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  1. Yes, I got that much (as it was on the page I linked to). "The Force Suite" has bits of McNeely's Shadows of the Empire, and "A Star Wars Experience" has MECO and other recordings mixed in--all very amateur. But "An Ewok Celebration" includes the full album Victory Celebration with a rather nicely done fadeout (if it is indeed amateur). I was just wondering if anyone else had come across it.
  2. So, there's something titled "An Ewok Celebration" on this Ewoks bootleg: http://starwars.wiki...28soundtrack%29 Listening to it, it seems to have a clean ending of Victory Celebration. Has anyone else heard this, and can tell if it's legit (the recording, I mean)? It's not just the OST edited to stop before the credits--there's a longer fadeout. I suppose it's just a well done fan extension, but I had never heard it before and it sounds pretty convincing.
  3. For anyone else who's wanted to piece the disjointed Last of the Mohicans album back together: 1. Main Title 2. Elk Hunt 3. River Walk and Discovery 4. Pieces of a Story 5. The British Arrival 6. Cora 7. The Glade Part II 8. Fort Battle 9. The Courier 10. The Kiss 11. Monro's Office/Stockade 12. Parley 13. Massacre/Canoes 14. I Will Find You 15. Promontory 16. Top of the World It's not exact. You can find pretty much anything you ever wanted to know about the soundtrack here: http://www.mohicanpress.com/mo11124.html
  4. Last week I had a dream that the Black Friday titles were announced early. Two were no-names I didn't care about. One was some James Newton Howard score that richuk went nuts over. The fourth was The Temple of Doom. Yeah. I'm grateful actually that there's nothing I want in this batch. I only just picked up Home Alone from last year, afterall.
  5. I'd be surprised if someone hadn't, actually. But I didn't remember seeing it yet. It's shocking how well it works. I didn't really click with the main theme until last Sat. when I did some YouTubing. Super pumped for the game and soundtrack now. Don't know how I botched that...
  6. Oh yeah. Da da da da da da da da da daa, da da daa...
  7. I voted Battle of the Heroes. Revenge of the Sith as a whole (film and score) had a big impact on me back in '05. My first soundtrack album. I listened to it perhaps a dozen times before seeing the movie. Watching it at the theater I kept waiting for the theme to come up and when the duel started I almost flew out of my seat. The emotional rush was more powerful than anything I'd felt watching a movie before. Right age. Right time. Right geek, I guess. So yeah, Battle of the Heroes has more emotional resonance for me. (And I agree that the unreleased cues have some of the best parts.)
  8. I like Dragonheart and even his stuff from Last of the Mohicans. Felt disappointed with his Mummy score.
  9. Oh well. I was going to buy the game anyway. Even if not as great as it could have been, it'll still be a nice bonus.
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