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  1. Hopefully it won't be Cleopatra as a superhero.
  2. Please release me, let me go For I don't love you anymore
  3. He's young so ... My son needs to be tested now, you know, the rules of contact tracing. Last Thursday Belgium had 6000 new cases on one day. A new total lockdown awaits us.
  4. A friend of my son has coronavirus and has already infected several people. Has my son brought the virus into my home?! Am I the first JWFan member who actually has it?
  5. The People v O.J. Simpson: Episode 9 I think David 'Ross' Schwimmer is actually doing a really good job as O.J.'s best friend who no longer can look him straight in the eye.
  6. See me, feel me, touch me, heal me
  7. Hold back the night, turn on the lightsDon't want to dream, dream about you baby
  8. One of these nights, one of these crazy old nightsWe're gonna find out, pretty mama, what turns on your lights
  9. Jordan Peele's movies start off good but always seem get out of control or zany towards the end. Kinda like Parasite. To be honest, I only remember one thing about Get Out. It's unbelievably simple yet extremely effective: I think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds there. I'm curious for his TV series.
  10. Must be the steroids the doctors gave him after he got infected in the theatre. If that's the case, he should feel fine.
  11. Depends in what way. I expected both movies to be full-blooded horror movies but they both surprised me with their comedy/satire aspects. It could be even said that both are Folk Horror movies. (a term I haven't heard before since these two movies came along) It's actually Hereditary and Midsommar that are very opposite movies.
  12. That and United 93, which is responsible for your favorite John Powell score.
  13. Hereditary, yes, but Midsommar is almost more a kind of dark comedy with horror elements, just like Jordan Peele's Us.
  14. Then you definitely need to give Midsommar a chance. Hereditary is more about drama (which I know you don't care about) while Midsommar is creepy, unsettling and satirical. I know I wasn't a fan, but I did like Hereditary.
  15. Kisses for me, save all your kisses for me.
  16. Gruesome practically lives in this thread. I wonder why ...
  17. I wanna kiss you all over, all over again I wanna kiss you all over Till the night closes in, till the night closes in
  18. The Boys 2 Episode 3. Finally! The first two episodes were really weak but this is more like it. Less blah, blah and more Boys action is what this show needs. The Hans Zimmer reference was hilarious.
  19. A modern-day warriorMean, mean strideToday's Tom SawyerMean, mean pride
  20. I wrote to David and asked if he can send me a signed 8K copy.
  21. Don't racists make an exception for football heroes?
  22. The People v. O.J. Simpson: Epsiode 7 The gloves don't fit!
  23. Surely this movie goes straight to streaming (Netflix). It's a black & white movie and it's about a writer in Hollywood. Eh, Oscars? He isn't overcoming a decease nor is he putting the problems of a minority group in the spotlight. But it might tell a few ugly truths about Hollywood though ...
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