meets Heavy Traffic= The opening “5 years later” part is longer, and noticeably different from the film version. The rest of the track appears to be normal, though the length is shorter then that of the film version, so it probably features some minor cuts 3: Venkman’s 6th Ave Strut: a newly re recorded concert arrangement not used in film. 4: Order In The Court= Most likely features the first reveal of the Scoleri brothers (due to the track’s length) as well as featuring the “Putting On The Packs” and “Busting The Scoleri’s” cues too. Though the “Busting” cue appears to be a slight alternate from the film version. 5: He’s Got Carpathian Eyes= Seems to be the “We Got Him” Part before Vigo’s finale defeat. 6: The Sensitive Side Of Dana= A Re Recorded Concert Arrangement of the love theme between Peter and Dana. Also not used in the film. 7: In Liberty’s Shadow : Seems to contain the “ No Dent / A Symbol” cue as well as the “Tully, The Ghost Buster” cue. Due to the length, I believe it also contains another cue but I can’t be sure of which one. 8: Rooftop Broom Kindap= Features Oscar’s Kidnapping, though it does have a minor cut. It also appears to have another cue as well, possibly the “Museum / Slime Trap“ if I had to guess 9: The Scoleri Brothers = Features the “Verdict” cue and what seems to be an alternate of the “Tuck In The Guts” cue, though I believe the intro was used in the date scene later in the film. 10: Oscar Is Quietly Surrounded = Seems to be The last of the newly re recorded cues, and is also an unused concert arrangement. 11: A Slime Darkened Doorway= Features the “River Of Slime ” Cue and appears to have another, though I’m not sure what. 12: One Leaky Sewer Faucet: Possibly an unused song written for one of the slime scenes though I can’t be sure of that. It’s definitely not in the film though. 13: Vigo’s Last Stand: Features “Vigo’s Demise“, though oddly enough seems to feature more music from earlier during the confrontation? 14: Good With Kids= Features the “I think She Likes Me” cue, as well as the “Named After A Hot Dog” cue. The track length suggests it doesn’t feature the ending portion of that cue though. 15: Enlightenment: This one is pretty open and shut. It seems to be the full “Janosz Possesed” cue. 16: Family Portrait / Finale= Features the “Fettuccine portrait” cue as well as what seems to be an unused bit of Music written for the finale. So from what I’ve gathered from the samples and some educated guesses, it appears that we are missing some stuff which is unfortunate, but until the release is officially dropped it’s hard to say exactly what. Nonetheless, it’s still very exciting to get this release and a majority of the highlights appear to be there!
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