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Found 9 results

  1. If you've received your copy, you should discuss it in this thread, as the original thread is going to be cluttered for a while with "Mine shipped!", "Mine arrived!", "Still waiting for my copy to arrive", "When do you guys think it will sell out?", "Who has the cheapest international shipping?", "Wow, we gotta wait 2 weeks for more stock? What a gip!" type posts. This thread will be for actual discussion of the release only. I'll start: Banning Back Home film version is sooooooo cool!
  2. Hook A Complete Score Analysis by Jason LeBlanc Chronological Order (Official Sources only) # Title Length Source 1 Prologue 1:30 LLL 1-01 2 We Don’t Wanna Grow Up 1:50 LLL 1-02 3 Banning Back Home 3:14 LLL 2-11 4 Wendy's Entrance 2:11 LLL 1-04 [0:46-end] 5 The Bedroom 1:07 LLL 1-05
  3. Thought I’d ask a question about my favorite score of all time. With the over abundance of thematic material in Hook, which do you consider the “Main Theme” from Hook? I don’t think it’s always determined by how frequently it’s used. Perhaps that’s just me. This might be a tricky question and it may come down to your interpretation. But by “Main Theme” I mean what Luke’s Theme/Main Titles is to Star Wars or “The Raiders March” is to Indiana Jones. There are of course other obvious motifs and set pieces in Hook (the “low below” motif, “Banning Back Home”, “You Are The Pan”, etc)
  4. Two of the most beloved scores by JW for fantasy movies, now pitted against each other. What score do you personally consider is the best? The nautical adventures of Hook? Or the magic in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone? Vote now!
  5. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but I just stumbled upon this revised version of "The Face of Pan" from Hook and I was wondering if anyone had heard of this new version. According to the description, the performance is from 2013 conducted by Williams himself. I'm personally still trying to wrap my brain around the new orchestration, given that I'm so accustomed to the Boston Pops records version, but I'm giving it several more listens to try and better appreciate it. Interested to hear others' opinions.
  6. Hey all! I've recently been put in charge of a film music concert for next season. There are two big showpieces that I'm considering. One is Jerry Goldsmith's Star Trek: Motion Picture score, which I've finally found over at Themes and Variations. The other is Hook. The problem with Hook is: I can only find the wimpy Calvin Custer arrangement or Hal Leonard's Flight to Neverland, which is fantastic but like five minutes long. What I really want to rent is this: If anyone knows how to get me in touch with someone willing to rent this out to us, I would be for
  7. Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150704382223755&set=a.181243738754.155532.56031953754&type=1&theater
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