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  1. A good friend of mine is in the orchestra, and was really kind in letting me come back stage. An amazing concert!
  2. Oh! Nothing wrong with them. Really they're quite fun. I just usually prefer to sit in the tiers. I made the same choice as you here though, these will be great seats for really getting to see him in action.
  3. So who else is going? I've got a conductor's circle ticket. Normally I don't like sitting there, but I don't think I'll ever have another opportunity to see Williams do what he does face to face.
  4. Wait...so is this supposed to happen or not? Every time I read this thread it seems like the consensus is different..
  5. I won't be going to film night this year either, my graduation ceremony for my master's is that Saturday morning in Pennsylvania, so I won't be able to travel around much.
  6. Seems to be back now. I got the takedown notice and everything from them. Weird. Thanks for the info on it all Adrian, it was awesome!
  7. More so - even though a published version may be scored for 4 horns, anything that would have been doubled in a 6 horn version would likely be doubled anyway. It's rare for you go to a major or even second tier orchestra concert and not see 6 horns sitting in the section, between having the assistant principal and one other.
  8. Andrew Bain, principal horn for the LA Philharmonic and on this score, discusses playing for The Force Awakens with the International Horn Society. http://www.hornsociety.org/295-newsletter/990-andrew-bain-interview
  9. Honestly I think it is just Rey's Theme, Scherzo, March of the Resistance, and possibly "Kylo Ren's Theme" - at least they were advertising his theme in relation to one of their publications.
  10. Hey - the Force Awakens suite does exist. I saw it in person in Chicago last week. I spoke to one of the Hal Leonard reps by their Star Wars display about it and was told that it is still in editorial, but it is on the fast track to be released. They are aiming for March 2016.
  11. That's great! YouTube took down my video that we initially had, but this one is a bit better.
  12. There were a lot of us that popped up around Revenge of the Sith, including lurkers who finally registered to post. That's how I got here!
  13. Actually, for the first time, I'm really feeling this as Williams. To me it sounds like it could be tracked music from a concert arrangement. The contour of the melody and harmony is more Williams-y to my ears than generic trailer music.
  14. So this went completely under the radar, but the New Jersey Symphony is doing this at Radio City with David Newman this October...like 3 weeks from now!
  15. Even nearly 3 months later I'm listening to Horner more than any other composer right now. That was even the case in the month or two before his death, which freaked me out a bit. Thinking about this now, it's still hard to believe. My mind doesn't really want to comprehend that he's passed, you hear his music and its so alive and so human that he must still be alive too.
  16. So....I suppose this is the end of the Legacy Collection now? There are no more announced titles on the horizon, and it was only announced to last through 2015. I wonder if something will take its place, if they'll continue it, or just let it rest from here out?
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