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  1. Inspired by a post in the Jaws 2 vs. Lost World thread, state which film you've seen more times than any other, approximately how many times, and why. Listing of runners up also welcome!
  2. Well so much for my selling the film rights to my autobiography!
  3. Well this goes without saying!
  4. Nick1066

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    Is 90's nostalgia a thing now? Who could be nostalgic about the 90's?
  5. Outlaw King (2018) Well this was better than I'd read, but not as good as it could have been. For an "epic" it felt a little small scale, which is surprising b/c the film takes you across the whole of Scotland and covers some pretty pivotal moments in Scottish history. The locales of course are spectacular, but Pine is a little underwhelming as Robert the Bruce. He's not bad by any means, but you don't get the sense that this person is a leader of rebellion. The romance gets in the way of the main story and while the woman playing Bruce's wife is fine, the relationship feel superfluous. That said, the battle sequences are quite well done (it's plenty violent) and its attractively shot. Netflix seemed to aim for an old style historical epic here, but I have to say missed the mark. At two hours the film doesn't feel epic, and I'd have liked to see a longer cut...the whole thing is over just as you're getting into it. Mainly, what Outlaw King does is remind you what an incredible feat Mel Gibson pulled off with Braveheart. Pine's Robert the Bruce just can't hold a candle to Mel's Wallace, and in fact isn't even as memorable as the performance by the guy who played Wallace in Gibson's superior film. 2.5/5. Worth watching for Braveheart fans, Scottish history fans & @Chen G., but others may find it boring. Tempted to take half a star off for no kilts or bagpipes, history be damned!
  6. Nick1066

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Once Upon a Time in America (1984) Miller's Crossing (1990) Miller's Crossing is better.
  7. Nick1066

    the mstrox thread

    F*ck, so over the foul, foul weather in these British isles. 3c, grey skies, freezing rain and slush. And it will be that way for the foreseeable future. As if Brexit isn't bad enough! Dark have been these days of late.
  8. Nick1066

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Of course Disney makes money off that stuff. Who else? The problem is, book, comic and soundtrack sales are peanuts (comparative speaking) for Disney. Toy sales on the other hand are a crucial source of revenue (sometimes 2-3x the movie's gross), and those sales were down for TLJ. Adult collectors still may have some interest, but the appeal for kids has faded. Which is, er, bad. If the Star Wars movies, TV series and other entertainment products don't make the kind of significant cultural impact Disney expects, then merchandise sales will suffer. Which is what's been happening and a big part of the problem. It also undermines the "TLJ was still financially successful" argument. People bought tickets, but after that interest either weined turned into hostility. Box office receipts are only one piece of the picture. Hopefully they can turn the ship around with Episode IX.
  9. Nick1066

    The Bespin Thread

    I guess it depends on what you did to deserve the suspension. If you're a pilot and worked for the same airline for 20 years, then flew your plane into a building just the once, that would be a pretty big screw up.
  10. Nick1066

    Explain Your Avatar

    You're helping burn it to the ground with your forum cannibalising Discord! Who will think of the children! Future JWFan's want this forum. They'll need this forum in the dark days to come when tracked and electronic soundtracks dominate all.
  11. Anyone who says they haven't met a gay person is delusional. Or in denial.
  12. Nick1066

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    Wrong forum @Bespin 😏
  13. Nick1066

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    Oh the uniform!
  14. You lot are film music fans and many of you don’t have girlfriends or wives. You hang out at a forum that’s composed at the moment of 100% guys. You cry at movies, you’re more jealous of Daisy Ridley than John Williams and you have a six page Royal Wedding thread. I more or less assumed that at least half of you were gay. And those who think they aren’t might want to do some self reflection!
  15. Nick1066

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Wow. Do you really think this? Interesting take. Care to expound?
  16. I got a lump in my throat, but not because the scene was particularly well done or especially effective. It was more about my childhood love the character and history with Star Wars. I was reacting more to memories of the character than that moment in the film. I didn't tear up, but I must have had some kind of visible reaction during the film b/c my partner squeezed my arm during that scene. Unlike say, certain scenes in ROTK, the Solo moment didn't have the same impact on repeat viewings.
  17. Just curious...did anyone tear up when Han Solo bought it?
  18. I always get emotional at the end of ROTK, no matter how many times I've seen it.
  19. Sorry to hear about your grandfather Quintus. Hope JW's music offered some quantum of solace.
  20. Who's the most effeminate poster on here? Disco Stu?
  21. Nick1066

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Well I know, but that's not my point. My point is that, as Steef said, and contrary to what you suggested, you've read many positive things about Solo (e.g. my stellar review), including from many on this board. You keep knocking it, and its very existence, simply because you think its extraneous. But to me that's a pretty cumbersome and dispiriting way to look at cinema. It's a fun film that can be appreciated on its own merits. You're being a stick in the mud by being so down a movie you've never seen, Mr. Chen G!
  22. Nick1066

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    I wrote a very positive review of Solo that you liked!
  23. Nick1066


    Of course he can't do it. He knows he can't do it. It's just a distraction.
  24. Eastwood. No then he would call you Hoagie.