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A John Williams Piano Concert

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Hi everyone,


So I was just sat watching a YouTuber play a cover of The Family Farm from The Patriot on piano (love that cue) and an idea came to my head. Imagine a concert where John would play a full concert of all of his famous compositions aswell as some lesser known cues for us fanboys on piano alone.


I personally would love to see him just sat on a piano on stage playing cue after cue with the odd story about each cue inbetween.


Who else would love to see something intimate like this and get the chance to see the man himself playing all

his famous scores in there original format?




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And now half of JWFan will click this thread thinking that a previously unknown concert work has been found...


Such concert would be a real treat, to be sure.


Edit: Saint-Saens gave a virtuoso concert at 86. Williams can still play his piano and has just proved capable of the significant effort that is conducting of a concert. He definitely could play his own themes and tell stories.

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