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  1. Nobody The Raiders March? Anyone? Gee. I first heard it on a compilation album with classical music from Sony: Autumn Almanac 1991 or something. It had the march on it to promote the Spielberg Williams Collaboration, which my father got me then. Subsequently I was hooked by Parade of the Slave Children and of course Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra, although I didn't even know who Indiana Jones wás... I found out later. Luckily.
  2. Not only Spielberg can 'control' Lucas, but there's Ford as well. Lately the quality of the movies in which he plays has decreased, but I don't think that's due to his acting. He will have his sayings in the script and actors too. And I guess that isn't a bad thing. When I saw the SE Solo-Greedo scene in the theatres, I didn't know what happened (so to speak): I thought the projector was stuck or something for a split second. That shot is comparable to some special effect in the worst low-budget sci-fi movie you can imagine. Owkay, that's a bit exaggerated, but you get the point . And someone,
  3. I know there's a difference between the 82 album and the others, but why does Jamesyboy include both the 96 version and the 02 version on his discs?
  4. What's the difference between Escape - Chase - Goodbye from the 1996 and the one from the 2002 album?
  5. I have the OST and I made a 3 CD version myself. I combined the cue lists I could find and I think I cleared up the inaccuracies (e.g. concerning the Stories Are True cues)... If you want to make a complete score, it won't fit onto two CDs, if you would include all the alternates, that is. Lotman
  6. Thanks for the reply! You'll see when you have time ! greetz Lotman
  7. I'm afraid I have another version, which I am searching a tracklist for. The first seven tracks match your version, but then I am a bit lost. Here's what I've got: 1. 2.35 2. 2.21 3. 1.12 4. 1.31 5. 1.43 6. 1.44 7. 2.01 8. 2.33 9. 1.47 10. 1.20 11. 2.34 12. 1.45 13. 2.14 14. 2.07 15. 2.05 16. 2.00 17. 0.59 18. 1.57 19. 1.57 20. 1.26 21. 8.26 22. 1.40 23. 1.33 24. 1.32 25. 1.08 26. 1.27 27. 9.04 (Concert Overture) Anyone has a tracklist? I would be very grateful! Thanks and greetz!
  8. Thanks Miguel, for informing that this exists. I looked for it and have downloaded it just now! Great! After all these years... Greetz Lotman (still hoping to stumble across a pressed CD of The Guns of Navarone in a shop...)
  9. Do you guys have any scores that you would really want on a shiny disc, but which are completely unreleased, officially and unofficially? I have one: The Guns of Navarone Are there any other 'classic' scores that deserve a release, legit or otherwise?
  10. Sabrina, E.T. End Credits, but I found the chords on piano at the climax of 'Abandoned in the Woods' pretty impressive as well...
  11. Yeah I noticed it. On the other hand I think the 'brass' parts in the new trilogy should come out more. Is this caused by the orchestrations? I like the sound of Indiana Jones 2 and 3, I believe the low and high tones are nicely balanced.
  12. Indeed, 'To Castle Brunwald' is one! I used to play only that fragment of the film and put the volume up. 'To the Plaza, Presto', the melody introduced at 1.00, which returns throughout that cue.
  13. The Imperial March. Definitely. At least for most people I know. Jaws coming second, of course. A bit off topic: a friend of a friend once told me that he and his girlfriend would be humming the Raiders March and the theme from the New Adventures of Superman: Loïs and Clark after one another, and if they hum the one, they can't recall the other and vice versa. What I'm trying to say; non-filmmusic listeners recognize the themes, but they can't name them, even the most renowned and known themes. What a pity.
  14. No, you're not the only one. Firstly, I didn't like it (It is not 'dark' enough, too much cues in major, too much the same kind of themes repeated too frequently), but now, I like it better (esp. CoS), but I don't put it in my CD player often. Just too much the sound of 'The Banquet' or 'The Never Feast' (the track I like most is the Spiders track from CoS). This series of films, in contrast with Indiana Jones, Superman or Star Wars, was disappointing, I can't help it. Concerning the topic, I agree with Mr CrusherComix's first post.
  15. Hi, does anybody have a tracklist for the Cowboys complete? Or doesn't that exist? Thanks very much and greetings! Lotman
  16. Hi, just liked to report an error in the cue list of JP: Between a Truck and a Long Fall comes after Bring Back My Grandchildren. And concerning a thread a while ago, there's IMO also some errors in the AI cue list: 18 Mecha, Orga,... is AI Promo CD2 track 16, and for 29,30,31 I think the correct order is: 29 Stored Memories Part 1 5.41 (CD1 track 4a) 30 Stored Memories Part 2 5.02 (Promo CD1 track 6) 31 The Blue Fairy (Monica's Theme) 6.02 (CD1 track 4b) Greetings!
  17. I voted for Swing, Swing, Swing, but why is Swing, Swing, Swing not one of the options?
  18. I have the Williams soundtracks that I really, really ever wanted as original CD's, like The Temple of Doom, the only one that is missing is the AI Promo. But owning that as an original version, that is for another lifetime! Greetings!
  19. Soundtracks that I consider to be as great as TESB: Tomorrow Never Dies: I fully agree with Stefancos, however, it doesn't match the development criterium, as the second half is slightly different in style than the first half, due to the non-existent post-production schedule I guess. Raiders and the Temple of Doom. Without doubt. Perfect companions to the films and perfect stand-alones to listen to. The Last Crusade very nearly. Finally, maybe unexpectedly, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Elfman's best up-to-date. He probably won't be topping it in the near future, however, considering his las
  20. Hi, does anyone know if there's a Goldeneye rejected score? By a person named Mark Lewis? Greetings, Lotman
  21. Me too. I guess the reason was that I went to the film with the lowest expectations possible, and went back home with 'a new hope', that the third prequel would be even better! (Oh, the irony...) No seriously, it was nice to see that it was not as bad as the first attempt. The second time did no good too, but since the Phantom Menace, I have watched the prequels for fun and relaxation, not expecting awe, mystery, or quality cinema...
  22. Indeed, nice topic! -How many Williams c.d's do you own? 50 or something like that. -Do you have every Legit releases or most of them? Almost all of them are legit. -Do you only get the film scores or/and the concert works. Only the film scores, due to lack of time and my student budget. -Do you plan to eventually get everything? No, just the better soundtracks. -Are you obsessed aquiring every note Williams ever composed? No, I like to concentrate on other styles of other film composers as well. -Do you get Williams scores even if you don't like them for sake of completeness? I guess not,
  23. Thanks for the help! And this bootleg discussion, maybe it depends on whether you see an isolated music track on a DVD as an official release of the score or not. If you do, then I have to agree that it's not a bootleg, but if you don't, I think you can consider this as a bootleg, since there is no official release of the score on CD. Or am I completely wrong here? Anyway, thanks! Lotman
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