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  1. Getting back to the topic I would absolutely love it if we have a Luke Skywalker centered story played by Sébastien Stan and him being hunted by Mara Jade.
  2. It was an absolute mess. That is what it was. The writing is just horrible. Trying way too hard to manipulate emotions on a premise that should have been developed so much better.
  3. Definitely. I almost turned it off during one of the three lectures about plastic. Probably should have.
  4. So far JJ has remade three movies. A New Hope, The Wrath of Kahn, and Return of the Jedi. I'm just hoping one day to have a reboot of the sequel trilogy and get a proper Skywalker story, see Luke actually be a Jedi instead of a homeless man. That's what irks me the most about all of this. How they treated Luke. That's unforgivable.
  5. Sigh... As it was famously said in Casablanca... "We'll always have the original trilogy"
  6. This series has very much of a Samurai Jack feel to it. This latest episode was interesting. I didn't really understand why the X-wings attacked the outpost since it wasn't the ship. And not sure if anyone has noticed this yet, but the Mandalorian theme is very similar to the Slave Children's Crusade.
  7. So giving some thought and I know that it will change... TMP, ST:V, Mummy or Rudy Rudy is just pure joy to me. It is extremely infectious and just lifts you up. Mummy I believe is the pinnacle of Jerry's action writing. TMP is a classic. ST:V though is rock solid. Introduces two new sublime themes that are used later in the franchise and the action is spot on. Believe it or not, I'm going with ST:V
  8. Hey everyone, So I have been a member of this forum from practically the beginning. Before my son was born who is 16 now. His dream is to be a film score composer and works day and night writing music. I got him into film scores ever since he was born. Playing music all of the time. Anyway, was of his first completed works he posted today. Just a three minute film that he also acted in. He wrote this music in two days. Including going to school. I hope you all enjoy. I'm quite proud if you can't tell https://youtu.be/ZbgMyqlZROs
  9. Picked it up in the sale. I don't remember anything about the score, so looking forward to getting it
  10. Picked up the Deluxe editions of Volcano and Outbreak during the Varese Sarabande sale. Looking forward to popping those in.
  11. Yep, would have fit a Christmas movie for sure. I guess it fits the goofiness of the film.
  12. 6 of the 17 tracks are new versions of old pieces: Tracklisting: 1. Nocturnal Promenade 2. To the unknown Man from Spiral 3. Movement Nine from Mythodea 4. Moonlight reflections 5. Through the Night Mist 6. Early Years 7. Love Theme from Blade Runner 8. Sweet Nostalgia 9. Intermezzo 10. To a Friend 11. La Petite Fille de la Mer from Apocalypse des Animaux 12. Longing 13. Chariots of Fire from Chariots of Fire 14. Unfulfilled Desire 15. Lonesome 16. 1492: Conquest of Paradise from 1492: Conquest of Paradise 17. Pour Melia
  13. It's not offensive. It's just... music, set to film. I loved the score to final scene when the new/old Enterprise is revealed, and it works in that cheesy 80s way with pictures of the cast are cut through the end credits. It's just not a standout score. I don't hate it, just isn't a go to when I want to listen to Star Trek music.
  14. It was almost good, but still inane in parts
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