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  1. Depending on when I will be there. Can't get off work randomly during the school year
  2. Oooo. Hope to make the next one. Regardless of where it is
  3. Sounds like a good time all around. .Much better than my day at home. Damn ex husbands lol
  4. Yup!!! We should have got pics of our shirt backs today.
  5. That was so much fun'! I was disappointed my thin side didn't come through on some of the pics tho lol I'm truly glad I finally got to meet Stefan in person. It's been a long time coming.
  6. We didn't wait tonight. I think they are waiting tomorrow.
  7. It's not accurate. He's doing things out of order Here's the updated program Hope that's ok to post A little overwhelmed by the amount of film montages. Would rather just listen.
  8. Lmao Well. I'll be meeting Stefan today. I've known him since 2002. Crazy.
  9. That's a thought Dan and I are leaving at 3 PM and I was hoping to valet park my car at the hotel and take a taxi to the restaurant but who knows?
  10. A little. Mostly because I hate rush hour in Boston lol. Jason are we texting or messaging when we get down there tomorrow. I'll be just making it in time for dinner.
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