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  1. some how i sort of see him as a "drop dead fred" sort if poltergeist. you may want to check out www.mugglenet.com to see if there are pics there...there may be AAAAHHHHH!!! why do my posts get deleted!!!!!! Here is Rik Mayall Playing PEEVES
  2. Can anybody download the mp3? i'll try on my mac tomorrow....it is all choppy here
  3. P. S. that is an amazing picture. where did you find it? I am printing it to bring to show my students!
  4. you need to read HP if you didn't know Dobby!
  5. I can't believe you don't know who Burgess Meredith is!
  6. I am so excited to watch the trailer and the movie for HP. He did such a good job with the music. . .it grows on me more and more everyday. i just hope that not only are the deleted scenes easier to get to: but they are LONGER! I was let down at the deleted scenes on the HPatSS. They felt like 10 seconds long.
  7. He is also going to be with Harry Connick JR. on June 23rd
  8. i'd have to say congratulations are in order from Maine. This is a honourable notion and I'm very respectful of his decision.
  9. I can't wait to tape it. I'm still waiting for a JW "biography" from A&E
  10. ooooohhhh! THFRO's score is SO GOOD! I absolutely loved the hymn in it. I played it in HS. . .Beautiful arrangement: (clarinet cham. register!)
  11. I really think that every book in the HP series is great. JKR is such a terrific writer and her books are so intricate, to put them on screen is one thing. . .but I agree, I hope JW continues his work with HP because it is about continuity.
  12. Well, There are SOOOO many composers in the 20th Century that is a WAY difficult question. It is hard to stand up against all the composers people have brought up..... He is my favorite FILM composer ever..and my question to you. . . Do you think he will be classified as best/most prolific/blah blah composer of the 21st Century? Think of all the up coming composers in the next 100 years that will grow up with JW's compositions being taught in music history classes!
  13. I don't read Clancy'es stuff but my dad does. . .That doesn't stop me enjoying films "based" on his books. I can't wait to go see it. But my luck always makes me have to wait in line to see an opening movie. I'll wait a few days and then see it...But it lookes way awesome
  14. I can't believe I just saw the trailer for it last night... IT LOOKED AND SOUNDED AWESOME! I can't wait. .
  15. I think the HP series and the Snicket series is great too!
  16. how exactly do i pronounce Cian and Ryne?
  17. i watched it last night and will probably watch it tomorrow!
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