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  1. I still lack the 1996 MCA expanded and 2002's SACD print that is a must considering how much I love this score...
  2. I know, I can't believe how young I was those 10 years ago when I started here! I'll be returning more often. Gosh I hate it that people have to grow old. At least Some of us (Maestro) would deserve to live forever though! Hopefully the next Nobel Prize will go to the one who finds a gen to achieve immortality. Tell me about it! Which one are you playing? I love the original MCA CD that I got -- ironically -- at a used CD store for a dime in 2000.
  3. Happy birthday Maestro! For me, you are the greatest living composer of music for films and concert halls. Here's to you....! P.S. Despite everyone's predictions, I have a feeling you are going to win another Oscar this year... Roman
  4. Happy birthday Mr. Williams, good health and may you retain your youthful zest for writing more great music! Roman.-)
  5. I was born in the year of Fiddler on the Roof (March 31, 1971). Roman.-)
  6. If it's Silva's with COPF, I will probably get it. Some score tracks they did in the past are excellent additions to the originals. Did you hear the Indiana Jones Trilogy album?
  7. It's winter with tons of snow here and the mood I'm just plain reflects the sleepiness of the things around and on my way to work and back home I'm playing "Presumed Innocent" recently, totally sleepy score, it's calmingly beautiful. My favorite track? The whole album sounds like one long track, which is rather welcome in this case, but seriously, it's "Barbara's Confession".
  8. I have this old set of components: CD player DENON 1050 Amplif. AudioLab 8000LX Speakers Shan Aztec 300 And I listen to mp3's albums in my SE K750i on Senheiser HD 407 headphones. I don't think we can beat Marian's set!
  9. Could it be The City of Prague Philharmonic? They release thru Silva Screen...
  10. There's still a lot of music I think we can coincide on. But he's mentioned his view of today's world has changed since so this might be it, too. Isn't it his girlfriend behind the change?
  11. Ray, aren't we slowly losing another admirer here? Williams or any other composer can surely stumble from time to time, but it seems like you haven't been really impressed with much of Williams' output in recent years, which I think isn't all that just Williams not doing his best anymore. In the run of years since 1997 he has composed some truly great stuff, the best he could do and if you still find yourself somewhat unfulfilled, Williams music might not be awing you any more. What happened to that good Ray of the years gone?
  12. Do I smell a bit of sarcasm behind…? I truly think this year has seen Williams at the best of form and it only confirms that the busier the schedule, the better the scores. How about six per a year..?
  13. It wouldn't be out of place to release long albums as double-disc sets while keeping the price. Composers would't have to worry about the length of the cues to fit on one album but most importantly there would be no reason to call some cues "unreleased" anymore. Plus you get the time for tea break between the two discs. Still I don't see whether Horner re-arranges and re-records the music for score albums or what he pens for the movie is in that form already.
  14. He was sued? Is it due to call in justice when it comes to music? Strange.
  15. Okay, depends off each individual score album. Braveheart – definitely not a symphonic structure, not even close to that. The climax for the main theme comes in the middle of the score, and some ideas hinted at at the early parts never get really developed until very end. Legends of the Fall – perhaps as close as it gets, but again, main idea gets to the heartbreaking rendition quite too early on. Willow – this one would work as a symphonic poem rather than standalone symphony, but again the themes are not well developed to keep the listener in tension. Absolution comes too soon. Titanic – the first half of the album starts promisingly well, delivering proper amount of hints at all the themes, but after it gets past the first half it gets a bit lost and ideas are presented out of order. It wouldn't work. Land Before Time – leave the song in the middle out and I have no complaint here. A perfect presentation of ideas, well structured. Shame this close cousin to Willow never got the attention it would deserve. I haven't heard Glory outside the movie. How does it work on album?
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