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  1. I feel like with this film's struggles with covid and their new adjustments to it, they may actually mean it this time. Or hell, maybe everyone was drunk the whole time!
  2. While I am happy with this release I am also happy to hear the possibility of getting the "insert" version of that track! Thank you guys for considering it! And hey, now it'll be the best of both worlds.
  3. Do I smell a repressing? Listening to the whole CD right now, and it otherwise does sound amazing! EDIT: LOL! When loading the CD-Text from the CD itself, the 7th track reads: LOL!
  4. I don't know what it is about Cutthroat, but over the years I ended up liking it less than I used to. I think it has some amazing standout sequences like the Carriage Chase and basically all of the climax music... but everything inbetween just has become a slog for me. ID4 has a bit more highlights throughout and has more interesting "lulls" compared to Cutthroat. But in a way, both share similar problems.
  5. Maybe they got their upcoming press release for Willow mixed up with this one.
  6. It's too late to be caring for some people... it's just... too... late...
  7. What about Krull?! Where's the love for Krull?! That one is definitely in my top Horner (and have the LLL release of course).
  8. Call me novice, but I always wondered... when Horner did these long, suite-like tracks... ARE they all one take each? Or are they stitched together like how Williams does it? So if Barry The Bassoonist flubs a note in the last 10 seconds of the 10 minute suite, they have to redo the entire thing? Talk about pressure!
  9. Interesting! Here's hoping to maybe a little more unreleased that maybe wasn't in the film? Then again, it was not a very long film... so likely not lol. Unless it was for some of the deleted scenes that we know happened...
  10. OMG YES! I do wonder just how much was missing from the OST? I don't think much. Even so... I don't even own this one on CD!
  11. This image is really sweet honestly. And I didn't even know they named a stage after him!
  12. I honestly don't see how that show was pretentious, especially compared to other shows that have been coming out that imo are (Lovecraft Country comes to mind... it has some good ideas and themes that shines a light on America's bad history... but Jesus that show is so unfocused, confusing, and BORING otherwise... and comes off as goofy when it is actually trying to be scary... so bizarre. And yet people love it, apparently. Clearly it's the strong themes that they love, which I am all for. But come on, just because a show has good themes and messages doesn't mean the actual show itself is good. People deserve better...). Dark Crystal's show dealt with many real issues in an organic way that flowed within the story... and with f***ing puppets, no less!
  13. He had throat cancer. He is better now but... https://www.cancerhealth.com/article/val-kilmer-throat-cancer-feel-lot-better-sound#:~:text=In addition to a tracheostomy,motivate me%2C” Kilmer writes.
  14. I am interested in this! Will be curious to see how it turns out. Happy they got Warwick back... if they hadn't I probably would barely have any interest. I mean he IS Willow. Sucks that it is unlikely Val Kilmer will be able to come back, given his unfortunate condition these days. :/ Maybe they'll sneak in a cameo somehow, but yeah... they waited too long. :/
  15. I agree that the original film still holds up mostly well! However, something that was ALWAYS annoying, even back then was... the kid that plays Luke. Sure he's cute and serviceable to the story, whatever... but his whining "GRAAAANNNNDDDDMMMMAAAAA" was obnoxious back then as it is now! LOL. Hahahaha. Honestly, once he turns into a mouse he actually stops being annoying! LOL. He REALLY should have stayed that way like in the book! Hahaha.
  16. Yep! And I am sure it will look even better by the next decade. I will say that LOTR has good and bad CGI moments.... a lot of it still holds up really well, or at least was done so artistically that even though you know it isn't real, it almost doesn't need to be. But yeah, in the case of Witches, there is definitely that uncanny valley effect going on. After all this time and they still haven't mastered how to properly fix this problem, sometimes I wonder if they will ever be able to? And that is a good point about CGI being used in things like dramas in ways people don't realize. Honestly, if it weren't for CGI, I doubt TV programs would look as good as they do today, because I think that is definitely another place CGI is used to make a smaller television production look much better than it would have with budgets of the past. Granted, those budgets have also increased since then, but they still aren't as costly as they nowadays appear. Except maybe Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance... damn, I really hope someone rescues that show...
  17. Sadly yeah, $$$$ is the reason. Practical effects require time to build, time to set up, and if it includes makeup on an actor; that's time to apply it on them EVERY day it is used. And these days, CGI is still often used to either enhance the practical effects or to better integrate them into the scene, albeit wire removal, etc. So, there's more time and money there, too. More people involved to do all of this, so that's more people to pay, longer time required to pay them all. Sure, digital effects take time... but it involves a smaller team on-set. The prep is much faster these days, and I'm sure for the scenes of the Witches in this case, the only "makeup" applied were dots on their heads to map the digital effects (if they even needed to). Much less time consuming. There are more people that work on the digital effects than there are actually on set, but many of those people can also be outsourced: and for cheap. It's a different schedule and setup than on a movie set. I am sure there are no crafts and services for people who just work on their computers to work on the film. And now since CGI has advanced a lot since its inception (we can complain all we want about how bad they can sometimes look, but nothing compares to bad 90s CGI in case people forgot it...), the modern audience either can't tell the difference... or doesn't care to. Hence, only special big movies like Star Wars and the like will probably ever have a taste of that golden era ever again.
  18. Have any FSM releases been re-released by any other labels since they have gone OOP? The only one I can think of is Superman, but I am sure there are more. Oh and anyone who doesn't have Barry's King Kong, Gremlins, or Twilight Zone are missing out! Those are all amazing releases!
  19. Huh, that's curious! I wonder why those weren't considered instead? Would have been a little more interesting at least. Oh well.
  20. I am still waiting for mine in the mail (in the States), but someone I know allowed me to preview their copy in the meantime. I can definitely concur with Tom that this score sounds incredible on this release! Probably is the best it has ever sounded! I do think the sessions were a bit quieter and not as balanced compared to this, so this release is definitely an improvement over that from what I can remember! Regardless, this is the perfect presentation of the score... although I think the demos at the end are one of those curiosity listens that are fun to hear once, then never again. For demos they sound really good, but they basically just sound like deflated versions of what you hear beforehand and aren't MUCH different (like an alternate would be) otherwise. However, I can see why they added them to give more bang for the buck to take up space on a second disc, so this isn't a complaint at all; just don't want people to get too excited for those who had never heard them. I think sessions had more of these demos, but again it was basically just like listening to a flatter version of the whole score anyway. Again, I REALLY hope people get this release so the chances of them doing the sequel scores will go way up!
  21. I LOVE that film version with the sudden orchestral ending you mentioned... it's such an exciting yet unexpected way to conclude it!
  22. Yeah, you're right! I have heard some of them, too. There are some unofficial edits of this score out there, but most are riddled with sfx of course for that kind of material. That's why if there is a expanded release for the sequel I REALLY hope it includes that kind of material, because to me it is part of the score.
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