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  1. Is it just me or is Blume proper ranty in this thread? Is coronovirus making him have a bit of a meltdown?
  2. My kids loved his Jumanji and I wish I'd watched it with them. The Rock sort of scratches the Arnie itch a little, minus the ultra violence. Star quality wise, I don't think he's anywhere near as bizarrely charismatic as Schwarzenegger, though. The Rock is Arnie-lite. Like everything these days I guess.
  3. YouTube just put this in front of me, so it must know I'm looking for antidotes to "edgy" modern cinema. This looks cheesy as hell, and it'll hopefully do the trick. I think I must be ready to go full old fogie or something, because this movie looks right up my street. It can't be any worse than whatever they're cooking up for Indiana Jones.
  4. Who needs data when you've got reports like these lol https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/07/flabbergasted-melbourne-doctor-with-coronavirus-symptoms-continued-seeing-patients https://www.tokyoreporter.com/japan/aichi-man-infected-with-coronavirus-goes-to-bars-to-spread-it/ https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/australasia/coronavirus-self-isolation-outbreak-australia-tasmania-hotel-hobart-mark-veitch-a9385196.html https://www.y-oman.com/2020/03/coronavirus-patient-in-oman-skips-quarantine-attends-prayers-in-mosque/ In that last one I think the idiot must have misread quarantine as Qur'an Time.
  5. E3 cancelled: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-03-11-it-looks-like-e3-is-cancelled Fuckin hell this corono thing serious!!
  6. I see Apple's marketing budget for this was zero.
  7. Goldy's score is really that good is it? Hmm, I wonder if it's on Spotify.
  8. It is as simple as that or rather it would be if the more idiotically inclined fit and healthy in society could just refrain from turning up at their local GPs and hospitals over a snivel. So basically, it comes back to millions of people being selfish panicky fools, overly worried they might die when they won't.
  9. I thought it was pretty amusing. Compositionally, I think it's superior to Williams' Rise of Skywalker score.
  10. Typical Brit response:
  11. Just like what you said about S8 of Game of Thrones. Everyone was wrong and you were right about that too. Actually no, you just have terrible taste and untrustworthy judgement. "The masses" do actually get it right more often than not.
  12. Hey mate, you gotta stop making everything about you all the time.
  13. Has anyone else noticed how these "extreme" end of the scale crises in this age of global communications seems to starkly divide the flappers and the pragmatists? What I mean is these scenarios really seem to reveal the more prone to hysterics individuals in the community - apparently oblivious to just how disproportionately panicky they come across. I saw it with BREXIT and now with this.
  14. I know less than half about myself half as well as I deserve.
  15. It's true I'm a bit more intrigued than I was, but I bet the script just isn't up to scratch regardless of Marigold's best intentions. Plus I just think Harrison Ford is too old now to make the kind of Indiana Jones movie I wanted to see.
  16. Christ, I made this thread just a year into my tenure here. And somehow reading it back now didn't make me cringe as much as my other ancient threads do.
  17. Plus few care anymore whether it happens or not. That ship has sailed, and sunk. Unlike the Titanic though, it'll never be raised.
  18. Not to make light of Italy's or Maurizio's predictment, but does anyone else love staying in with their home comforts? I literally never become bored, in fact I'm in my element when I'm home.
  19. Only the bottom shot stands out to me. That is a genuinely attention grabbing photograph. The rest are decidedly generic.
  20. I dunno, I sometimes feel like I'm the only one who thinks Prometheus didn't even get its visuals down. Everyone critical of the film always says, "but it's visuals are strong", yet I think they're quite unremarkable tbh. It's a very clean looking visual ID, but it's also extremely sterile and flat - like Steve Soderbergh made an Aliens flick. It's a very drab slice of science fiction composition, lacking in depth and "textural resonance" and frankly I consider it boring to look at. Purely from a visual perspective, Prometheus is an overly produced approximation of that franchise's universe, overshooting its intended landing spot. It is a myth that the original film has a bad script. The dialogue is pitch perfect and beautifully economical, all things considered.
  21. We can do this guys, we just need to work together.
  22. Interesting, I wonder which branch of Delhaize supermarket Alex works in then.
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