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  1. He did! His synths were his orchestra.
  2. Those books underneath the amp kinda gives away that you don't care.
  3. Whether it's a camera or hi-fi gear, I always care about the way it looks, especially when you have a choice. Everything is aesthetics, even the performance.
  4. What an odd thing to say for a John Williams fan, for Jazz has been a considerable influence in Williams' music.
  5. Play that funky music white boyPlay that funky music rightPlay that funky music white boyLay down that boogie and play that funky music till you dieTill you die, oh till you die
  6. Indeed, Richard! I have every season on DVD. I suppose they never released it on blu-ray, right? Stopped watching this show somewhere during S1. Gave it another shot with S2 to see if things have improved but it's so bad I gave up after one episode.
  7. Black looks more '90s, Drax's favorite decade.
  8. That's the amp I want, Drax! Someone in my area is selling his black Yamaha A-S2100 but I really want the silver one. It just makes more sense with the vintage design. And in silver, the black side panels really look great.
  9. She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah With a love like that You know you should be glad
  10. It was dumb of them to greenlight the Tour De France during an epidemic. All the Frenchies gather together in the small town cafes to follow the tour on TV.
  11. Episode 4 was terrible with everyone sitting around the bonfire while drinking from the bottle and telling sad stories (with a sad piano music score in the background). The first two episodes were acceptable thanks to the introduction of all the characters, the interaction with the governess and the children, but now that's over, I'm not seeing anything good.
  12. Sure, Hopper never landed a role in Star Wars, but does that make him a bad actor? Hehehehehe ...
  13. Just because I see the movie landscape changing doesn't mean I'm superior. OK, maybe just a little bit ...
  14. Wait! You were offended by "adapt to the new times"? Wow! BTW, I prefer Birdbox over A Quiet Place. I never felt it wasn't 'cinematic'. It certainly doesn't resemble the made for TV movies I know.
  15. Sigh ... This is no way to have a conversation, Joe.
  16. This proves that The Boys is about Trump.
  17. Perhaps you overlooked something. I'm saying that non box-office smashers are also movies.
  18. You really must adapt to the new times, Joe. Unless of course you think only Star Wars, Nolan, James Bond and superhero movie are real movies. Everything else will be streaming. BTW, Don't Look Up will be playing 2 weeks in select theaters.
  19. Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Himesh Patel join Jennifer Lawrence In Netflix’s Don’t Look Up (Adam McKay, director).
  20. Barron Trump also had COVID-19.
  21. Sorta agree. I'm three episodes in but I did feel my attention drifting away for the first time during the kids' performance.
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