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  1. I agree, I don't find the pace of this too slow at all. There's some slower moments that could have been cut down in some episodes, yes, but overall I think the pace of this series is faster than I expected, too. Also agree on it being faster paced than Inland Empire (which I was not really a fan of, compared to this).
  2. Anyone here notice that the old boxing match Ms. Palmer was watching was actually on a loop (along with those weird static sounds that kept happening)? At first I thought that scene was boring, but once I realized those details I became quickly unnerved. Something is bound to happen there. BTW: Apparently German TV accidentally aired Episode 14, so be careful for spoilers on that one! I didn't read any spoilers but apparently it is epic!
  3. Not sure their crowd would really... get it.
  4. Cooper is coming back more and more though! His "damn good" line in regards to the pie was of course exciting in episode 11's final moments. And loved the piano music during that same scene, too!
  5. That "fly swatting" scene in Episode 10...
  6. Having just seen Episode 8... let me be the first to say... WHAT THE F**K WAS ALL OF THAT?! Haha! Don't get me wrong, it was visually nuts at times and so Lynchian that if you admire his other work you can't help but smile. But... it went into all sorts of seemingly random (though likely connected) directions at the same time and... and... what the hell?! And yet, I really dug it. I also feel like Lynch was channeling 2001 A Space Odyssey with his music and visual choices at one point. That was one of the best parts!
  7. Those are legit criticisms. I still could name many more movies worse than Jurassic World based on those observations and many others, though.
  8. As someone who has actually seen the movie, I can say that in my opinion the critics are being way too unfair to it. It isn't nearly as bad as they have made it out to be. And I have seen a LOT of bad movies, lol. It's kind of impossible to compare this to The Room, as someone mentioned. The movie has a lot of issues and holes, for sure, but I found it mostly harmless with some effective scenes and performances. I think people are honestly looking for a fight.
  9. I think that's why I really liked yesterday's episode. It finally gave this season a big, dramatic, emotional moment; complete with that really nice musical composition. Despite seeing the accident coming a mile away, it was still pretty hard to watch. Clearly there will be more to this moment later in the season, and perhaps the big, sometimes almost amusingly overblown emotional moments I loved from Twin Peaks will be found with this thread of the story; since clearly they didn't go this route with the big double murder of the season, at least thus far.
  10. Wow! Did not see this one coming! I remember for over a decade Jim Henson's Studios had tried to make a sequel film called "The Power Of The Dark Crystal" that I believe was meant to take place many years after the events of the film where the crystal gets shattered yet again, making the time of turmoil start all over again. I was never a big fan of the concept of the sequel though; it felt way too much like a quasi-remake (sort of like how many modern reboots are). However, this is a prequel. Not only that, but a prequel series. If there is one thing any fan of the film can attest to, it's that the world the film explored seemed so vast and interesting that it definitely was more interesting than the story itself. There was so much more to explore of the world the film set up, so the perfect way to do that is to have a series (or even just a mini-series; not certain which this will be). Having it also as a prequel makes more sense, because it was that world that was set up before the events of the film took place that most fans want to see. The world after the conflict is over would just be something far less compelling and foreign, unless they took that lackluster approach of the sequel. So, even without knowing a thing about the premise of this, just knowing that it is a prequel series is enough to let the imagination soar with just how much we can finally further explore in the world that we all know and remember. The other obvious highlight of the brief teaser trailer is the quick glimpses of the NEW ANIMATRONICS being made for the series! Despite the quick glimpses of incomplete creatures, they already looked perfect for the world! And then of course there's that final shot of footage of a Skeksi... wow. It looked perfect! Likely just a test shot, but even so, just to see one again, after all this time, as part of a new series... Of course, the most obvious question now is... who will do the music score? Will they be able to get Trevor Jones back? I know he basically retired, but I think of all the projects to get him to come back, it would definitely be this one. And if not him, who else could do it? Should his old theme(s) still return, regardless? UPDATE: Hensen Press Release: https://www.henson.com/press-releases/2017/press-release-2017-05-18.php
  11. Really loved how these turned out, and now I finally can fully appreciate this score in context with the film! I know it isn't Williams, but do you think you may have an interest in Jurassic Park 3 by Don Davis? I mean, it does use many of the John Williams themes, and while we don't have full sessions we do have the lengthy promo that has the full score; or at least the original versions of cues. Lots of stuff that was dropped from the film, including the entire music when T-Rex battles the Spinosaurus. Just a thought!
