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  1. If they can bring back Palpatine, they can make Mace Windu comeback as well. That would be too cool. 😅
  2. I've never heard EARTHQUAKE or POSEIDON apart from the main themes on compilation cd, so Iam ready for these. Sold my FSM copy of TOWERING INFERNO 10 years ago because some confused guy at SAE told me that a new remastered set was coming. It wasn't. It was the POSEIDON. So anyways glad to nab it this time remastered et all.
  3. I think the album was planned as a 2LP set with almost the entire score or near to it. I think Mattesino's presentation on disc 1 is following that program, but we cant be too sure. I will have to read the booklet again and listen to it again as well.CE3K is in my top 5 Williams list.
  4. I still have the original release on Vinyl. One of my favorite Williams!
  5. Doug Adams just posted this. Spielberg visiting on the last session. https://twitter.com/DougAdamsMusic/status/1197698140989775872
  6. I have the A.I. DVD-Audio set. Its decent for its time. The LLL expansion of course blows it away.I also have the DVD-A formats of Korngold's THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD and LOTR expanded editions.
  7. The La La Land Records expansion was just a warm up. We haven't seen nothing yet !
  8. John Barrys THE DEEP got reissued? I have the Intrada release. This looks like the OST version with a few new tracks. Intradas release is both the OST and the entire Barry score (in mono)
  9. And the new releases are:.. @Holko beat my post by a few seconds...LOL!
  10. Latest update from Doug Fake on his Intrada Blog page: http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/sc.13/category.60330/.f 11/4/2019 As most folks are aware, California has seen the fiery wrath of Mother Nature quite a bit lately. Thing are still ablaze in places but improvements in the weather have mercifully aided firefighting efforts. Activity at our end has been slowed due to power outages but people here are safe and things are getting back on track. I’ve just finished editing and mastering a major Disney title and the resulting 2-CD release will be one of our early release
  11. You have some of the essentials. Now you should try to get the following rerecordings: 1)The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, 2) The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, 3) The Trouble with Harry, 4) The Bride Wore Black, 5) The Kentuckian. Also the following compilation albums are a must have: 1) CITIZEN KANE: Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann (Cond. By Charles Gerhardt) 2) Bernard Herrmann Film Scores: Cond. By Esa Pekka Salonen 3) All the Decca London Phase Four recordings conducted by Herrmann. Get these and your
  12. After Williams Im obsessed about Herrmann. Tell me which scores you already have and I'll recommend you some nice ones to get.
  13. It would be cool if they did a cd release of it as well with the blu ray DVD when it happens. Because of Witches of Eastwick. Let's see.
  14. My copy of MINORITY REPORT also arrived today along with the other Tom Cruise release (Mission Impossible). Super Thanks to MV Gerhard for taking my order on phone and shipping it urgent 3 day shipping to my aunts house in New York. She was to catch a flight to Pakistan in that time span and miraculously the package arrived just in time. Also a bunch of other stuff came as well. So I saved some serious International shipping charges. MV Gerhard is a great guy. Recognized me immediately and even said I was one their favorite customers. Now that's real awesome too.
  15. The remastering process has certainly improved by a significant upgrade in the tools being used now and what was done in the previous decade. If they felt that they need to do a reissue then it must have been for a very good reason such as Better quality tapes or first generation masters. And any unreleased alternates or bonus cues with the OST album paired would make a tantalizing offer to both old and new fans.
  16. To me Stargate is a sort of an Deluxe Encore release. I think it should come in the November batch. But I vaguely remember that MV indicated as a December release. Also Darkman. I guess either one if not both will be in the early November batch.
  17. Over the years, I've noticed that whenever a very high profile composer and an extremely popular title is expected to come out; the labels usually go in a super silence mode even though they are in the habits of giving hints. So this could mean something awesome and unbelievable good is coming for sure!! And once its revealed, its expected that you and I would not be the same.
  18. They opted to use PayPal only for payments on the newly revised website and unfortunately my country is not on PayPal list therefore I can't place orders from their directly. MV told me the IT guy would work on restoring the old method which allows credit card to work independently but still hasn't..... I merely order from other retailers now. But MV will manually process my orders over the phone so that's not bad.
  19. The samples are very good! Obviously with Matessino it's going to sound amazing. I was very, very pleased with A.I. It sounded more fuller with depth and the solo vocals recorded at Royce Hall sounded incredible on that recording. I only got around to listen to A.I. this year even though I had bought it the same month of its release. The new presentation, arrangement has a wonderful narrative flow to it and as listening experience it was quite riveting.The sound quality on that was a massive improvement over the original cd and even the DVD-Audio edition. I'am sure with MR it would
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