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  1. Same here. 8O I guess I'll be ordering too, though I'm only coming home (from a concert of Rimski-Korsakov's Scheherazade) one hour after the sale start and I hope that all 3000 copies won't have gone already ... Living in Europe, it'll also be not quite so "friendly-priced" for me (shipping costs, import taxes, VAT ...), but somehow I've also decided that it's a must-have box for me.
  2. Ronin. Great action, especially car chase stuff, really eye-popping. Also fine score by Elia Cmiral, fits the film perfectly.
  3. Bought Ronin a week or so ago. A terrific action movie for my taste and De Niro is quite as good as it gets. Also a nice score job by Elia Cmiral, suits the film and its moods perfectly.
  4. I also heard that, but have not yet seen the movie. I also never saw the 1957 original, of which the 2007 version is a remake. I'm planning to watch the remake pretty soon. Yesterday, however, I saw Cast Away. Interesting, Silvestri's score only comes in around 1 1/2 hrs into the movie.
  5. Gee, I didn't even know that Goldsmith did Dennis the Menace score. Come to think of it, sounds like a title that could some time be released in Varese's Soundtrack Club, doesn't it?
  6. Definitely Aliens. Amazing job by the LSO and Eric Tomlinson. I can listen to this CD all day. One of my all-time fav soundtracks.
  7. A very inspired performance. Great stuff. JW's credit should have been first!
  8. I also like The Omen (the 1976 one). Simple and effective.
  9. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. The score is quite OK. Planning on watching Heat today.
  10. 334. For Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, he read the book on which the movie is based, which he otherwise never does, and really enjoyed it.
  11. Outstanding stuff! Bravissimo! Do some more & when you do, let us know!
  12. Been in London recently, finally bought the James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set of 42 DVDs. My girlfriend got Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Amadeus and Kieslowski's "colour trilogy" (Blue, White, Red). So, plenty of stuff to watch these days ...
  13. The Man With the Golden Gun. After buying the 42 DVD Ultimate 007 Collection in London last weekend, I'm pretty much 007-obsessed these last (and future) days.
  14. You watch yourself, young man! The concert was great, especially with the pre-concert talk, appearance of both Arnold and Doyle and Arnold's own live performance on the stage, which surely is a rare treat. Arnold was also very kind, he spent a lot of time chatting with people and signing autographs (he signed 5 of my CD booklets and also wrote "I know your name!" on the Casino Royale, which is really cool! ). When asked about his favourite 007 soundtrack (apart of his own work, of course ), he said You Only Live Twice and when I asked him whether he planned to use the "007" theme again (it's last been used in Moonraker, if I remember correctly), he said thar there's a good possibility of it being used already in the upcoming Bond. The LSO outdid themselves, as they usually do. The only drawback was the drummer, who really messed up the James Bond Theme (it was played as an encore), and the Pink Panther was also strange. Although there's a Star Wars exhibition still opened in London, Darth Vader didn't appear to conduct the Imperial March with his lightsaber, which was kind of disappointing. Too bad they programmed My Heart Will Go On, anything else by Horner (or somebody else) would've been better. The conductor also did a good job and made a good impression. Overall, a great event, so I'm already looking FW to attending another film music concert in 2-3 years' time.
  15. Ah, I'd love that, but I've just used my London "bonus" for another two or three years. We'll see who comes to London 2/3 yrs for now. Maybe John himself?!
  16. I only managed to read this thread today.
  17. HA 1 & 2 (The Deluxe Edition), these last days. (Also listening to 2 right now.)
  18. You're right, Horner dropped out ten years ago. Quite true. However, it should be acknowledged and admitted that in spite of all his self-plagiarism and all that countless times discussed stuff, he did do some great work in his time (with Aliens being my personal all-time favourite). Were it up to me, I'd set the "Holy Trinity" as Williams, Goldsmith, Morricone. (But such "selections" are always subject to change, so it could be e. g. Williams, Elfman, Shore, Barry a month from now. But Williams will of course always be the No. 1 for me. )
  19. I wholeheartedly concur. So do I. Watched the documentary Best Ever Bond this morning (I guess this is old news, being made in 2002, however I've seen it for the first time). Cool stuff.
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