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  1. That would make it a 3 CD release then, since the OST is actually 2 CDs already. Think they would do a 3 CD release for this score? I hope so honestly, it's one of my favorite Zimmer's now... ESPECIALLY since I just now discovered the "sketches". WOW! I definitely want those part of a CD release.
  2. I never had the OST of BTTF3, not even downloaded... was the sound quality much inferior to the Expanded Edition? Not that it matters to me now, but for others who may just want that that instead due to price. I think it did at least have all of the train climax music, albeit out of order.
  3. Back to the Future 3 Expanded Edition 2CD set is now sold out from Varese. I luckily got a copy from MovieMusic (there may be more) and I guess is still available at Screen Archives. I had put off getting it for too long haha, so if anyone else has too this is basically your last chance not to get gouged. And for anyone hoping maybe they are just temporarily out of stock, I got confirmation from e-mail that it is "sold out".
  4. It is a good show! I liked the first season better overall, but I am still curious to see more. Honestly... I just want a live-action show, finally. If that short film they did, Battle At Big Rock, proved anything was that a live-action story in short form works really well for the franchise. If Camp Cretaceous had been live-action, and just a bit less... kiddie... it would have been perfect.
  5. I personally love Cloud Atlas but I can see why it isn't for everyone. It's also not a perfect film, but few are, eh? I also don't get the hate it got. There's far worse movies that have a ton of fans, so I am saddened Cloud Atlas never gained a big following after all these years. As I noted earlier, it's score is amazing, if only for the final tracks and the "Sextet" itself. It's music that definitely transcends the film.
  6. Okay... someone needs to make a "tv edit" of the Agatha song pronto, with the laugh and her reciting of the Sparky line haha. Uggggh I hate it when this happens! LOL. Reminds me of the album version of the Turkey song in Addams Family Values how the film version was different than the album one and felt much more lackluster as a result...
  7. I LOVED that "Agatha All Along" theme song. Probably the best one of the season! We need it to drop on Spotify MEOW!
  8. Cloud Atlas is a great score, definitely one of my favorites. I also like the film a lot, too; so take that for what you will. Having said that, it is a big shame Don Davis isn't returning. Can we kickstart to have Don Davis score another film again? Is that what we have to do? LOL. He has had such a great array of scores... The Matrix Trilogy, Jurassic Park 3 (say what you will about his adaptation of the Williams themes, but you can't deny how fun of a score it is!), and even this pretty bad family fantasy film called Warriors of Virtue. If you have never heard that score do yourself a favor and check it out.
  9. Again?! At my... again?! Is THIS you?! I'm honored, Annie!
  10. I'm recording the audiobook abridgement of my post. Should there be a second monotone voice that comes in from time to time to abridge the abridgement?
  11. Interesting! I'll have to give it a go, then! Definitely heard good things, even from people who didn't like the movie!
