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  1. i'm more talking about the characters he's played and his movies (although only three) not so much the person himself. i know well enough of his odd (to say the least) escapades, rudeness to people, and urinating in public. I first saw his movie "Rebel without a Cause" a couple of months ago, and needless to say i was amazed by it. not long after, i saw "East of Eden" and "Giant" and was continued to be amazed by his explosive on screen performance, and his wide range of acting ability. any thougts? ~ Jason
  2. i'm sad to say i've never seen him, and there's a good chance i may never. -jason
  3. I'd definitely go with Harry Potter CoS. I haven't heard the whole score yet, but i've heard bits, and i really liked what i heard when i went to see the movie. -Jason
  4. I like the Superman score alot, but i only have the original cd release of it. Is the two disc set a must have, or should i wait until i have extra money to blow? -Jason, back again after another long while
  5. I would definitely go for the Potter cd mainly because i don't really watch DVD's, and i'd probably get more enjoyment out of listening to the potter cd than watching the aotc dvd. -Jason, posting for the first time in a little over two months
  6. Yeah, this coming from the person who's bitching about pictures? -Jason
  7. Aren't you bickering about the bickering? -Jason
  8. Remember what happened to the Beatles when they made a comment like that? -Jason
  9. I just signed it earlier today. And yes, I'm pretty sure that this is the same petition/link that was given before. -Jason
  10. I just rented it today on DVD. Haven't watched it yet though. And yes, i'm sure it'll be worth the rental money -Jason
  11. Just because it's corny doesn't mean it's bad. -Jason
  12. Ummmmm most NORMAL folks hated TPM like I did. Why do you hate it besides the fact that is was no where near as good as the originals? -Jason
  13. So than basically, he used the best stories to grab the attention of people and create a fan base, before releasing the other movies which could have turned people off to star wars if released first? -Jason
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