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  1. So, is anyone interested in this desert chase edit that i made (and posted about a couple days ago). If anyone wants to hear it, just PM me. I would like to know what you guys think of it.
  2. I have just finished editing a Concord/DCC Desert Chase combo. I wanted the improved sound of the Concord version but I can't stand the edits so I added the missing sections from the DCC version. I was surprised by how many annoying little edits there were, but I managed to fix all of them and I have to say it doesn't sound bad. Considering Desert Chase is one of my favorite cues off all time, I didn't mind spending so much time on it getting it to sound right. Anyways, I'm content with this combo edit and it will be my preferred version of Desert Chase. If anyone is interested in a listen, PM me. Just a couple of notes: - Concord version is much more dynamically compressed, and so I also compressed the DCC fragments to match that level and make the transitions smoother - Time is mostly consistent except towards the end it appears that the Concord version speeds up slightly. I did what I could, but I refused to use any tempo, pitch, or speed effects because they did cause artifacts. - Difference in mastering of the two versions is noticeable in most transitions - Edited with Sound Studio Let me know what you think. Also, has anyone else tried this?
  3. Boy I'm glad I have the DCC version of Raiders on CD; it holds a special place in my collection. I was barely 12 years old in the year 2000 and I happened to come across it at Best Buy (apparently much better selection back then). This was right at the time that I was first discovering Williams (and Spielberg as well). I'm just so thankful that I was into JW enough at that age to get a hold of this CD...not to mention that I almost opted to go with a much inferior compilation album instead (Whew!) As for TOD and LC, I am very excited to finally have so many new cues. I have spent years customizing theses scores utilizing crappy bootlegs and dvd rips and now finally we have good material to work with. (Some of those early editing jobs were horrendous on my part, but it keeps improving, especially since I'm majoring in sound engineering). Anyways, even though there are some flaws, I eagerly look forward to listening to and customizing the new music in this box set.
  4. For those that might be interested in a sort of integration of jazz and classical music, definitely check out stan getz's album Focus. It features a string section and some really great string arrangements. Another one to check out is Bill Evans Trio with Symphony Orchestra. Some Other Albums to consider (Mostly Classics): Kind of Blue, Sketches of Spain, Round About Midnight, In A Silent Way, Bitches Brew - Miles Davis (Of Course) Quintessence - Quincy Jones Consummation - Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Love Supreme, Blue Train - John Coltrane Koln Concert - Keith Jarrett Three Suites (Nutcracker, Peer Gynt, Suite Thursday) - Duke Ellington Jazz In Film - Terence Blanchard Moanin' - Art Blakey Somethin' Else - Cannonball Adderley (w/ Miles Davis) Time Out - Dave Brubeck ...and there are many more. I'm a jazz major btw so I know quite a bit about this stuff.
  5. Howdy Doody was also playing on the TV at the beginning of BTTF III. When I saw the doomtown scene I just remembered Howdy Doody also being used in BTTF, that's all I was pointing out.
  6. Did anyone else notice the reference to Back to the Future pt III in the Doom Town sequence when Howdy Doody was playing on the TV?
  7. I listen to the Home Alone scores, the complete Nutcracker, as well as a lot of jazz Christmas stuff (Harry Connick Jr., Charlie Brown, Ellington Nutcracker).
  8. Poltergeist - Special Edition from Academy Records for $10 I also saw Blade Runner: The Final Cut at the AMC Theater on 42nd street. Amazing experience to see a movie like that on the big screen compared to the crap that comes out these days.
  9. I just bought a few soundtracks from Academy Records (such great prices!) Ratatouille ($8) Schindler's List ($4) Empire Strikes Back (1997 Release - $8) Besides the packaging, are there any differences between the ESB 1997 soundtrack release and the most recent release. I have the newest trilogy release already but I just bought this 1997 version because of the superior packaging. Are there any differences in sound quality?
  10. I bought this CD at Virgin Records a month ago and I must say that at first I didn't get into it much, but after repeated listenings I soon came to love it. I'm glad I bought the CD. The only tracks I don't like are the Three Pieces for Cello (I prefer it when the Cello is featured with the orchestra). My favorite would have to be Heartwood; there is so much depth to that composition.
  11. Has anyone watched the new show, Pushing Daisies, on ABC? There have been just 2 episodes so far and it is amazing. The characters, the plot, and the dialogue are all top notch. Not to mention that the visual style is just incredible. It has a bit of a Tim Burton feel to it, and it appears to also be influenced by the film, Amelie. In my opinion, it is the best new show this season. BTW, I also watch Lost, Heroes, Conan O'Brien, and Scrubs (occaisionally).
  12. I went into NYC the other day and checked out the Academy Records store. They have a huge selection of classical music, but they also have some soundtracks. As far as Williams goes, they had Angela's Ashes, Hook, and Born on the Fourth of July for $4 (used), but they also had the Close Encounters Sp. Ed. (new) for $9, which I thought was a good price. I do wish they would have had a better selection of soundtracks, considering that they had shelves full of classical music.
  13. Does anyone know of good places to buy soundtracks in NYC? I have been to J&R Music and Virgin Records and they have tons of CDs, but I am still disappointed in their soundtrack selections. Any ideas on other worthwhile places to look?
  14. I always hate it when people randomly grab my iPod and scroll through all the music without my permission or when they try to peek at the screen while I'm listening to it. I also try to use headphones that don't leak as much sound so I can listen to my music without worrying about others hearing it. I suppose I shouldn't really care about what others think about my music, but these are just habits I have developed over time. On the subject of women and film music, I have a interesting story. I actually had a girl deceive me into thinking that she was familiar with and appreciative of Williams' film music, when it turns out that she liked only one theme ("Across the Stars"). Of course I immediately gained interest in her only to find out later that all she really listened to was alternative. I guess she was just really attracted to me. Oh well, maybe next time...
  15. Speaking of La Sacre, does anyone know where to get the 1958 Bernstein recording of it. I have a few others, including the 1973 Bernstein, but I heard that the 1958 recording is the best there is. La Sacre is one of my favorite classical pieces, and one in which I fully appreciate its impact on modern film music.
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