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Found 8 results

  1. I was re-watching ‘E.T.’ recently, and this passage in the score really struck me. There’s something overwhelmingly beautiful in Williams’ string writing... It might be my favourite section from the score, and I just felt like sharing it with everyone else on JWFan! If I had to analyse why this music is so effective, I’d point to the loosely scale-based harmonic movement which underpins the melody. Williams does a very similar thing later on in the cue, right when E.T.’s ship is about to take off. It creates a momentous feeling of anticipation and building which adds to the emotional gravity of the scene. The melody has a wonderful longing feeling to it, with it's large intervallic leaps and subtle dissonance alongside the harmonic accompaniment. What makes it most effective is the way it underscores the characters’ emotional states. It perfectly captures the mixture of feelings that the characters and audiene are experiencing: joy, sorrow, relief, heartbreak, anticipation. I don't know if there are any other contemporary composers who can achieve something so powerful in their writing.
  2. Tim Burden, famous radio and film music host has interviewed Mike Matessino in London, England.The first excerpt of this interview laced with John Williams music. Film Music Historian and Soundtrack Producer Mike Matessino speaks with me about the recent La La Land Records 35th Anniversary release of John Williams' E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Discovering an exciting alternate take of a key scene and cue is one item discussed. The full-length interview is coming soon . P.S. A clip about the equally brilliant CE3K will be posted this weekend.-Tim Burden on Facebook.
  3. So today one of my favorite Youtubers releases a video and I heard a disco version of the ET theme, I wasn't aware there was one. I know Close Encounters got one because I have it in my old album from 77.I knew nothing of ET. Anybody got any information on it?
  4. I've been a lurker on this forum for a little while now and I'm amazed at all the wealth of the knowledge here! I'm sure many people here agree that engineer Bruce Botnick is one of the best, if not the best recording engineer for film scores. His work on Jerry Goldsmith's scores, Alan Menken's work, and especially my favorite from the maestro himself E.T., sound so clear and warm even compared to today's modern film recordings. I've always wondered: How does he achieve this? What is his "secret" if there's even one?
  5. http://modern-vinyl.com/2015/01/02/john-williams-scores-being-reissued-onto-wax/
  6. There was an amusing article in the Metro newspaper this week about a man who has collected what he thinks are the worst album covers ever to have seen the light of day. I couldn't disagree with his choice of number one, Aerobic Dancing with Lionel Blair, an album cover so bad that it achieves a kind of greatness. What caught my eye when I forced myself to look at it again was that one of the tracks is the theme from E.T.! And you thought the Michael Jackson E.T. album was bad. So, bearing that in mind, will anyone here admit to owning this album? If not, someone really has to 'take one for the team' and track this thing down. Omen II - off to perform aerobic dancing to the theme from E.T.
  7. Hard to believe its been 30 years, personally. I still watch the ending of the film everytime I flip channels and see its playing. Haven't watched the whole movie from start to finish in a while, though (waiting for the Blu Ray)
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