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  1. This part of Barnstorming from Close Encounters is absolutely glorious (around 2 minutes 32 seconds).
  2. Short woodwinds/french horns piece I wrote. https://soundcloud.com/regis-anthony-amos/sweetener A motif I've been playing around with, this one isn't really finished. https://soundcloud.com/regis-anthony-amos/harmonica-incomplete Variation on the motif. https://soundcloud.com/regis-anthony-amos/glissando
  3. I like the score quite a bit actually. And I'm not the only who thinks that David Arnold took the opening of the theme as one of his major themes in Independence Day right? Cause I never see that mentioned anywhere... I can hear a resemblance between those two. Also, does anyone else hear a slight resemblance to the droid motif within the first minute of The Poseidon Adventure End Titles?
  4. harry potter home alone the visitors/bye/end titles (close encounters) dune sea of tatooine (star wars) the flying sequence (superman) E.T. A.I. catch me if you can 1941 Indiana Jones Jaws ??? Jurassic Park Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Empire of the Sun(?) Hook ???
  5. The first half of "The Mothership" from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  6. Pan's Labyrinth Did not disappoint. 9/10
  7. Okay Judd, I bet you five dollars that my Saturday Night Live career will last longer than your entire movie career. Racial tension afoot in 1955 Hill Valley.
  8. Suspiria (1977) Now I remember why I fell in love with Jessica Harper.
  9. In "The Magic of Halloween" from E.T. with pretty much every second of music after Yoda's Theme. "The Battle of Hoth" when Luke and Dack are in their Snowspeeder talking about taking on the empire and the point of the cue when things start to get totally out of control. "Carbon Freeze" when Han is put into the carbonite chamber. Luke's Death Star run and Biggs's death in "The Battle of Yavin". "The Dark Side Beckons" during Luke and Vader's duel. From Close Encounters of the Third Kind, "The Mountain" at the point where Roy and Gillian find Devil's Tower, "The Mothership" during the mothership's arrival, and "The Visitors/Bye/End Titles" when the mothership takes off. "In the Idol's Temple" from Raiders during the rolling ball sequence. "Finale" from Citizen Kane when Rosebud is revealed. The aftermath of the murder scene in Taxi Driver. "The Razor" from First Blood when Rambo starts kicking everyone's ass after his 'Nam flashback. And many more that I don't feel like listing.
  10. "Sidney Lumet, a director who preferred the streets of New York to the back lots of Hollywood and whose stories of conscience — “12 Angry Men,” “Serpico,” “Dog Day Afternoon,” “The Verdict,” “Network” — became modern American film classics, died Saturday morning at his home in Manhattan. He was 86. His stepdaughter, Leslie Gimbel, said the cause was lymphoma." http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/10/movies/sidney-lumet-director-of-american-classics-dies-at-86.html
  11. Yeah but a lot of them are actually somewhat enjoyable. This one was just a real stinker.
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