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  1. 😂 Now I feel stupid. I was expecting it to be it’s own track, which now Iv thought about it, i was being very dumb as it’s such a short cue of course they stuck it on the end of another cue.


    Thanks a lot guys I’m glad I can actually listen to it now, much appreciated 

  2. Hi guys,


    i rewatched Schindlers List yesterday and realised that the music in the scene where Schindler finds out Itzhak has been telling Jews that his factory is a haven and does this grand speech about Amon Goeth only doing it because war changes men, before finishing telling him to allow that girls parents to come work at the factory is missing from the soundtrack release.


    the cue is essentially the main theme played slowly by guitar and it’s beautiful. Does anyone know where I might find this cue online?



  3. Hi everyone,


    So I was just sat watching a YouTuber play a cover of The Family Farm from The Patriot on piano (love that cue) and an idea came to my head. Imagine a concert where John would play a full concert of all of his famous compositions aswell as some lesser known cues for us fanboys on piano alone.


    I personally would love to see him just sat on a piano on stage playing cue after cue with the odd story about each cue inbetween.


    Who else would love to see something intimate like this and get the chance to see the man himself playing all

    his famous scores in there original format?




  4. On 26 February 2018 at 6:26 AM, publicist said:

    1) Approximately which days will you be in London for?  (IE, "I'll be there from Tuesday the 23rd through Sunday the 28th")


    Wednesday - Saturday


    2) Are you also going to see Harry Potter 3 live at Royal Albert Hall on  Wednesday the 24th?




    3) Would you be interested in a group tour of Leavesden Studios on Thursday the 25th or Saurday the 27th?  Which day would work better for you?


    Sure, Thursday.


    4) Would you be interested in a group tour of Abbey Road Studios on Thursday the 25th or Saurday the 27th?  Which day would work better for you?


    Sure, Thursday or Friday.


    5) Would you be interested in a group screening of a JW-scored film at the BFI IMAX some day that week?


    Same days, yes.

    I am Definitly interested in a tour of Abbey Road, is this something that could actually be organised as I didn't think they offered tours?

  5. 1 minute ago, Thor said:


    There will no doubt be lots of black market tickets for this; or available tickets when people cancel. No way the 5000 people who have tickets now, will also be there on the day. All hope is not lost!

    True but the prices are crazy. already looking at over £250 per ticket on viagogo because of extra charges etc

  6. 14 minutes ago, CipZip said:

    Hi Guys, I have managed to buy 6 tix. I will kepp 2 of them for my wife, but I will be happy to sell you those rest 4. (I have Stalls M Row 11 Seats 130, 131  and Grand Tier 11 Seats 9, 10, 11, 12 ) I still do not know wich one I will keep and which one I will sell.


    Anyway, is there anybody who has tickets to arena in some very front rows? I would like to be the - maybe change for some of mine :)?

    Very interstates mate if you still have one spare? I dropped you a message also




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