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  1. Spider-Man could appear in the TV show because Marvel has the TV rights.
  2. Looks like all that's in the trailer is what they shot in Spain.
  3. I really liked Leela as a companion. I think she and The Doctor really played off of each other well with Leela's pure instinct and The Doctor's intellectual mind. I think she has had the best character arc of any companion.
  4. If there is a Series 3, it's going to be a while until it happens. That sucks.
  5. *SPOILERS* 1) Maybe the 200 years happens while on his "Farewell Tour". The Jim the Fish story and etc. must have happened during that. 2) I think he married her because he knows that he will eventually tell her his name. In Forest of the Dead, The Doctor says that there's only one reason he would tell someone his name. 3) Maybe Moffat is saving that for the next series, along with the new prophecies, or for the 50th anniversary.
  6. I really hope the Stetson and jacket stay next year. I think it's really iconic.
  7. Great score! I wish there was more brass to give it more depth.
  8. I started watching Series 1 a month ago today. I'm already caught up and waiting for the next episode. Matt Smith > David Tennant
  9. A nerd's G-Spot. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce...the razor.
  10. I'm hoping that this Godzilla treats Gorjia like Star Trek treated TOS. A reboot that's not a reboot.
  11. I buy most of my Criterions at the Barnes & Noble 50% off sale. I just bought The Red Shoes, Army of Darkness, and Modern Times during Criterion's 13 hour 50% off sale on their website. Supposedly, Life Aquatic is the next Anderson Criterion. And I heard they bought the rights to Chris Nolan's Following. Also, I Netflixed Monsters on Thursday. I bought it on amazon.com immediately after.
  12. At last count, I have 139 Blu-rays. 39 of them are Criterion.
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