  12. How awesome to finally see some of the most interesting dropped music in context with the film! I also agree, however, that they made the right choice in dropping it. The music is really cool on its own, but the dropped sections really don't work nearly as well in the film. Especially that unused majority of Hungry Raptor. When I originally heard it at the end of the "Making of" documentary, I honestly thought it was some cool remix someone did or something. LOL. It just didn't seem like Williams to me, due to the style change. However, I think it was Brachio who revealed to me through the sheet music before the 2013 release that it was indeed for the film's shed sequence. My immediate thought was "seriously? how did THAT ever work?". And well... sure... it hits some points well in the film, but overall to me it DOESN'T work, lol. It moves too fast for what is going on, robbing the scary intensity of the scene. Still, I do LOVE that music on its own. It's really fun!
  13. It's on Ain't It Cool News as well! I am as shocked as anyone at the success of this video...
  14. Thank you everyone for all of the comments. Lot of work went into this, including in getting it in the first place! It was actually a dream of mine a long time ago to acquire some version of this scene the way the filmmakers would have done it, and it did not disappoint. As a sequence I think it is great, but I can see how it would not fit well into the version of the film we ended up getting. Now as for earlier versions of the film... it was truly one of the highlights. Also glad to hear people liking the music. Besides the obvious use of the "carnivore motif", which this track was essentially a love letter to; what other themes or alterations of themes from Jurassic Park and etc. did anyone spot?
  15. Jurassic Park was a breathtaking film by Steven Spielberg; filled with spectacle, wonder, and imagination. Likewise, the novel and the adaptation process included many inventive ideas. This video presents one of the most famous ideas that didn't make it into the film: "Tyrannosaurus Rex At The Lagoon". Following closely to the tense sequence from the novel, the filmmakers also revised it with their own ideas, more than once. This version appears to be the last of the revisions, before it was scrapped entirely; along with the rest of the "river adventure" that was inspired and adapted into the classic Universal Studios attractions. This video uses the official original storyboards that were contained in Phil Tippett's Early Sequence Storyboard Binder, from his own collection. They have never been publicly seen before. This video was made to dramatize the sequence with original music by Derrick Davis and Mikhail Cucuk, inspired by the John Williams Jurassic Park themes. It is made for entertainment and educational purposes only. Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures own any copyrights to the material. See video for full credits of this production. For a download of this video, the music, the storyboards, and much more, visit the "Time Capsule" and other pages at: JURASSIC TIME http://jurassictime.trescom.org
  16. Wolfen wasn't really for me, I suppose, but Rescuers Down Under? Oh man, perhaps some nostalgia may be required in terms of impact, but if you like any Disney at all, you owe yourself to at least rent it somehow. It's a GORGEOUS movie to watch, and even uses some pre-Pixar Studios Pixar animation in the opening, I believe, mixed with traditional animation. Simple but effective. Seriously, the first 10 minutes or so, before the mice protagonists even show up, is some of the best traditional animation Disney came out with in the 90s and beyond. But even after that it still tends to impress, and the movie breezes a lot with a lot of fun, some cute but not dumb humor, an awesome villain performed by the late George C Scott, and some cool action sequences. And the music does indeed compliment the film, and stands out, very well. Anyone else agree with all of that?
  17. Hey, the first score has the insane "cat wailing", hahaha. And the big action finale is one of my favorite Goldsmith tracks ever! Not without its own merits, but it suffers a little in complete form due to lots of "filler".
  18. The score is like a crazy, fun, intense, violent, and even scary cartoon score. It is also one of the few scores that makes me laugh out loud when listening to it. Those duck quacks, every freaking time...
  19. I still listen to this score every so often, even more than his first Gremlins score! SO FUN! Don't miss this one, guys.
  20. I think the biggest crime for me of the LLL Hook set was that they released an edited form of the first part of Ultimate War, when it was more complete/proper on the OST. It felt like whoever edited the set clearly wasn't paying nearly enough attention to what they were doing, and certainly didn't know the music. I immediately noticed, and was totally shocked they thought it was okay to release it in such a way. The film stems for stuff they couldn't find I understand... but they had the OST for that section. Definitely a goof worse than any missing dino teeth, indeed.
  21. The only edit I MIGHT do is split apart "Falling Car" and "T-Rex Chase" in JP. I just love that chase track and always want to skip right to it, lol. That's my only minor quibble of the music itself, apart from some sequencing with JP (moving "Stalling Around" to where it goes, etc).
  22. Oh I don't trust my sharpie skills! LOL. And while I understand the reasons for not reissuing booklets, for the people who say this isn't a big deal... this is my favorite score(s). I just want it to be as awesome as possible.
  23. In regards to the JP side of the booklets... why don't we all just get ourselves a large sticker of the logo and slap it on there? Actually, that's not a bad idea, as long as it covers it properly! I know they are sold all over the place or can be made easily.
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