  12. This film is not a masterpiece (the original is in comparison to this, and for PJ personally Lord of the Rings will always be his masterpiece and best work), but it is an awesome film! I saw it a bunch of times in the theater and it was amazing each time... especially seeing that T-Rex fight, holy crap. My excitement for this film was INSANE, and it came out right after I got out of High School. So I think I was at a great age for it. The score, like the film, is not a masterpiece to me but it is one of my favorite JNH scores. Both film and score are, as most people say, just too dragged out. Oddly enough, for me it doesn't drag in the beginning... it drags in the final act. I don't know WHAT it is, but after the Rex fight... the movie just loses all steam for me. I can't quite explain it. I still enjoy it, but something about it feels... like maybe it took itself too seriously? This is also why it isn't the best remake ever, but despite those issues I do think it is VERY close. How many remakes can so lovingly pay homage to the original every chance it gets? It doesn't ever try to trash the original or forget about it like so many remakes, but it just embraces it so much. I don't see how one can't at least admire that aspect about the film. Honestly though, what I remember THE MOST about King Kong 2005 were the production diaries as it was being made. It was I think the first of its kind really, or one of the first. They uploaded a 5 minute or so segment every week I believe that it was filming, and each one would focus on a different aspect of filmmaking, or something they just wanted to generally show off what they were filming that day and tease you. And they would even have some really fun and goofy episodes where they just ran around and had fun, and even added (cheap and quick) sfx to them haha. In 2005, this kind of access to a film before it even came out was incredible. And honestly... I sort of enjoy rewatching them more than the film! It was great to see what looked and felt at times to be a natural bond of the cast and crew working together or at least being able to have fun and it was just infectious. It eventually became "post-production diaries" counting down the weeks to go until the film came out, which felt even MORE exciting at the time of course... and you could definitely see the pressure everyone faced, especially PJ. And honestly, by the time the final episode happened... there truly was a sad feeling that it was all over. It was probably the closest one could feel to how everyone who actually works on a film feels when the movie is wrapped, released... and you move on. Very bittersweet. And also... those diaries were educational as hell! There are a ton of good "making of" documentaries that have been made on films over the years (a truly dying art, it appears), but I still think I learned the most from this one. I mean, it even has an episode on the damn clapperboard! LOL. It goes into every nook and cranny you could imagine, and even not, in making a big blockbuster-style film. I'm sure much of it is still the same process today, except obviously on some of the more technical SFX levels. And getting this process taught to you in a sort of real-time way was just so cool. You always had that feeling of "oh wow, and they JUST did that!". So yeah... I don't think I have ever been more happy that a film was made so I could see HOW it was made. I don't know if it would feel as special for someone new to watch it today, but for those of us who eagerly awaited those diaries like I did, it almost feels like you're part of that special group who went through a whole experience together. And side note: PJ and his crew also worked on the "making of" docs for the original King Kong, and I will NEVER forget how freaking excited I was to see them having recreated the STOP MOTION lost spider-pit sequence! Maybe this remake was a farce by PJ just so he could also get funding to have made that, too! EDIT: I will also echo that the Kong ride (in Orlando moreso than Hollywood) is quite amazing, if just for that final animatronic! WOW! Having been on the ride in-person (thankfully in 2019 before the pandemic), the comments made about it in this thread aren't wrong. I don't know why, apparently, people were disappointed by it? It was better than I expected. Hell, even just the queue!
  13. I don't think the film is a masterpiece by any means (sorry, The Big Man, hehe), but I definitely think David Arnold's score is (or at least one of his top 3 masterpieces for me; Godzilla, Independence Day, and World Is Not Enough). His use of percussion is a more wild and fun take compared to the dark and pulse-pounding way John Williams handled it in The Lost World, and is just as much of an identity for this score. But apart from that... the score is just so energetic. There is, what, a good solid HOUR of almost non-stop action in the second half. It's crazy! This is an insane score to drive to at full blast. Back to the film though... heh oh my... it's a big guilty pleasure. And also insanely nostalgic. I was still a kid fuming off the highs from Jurassic Park and Lost World. Having Godzilla come out a year after JP's sequel had this "fun is never going to end" sensation. I was never really into the original Godzilla films growing up before or even after this (I may have seen the Americanized Raymond Burr original and I think Mothra and Son of Godzilla... but only in parts), but something about the way the trailers for the 1998 Godzilla kept the suspense of actually showing it was so tantalizing. It DEFINITELY did have one of the best marketing campaigns ever... and I was honestly not disappointed! I thought it was a ton of fun seeing in the a loud theater, and the audience I was with at least seemed to enjoy it too. Looking back now when I rewatch it here and there I definitely get how it isn't for everyone... and the acting is pretty amusingly awful from almost everyone, lol. But there is just something so goofy and fun about the whole thing, and I think the music is a huge factor. Sure it rips off Jurassic Park without even apologizing for it, but I find that sort of amusing now more than being actually excited about it like I did as a kid to get that extra JP kick I was eager to have. And honestly, while I love the original (and newer) designs of Godzilla... the 1998 one is so cool to me. And when I hear the name "Godzilla" it is honestly the first image that comes to mind. So... that's nostalgia for ya. Some of you remember a guy in a suit, I remember a sometimes-convincing CGI creation shrouded in rain, rain, rain... hahaha. To each their own! And while I enjoy some of the old Godzilla films and the new ones as an adult having now seen them, it's weird to me that I often wish I knew what happened next in the world of the 1998 film. I heard the animated series (which I never saw) accomplishes this thought. Should I watch it? Oh, and greatest remake ever? Nah. It's too different from the original.
