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  1. I think this batch was intended for Nov or Dec 2019 but probably got delayed. Varese had promised 3 batches last year and managed to deliver only 2.
  2. Nice. I decided not to pursue the Quartet release of GREAT TRAIN because of Intrada's release is quite satisfactory. I'm sure the new release is a marginal improvement but not essential for a 3rd time dip. Interestingly the initial Varese disc is an SACD.
  3. I got my copy a few days ago. but beware my case was all cracked!
  4. I got my Jewelcase set and it was badly cracked in places! But thats Amazon.
  5. Enough of the Box sets! Give me stand alone issues of film score albums (STAR WARS & INDY JONES not withstanding)
  6. I think both JFK and BOTFJ are monumental scores deserving of separate releases rather than the box treatment because of their Oscar worthiness. These are major box office movies with leading stars and if the artwork approval policy falls in their domain as in most Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner cases then dont expect an easy timeline to get them approved.
  7. Anyone noticed that THE RARE BREED is coming out on blu ray in a few months. Here is hoping that this reissue may help change Williams mind. https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Rare-Breed-Blu-ray/257997/#
  8. MV has commented on JFK more than once but I said in a post earlier (somewhere) they have been so preoccupied with other major Williams titles that JFK hasn't been their focus understandably. The last time I checked with Matessino he hadn't even considered the project. And MV (to me) had expressed on the various licences involved in getting this tackled. So here is hoping to see if there is any movement for this year.
  9. Anyone know whats with DARKMAN, it got delayed or something? I suppose we will see it in a few months.
  10. Going to pick the Prequels now because the prices are so reduced and understandably so. The current upgrade with its many demerits may certainly help as a case to Disney to redo these albeit as complete and definitive proper error free editions (under Matessino's guidance) and specially now that the entire saga has wrapped up.
  11. I hope Natascha Atlas's vocals on 'Giza,1928' are mixed better than the previous albums. They were so low and buried in the orchestra specially the old Milan album. I hope they are brought out more in the front. She has such a lovely voice.
  12. Iam so late to this party. Have started ordering now.TROS and REVENGE (Remastered) ready to ship. STARGATE and DISASTER will ship via Intrada when they resume their offices next week.So All this stuff should come to me in a few weeks from now. Jay do share your review of STARGATE on its thread page (if not done already). Ok. Just saw that now. Iam looking so forward to that set.
  13. I missed reading about it. Good to know there was a thread already. Going to order it. Seems pretty decent for an orchestra and conductor Iam unfamilair with.
  14. From the samples the performances seem pretty good. Anyone got this set yet? Its on the Sony label so it does appears to be a good compilation. I'd go for it because of the Han and Leia (Revised) recording.
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