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  1. I didn't wait fifteen years in Azkaban to finally see and hear these scores officially released for some hipster twits to beg for vinyl. - Sirius Black
  2. Looked like Power Rangers with their coloured bikes. I don't know what it is, but there's some seriously weird cinematography, framing, cuts, dialogue and plots in this show that feel like I'm watching Shark Boy and Lava Girl...
  3. I absolutely love the red box with the Hogwarts illustration, so much more lively and Pottery than the final design!
  4. This gossip should be beneath the likes of this forum. Very unhealthy way of thinking of these people.
  5. I've ignored Mattris's posts, and seeing that insightful tidbit you've quoted reconfirmed my decision.
  6. Some of the action in the Mos Espa streets - particularly the parkour stuff was so bad. I liked the flashbacks to Boba's past, I hope we can explore some of those moments more, maybe some more kamino?
  7. @Jay Looks like the cd is slated to be released on the 14th of January here in the downunderverse.
  8. That's by no means a fair or accurate comparison, it's a theme for an idealistic place that has meaning within the film and the wider context of the franchise.
  9. I thought Jackman's scores were decent with a few highlights, but definitely has the overall RCP sound of processed brass, string ostinati and drum loops.
  10. Where's Henry Jackman? He scored A Thief's End and Lost Legacy...
  11. ** one last thing to add: Spotify, iTunes etc. don't have nearly a comprehensive digital archive as one would hope in the all-digital future, many scores and albums of other genres are not present. I own many CDs that contain such music and that's pretty much the only way to hear it.
  12. Vinyl is more inefficient - more upkeep and is essentially damaged with every play. I understand the convenience which comes with a digital release, but I'm very much of the mind that you don't have the same sense of ownership as you would a physical album (CD, Cassette, Vinyl etc.). For many people that's important. I think services like Spotify have seriously damaged the experience of listening to albums, and listening to score albums where the music represents a narrative.
  13. It's possible it was theatre to theatre mixing, but this issue has occurred across multiple films and theatres...
  14. For this score, or scores in general - because this has happened to our dear JW too in recent years...
  15. I enjoyed this movie, but here are some things I thought about during or after the film: Where did Doc Ock go after the scene where May dies? He kind of goes missing until he shows up at the end to stop Electro. Why does Doc Ock wear a turtleneck beneath his jacket, when in Spider-Man 2, the last we saw of him, he was wearing the overcoat without a shirt underneath? Is this a different Ock from a different multiverse? Why doesn't Ock get electrocuted when fighting Electro, when in the original film, he was electrocuted by Peter causing the inhibitor chip to fry? Why were the other Peters older, when their villain counterparts were the same age as they were in their respective films? My guess is that Ned summoned them from their current times i.e. 2025 or whatever the time is after the Blip? Aunt May would've had spinal damage from her injuries when hit by the Glider, so how was she able to walk after such a serious injury? These were minor issues, but the film was certainly fun, and it was great to see Molina back as Doc Ock!
  16. Just saw the film, and bad news for me - the score was nigh on inaudible for most of the action, and even the quieter segments were dialed down, making this score another in the ongoing trend of relegating the score to far background support. I could just about pick out the older themes Gia references, but that was a challenge too when it was buried so far down in the mix. This is such a saddening choice these filmmakers choose to the point that it's like they don't even need a score to convey any meaning or emotion - or action for that matter.
  17. This is the most unlikely event in existence. I think Garfield has moved on and so has everyone else.
  18. No sign of a cd release - the film is out in cinemas now...
  19. I would think Eternals flopped because it was asking audiences to invest in a relatively new lineup of characters in an already crowded MCU. It didn't have the same brand identity as Spider-Man or any of the other established characters.
  20. Pretty much. As much as I love the Dumbledore/Grindelwald story, it hijacked what could've been an opportunity to do something completely different from the Potter films. What could've been bright, wholesome adventuring, is instead a murky, dark, dismal series, with the Beasts serving as little more than spectacle, or worse, magical macguffins.
  21. Will this herald a CD release? Fucken vinyl supremacists...
  22. Balfe's orchestration, even when recording with a live orchestra, still ends up sounding like it was run through software.
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