  14. Related but not related but related, David Arnold liked my tweet! https://twitter.com/jurassicmemoirs/status/1357181944119742467
  15. Ahhh so they just announced yesterday! Ooops, missed that lol. I had asked weeks ago.
  16. I'm still hoping for them to have "The World Is Not Enough" return in stock soon. I asked them on FB and Twitter but never got a response.
  17. Yeah, honestly given how short both seasons are (8 episodes each), I really think it was split up from one season for two reasons. First, to give more time to render/edit the show. Second, to space out it's audience to have to come back and re-subscribe. It is a wonder why Netflix won't adopt the models of Disney Plus and other streaming services and just release an episode or two a week to spread out subscriptions past one month? But hey, I guess this strategy works, too.
  18. Second season was decent too (it's out now). I personally enjoyed the first season more, but it does actually get a bit darker at least in some ways. Its "villians" in this season were kind of lame and not what I had expected, but they may be saving real good ones for later seasons (according to a Amazong listing of a tie-in book, there will at least be a third season around June or so... which would make sense since originally Dominion was to come out around then and the director even said some elements of the show tie into it somehow). I still of course am begging to have a live action adult-oriented show, something along the lines of that short "Battle At Big Rock" film we got in 2019, or better. There were (and I guess still are) rumors of that happening, but as with anything Jurassic-related, I'll believe it when I see it.
  19. As a fan of all things Jurassic, I think overall I prefer Jurassic World as a film over Fallen Kingdom. However, I think Fallen Kingdom's score is light years better than Jurassic World's. I was honestly disappointed in the first score after Giacchino had delivered the highly energetic and exciting Jupiter Ascending not long before it. Apart from some standout tracks and moments, overall it is honestly my least favorite Jurassic score of the franchise. I honestly felt his themes were greatly expanded upon in the Lego Video Game more than in the film! How's that for odd? But Fallen Kingdom's score... wow. I saw the film at an early screening before the soundtrack had even been released at all; hadn't even heard any clips! And I was won over by it right away. It has such an old-fashioned monster movie feel to it, and has so many clear homages to Hermann in the first half. While I wish his Jurassic World theme made more appearances like in the first score, Fallen Kingdom showed that he was clearly having fun with the film. It goes back and forth between high-energy action to dramatic gothic highlights, making it really fun to listen to repeatedly. The OST (in both CD and digital forms) was also well-selected compared to the first score, which had left off many interesting tracks. Oh, and I forget if there is a separate thread, but Season 2 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is on Netflix now. The score, again by Leo Birenberg, continues to references JP and JW themes.
  20. While I have seen John Williams several times now (with David Newman conducting at times) at concerts, had Michael Giacchino respond to a tweet, had John Powell respond to a Instagram comment, chatted on Facebook with Bill Brown and Bruce Broughton, and had e-mails with Benjamin Bartlett... I have only truly met one composer. David Shire, composer of RETURN TO OZ. I went to a signing event when Intrada had their expanded release about 6 years ago now (wow... can't believe it was that long ago). And here, the evidence! Ugh my shirt. Double ugh: my face. I need to work out again someday...
  21. Borders?! *cries* I'm feeling old... OLD! I miss it, so!
  22. Where did you get your copy of the re-recordings? I've been trying to find them lately, by chance! And I am excited for this release!
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