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  1. How is Jerry's Timeline? I'm thinking of getting it.
  2. Esa-Pekka Salonen's breathtaking concerto for violin, with the equally breathtaking Leila as soloist.
  3. Sphere - Elliot Goldenthal Finally got my hands on the whole album. What a superbly atmospheric score. Great dense and sometimes barely audible harmonies in the electronics underpinning the orchestra, and some truly eerie writing with the avant-garde flair you'd expect from this man. I'm putting the movie on right now. Also Silvestri's Contact. Listen to those string ostinati at 1:32, two years before Don Davis! And a few years after John Adams.... Ugh and that wash of electronics in Small Moves. Wonderful. And finally in keeping with my 90s scifi selections.
  4. For example: Peeps Folks Homies Humanoids Carbon based units
  5. The Prime Minister's Questions I absolutely love watching this every Sunday. It's so much more enjoyable than anything to do with American government and politics. Mrs. Pilgrim usually has to explain most of the issues to me, but I just love how it's all conducted.
  6. Agreed. In the context of that Herbie piece, I hear it as a suspension.
  7. That's wonderful Jason, congratulations!
  8. That's why I prefer set theory when talking vertically.
  9. I've proudly never seen any of the B-movie adaptations.
  10. I'm glad Zimmer appears more than Williams.
  11. The passacaglia from Penderecki's 3rd symphony strikes me as suited to some of the more extrovert Lovecraft moments, evoking some plodding, nameless, supernal horror. Actually much from that period of music likely fits well. And there are even a few musical descriptions in his work, usually revolving around the thin whining of monotonous flutes and dancing formless cyclopean monstrosities. There's also a vivid reference to entrancing choral singing in one of the stories... I can't remember the name right now. It involves an opium overdose and subsequent vision.
  12. Sometimes I enjoy thinking about Lovecraft and music. It would be a very difficult job, I think, to score a faithfully well made Lovecraft film adaptation. It's tough to pin down, relative to any music I know (film or otherwise), what exactly the sonic nature of such an adaptation would be.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_ez0KA2aA8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwgpSBsQYCU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rqahi8PGeZE
  14. Not really anymore. It's easy to avoid driving if you live in the right place. I absolutely loathe it. Too much chance for the inherent stupidity of people to kill you.
  15. I don't care too much for Mexican food. Except fish tacos.
  16. Jeez the collective board testosterone is reaching critical levels again.
  17. Any man with a ponytail is either an excellent lover or completely incompetent.
  18. Seriously sexy score.
  19. Alien is better for that.
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