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  1. Maybe this has been seen already, but here's a review of the concert which premiered the Cello Concerto. It's not much, just a little description. http://themillbrookindependent.com/arts/concert-concertos I've also found a site indicating the orchestral lineup, which calls for double woodwinds, three horns, a harp, and strings. Actually, this site seems to be a pretty good compendium of his work, with at least the instrumental details/movement titles for each piece. http://www.schott-music.com/shop/persons/az/howard-shore/works/
  2. It's not all new music. Some is on the CR's, PJ just removed it from certain scenes. I saw the first and second films done at Radio City over the past 4 years. Stunning. Return of the King has been conspicuously absent since.
  3. Yeah, and in all seriousness, no one should be the new anyone. That would be boring as hell, don't you think? Abrams Star Wars will be what Abrams Star Wars will be.
  4. That's just a concert suite from the Eastern Promises score, essentially. But I will second that jaw drop in regards to Nicola. I wish there were a "works list" or something on his website so we could at least know what concert music exists from him. There's the Cello Concerto, the Piano Concerto, the Seven Pieces, the Fanfare that he wrote for the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Wanamaker organist Peter Richard Conte, and that's all I know. The only recordings I have are of a brief solo piano piece called Piano Four, and a little chamber piece called Hughie, that were released on an album with concert music of Kamen, Portman, Broughton, etc. Also does anyone know anything about his upcoming second opera that his site mentions?
  5. It'll be out on the 29th. They did one of those BS "teaser for the trailer" things today with like 6 seconds of footage.
  6. Starting my Halloween viewing tonight with the horrific Event Horizon.
  7. This is confusing. Some places are saying that it's just JJ and Kasdan taking their turn at Arndt's screenplay now, while others are making it seem like Arndt is totally scrubbed along with all his work, throwing what little we know (casting calls and the like) into doubt.
  8. Nice performances, though when it comes to the chorale preludes I am usually partial to the original organ versions.
  9. Anyone else heard the BBC radio dramatization of the books? Haunting, deeply English score by the late Stephen Oliver. I have fond memories of listening to these tapes during long family car rides when I was younger.
  10. I know exactly what you mean. I wouldn't hesitate much to say that's my favorite musical moment of any I've ever experienced.
  11. All of it is intriguing, but I think I'm most excited/hopeful about hearing Giacchino's piece. Would love to know what he does in a concert setting.
  12. Just avoid that song. Right... avoid... certainly not gleefully enjoying whilst singing along, no, definitely not....
  13. Well I'm glad to be a small part of it.
  14. Another subject that makes me long for the day when there will be widespread scholarly activity focusing on film music and its makers.
  15. Yes, let's all relax about designs, production woes, Popes, and look forward to a rollicking good time!
  16. Wow, a Metropolis rescore... I've been thinking about trying to do that myself. Definitely need to listen to that.
  17. It's not about quality so much. Vinyl sounds much more visceral and raw.
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