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  2. I'd have to agree with everything aj_vader said. It was a thrilling performance and exceeded my expectations. It was a surreal moment bumping into Darth Vader on the stairs during the intermission. I was very polite and let him by without a fuss. Due to popular demand there is going to be a repeat performance on the 24th of January 2009. I heartly recommend you go and see it if you can: http://www.thsh.co.uk/view/cbso-john-willi...usters-21-01-08
  3. I'll be there, with the missus. I can't wait. I hope they play the imperial march also.
  4. For thoughs that are interested here is the soundtrack I wrote for a student film called Warriors of Destiny: Link
  5. Excellent composition. You've got some nice harmonies in there, real feeling. May I suggest if you have some software like sound forge applying normalisation to the piece. This should bring out the dynamic ranges in the music and make it more audible .
  6. Thanks for the tip. My french is quite ropey I am afraid. I am using the Brass & Woodwind Pro Edition. All my samples are played through Gigastudio 3 with instances of gigapulse to provide reverb.
  7. Who undoubtly has the ability to save everyone of us!!!
  8. Thanks very much. I am using a combination of Garritan Orchestral strings and Vienna Symphonic library for brass & woodwind.
  9. Very nice, I couldn't hope to bring out that level of expression in my string samples. It goes to show that samples cannot compete with a real live orchestra. I've just been listening to the other pieces on your website and I especially like the theme of Zorro piece. I like the very expressive trumpet. Clearly you are a pro who knows the ropes. Have you got any pointers on solving my Mastering dilemma?
  10. This is where the maximum volume level in the score exceeds 0db (the maximum level you can record your music at), resulting in nasty static noise in the loud parts of your piece. The simple answer should be to just reduce the recording volume. But then this results in the quiet parts becoming too quiet. You then have to boost the levels on these parts to balance the score out (Using compression), but then you loose all the dynamic volume changes in your composition.
  11. I am having a devil of a time figuring out how to master my recorded scores, very often my stuff sounds muddy and distant. Yet some of the music posted here sounds clean and clear. I realised my mistake in the past was that I was using too much reverb to disguise my cr*p sample set . But I think I have rectified this problem by buying some new samples and using GigaPulse for the reverb. I've got two scores that I have done so far to show you guys. The first one I wrote for my brothers student film, recorded with the Bulgarian Philharmonic orchestra and choir: http://www.heskethmediaproducti
  12. Thanks very much. . Thats me in the movie playing the evil wizard who fires the first shot. I felt like a right dumb ass dressed up in a black bed sheet in full view of all the mountain hikers walking past. I wasn't sure how the score was going to turn out, seeing how it was my first live performance of any of my work, but I was pleasantly supprised. Some elements of the score weren't quite right, the wispered chanting by the choir at the start was meant to be much softer and less prenounced. But over all I was very pleased with the results. If anyone else is interested in having a watch of m
  13. Hey I am in, as long as its only $1,000 for 3 minutes. Thats my limit. The only trouble is that one of us should go to the recording. The last piece I had recorded by the Bulgarian Phil, I went over there to make sure everything sounded right. Good job too, I had to change a few things while I was there.
  14. Strange timing this, because I am in the middle of writting a bond theme as a demo for a potential client, who wants some bond like action music for his cartoon. I've already sketched out a bond theme and I am currently writting the action music that will incorporate it. I could send you a copy if you'd like to hear what I have done so far.
  15. I can vouch for this orchestra being very good. I had a score I wrote recorded by the Bulgarian Philharmonic. I even went to Bulgaria to hear them perform it live. It was one of the greatest moments of my life and I'll never forget it. It was the culmination of three years of self study. I can tell you nothing can compare to hearing your piece performed live by a professional orchestra and I'd gladly do it again if I had the money. I guess the bottom line is, if you've got the money they are definitely worth a shot, you won't be disappointed.
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