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Collapsed View Not Working - FIXED


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32 minutes ago, Richard Penna said:

It's broken for me too in desktop (Chrome and Firefox). Oddly it seems like something's happened as we went into the new year because I first noticed it about 2am UK time.

Yeah it just broke randomly sometime in the night.

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Yup same here. What a weird and annoying thing to happen overnight. I'll check Invision's boards to see if there's a fix

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Invision's official response


11 hours ago, Daniel F said:

It's indeed a bug and we have a fix for this, but unfortunately due to holidays and our closure today I do not have an ETA for that at present and apologise for any inconvenience this issue has caused. 



There's actually a hack fix if @Andreas wants to do it instead of waiting for the official fix


9 hours ago, newbie LAC said:

There is no easy way

1. Go to PMA

2. Run sql-query 

SELECT * FROM core_javascript WHERE javascript_name='ips.utils.cookie.js';

If the tables have a prefix add it

3. Click on javascript_content field

4. Find 

1 Jan 2020

change 2020 to 2021

5. Save changes

You can skip steps 2-5 and run sql-query 

UPDATE core_javascript SET javascript_content=REPLACE(javascript_content,'2020','2021') WHERE javascript_name='ips.utils.cookie.js';

6. Clear the cache. ACP - System - Support - Something isn't working correctly

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Update from Invision


On 1/2/2020 at 12:49 AM, Lindy said:

I'm sorry this has occurred. As cookies require expiration dates, a developer seemingly just picked 2020 as an arbitrary date as that javascript code was written several years ago and at that point, it seemed far enough in the future; unfortunately, it was just overlooked. Unfortunately, it happens; even the giants like Apple have had to push updates to fix date issues. The issue has of course been fixed and that expiration date is now generated and inserted based on current date + 1 year, which is standard practice now. We have also ensured there were no other "hardcoded" dates (there weren't.) 


The issue cannot be simply patched, unfortunately, as it requires an actual upgrade process to rebuild the javascript (v4.5 should allow us to correct JS issues without a full release.) We will, however, be releasing to specifically address this first thing tomorrow (Thursday) morning. 


An unfortunate way to ring in the New Year, but we appreciate your understanding. 



@Andreas, this Version is now available, can you install it?

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