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  1. Fortunately, two concerts from Vienna will be recorded (both announced as TV Concert) so blu-ray seems inevitable.
  2. Forced? Come on... Would The Adventures Of Han theme(s) match the recently released A Life In Music? Probably not. There are only classics on that CD – themes that will probably be part of pop culture in a hundred years. Would TAOH match the second part of ALIM CD? I think it would. It’s written with great class and mastery. If someone had told me 20 years ago that I would still hear such a class from Maestro as TAOH in 2018, It would be difficult for me to believe it.. I get the impression that JW becomes younger and younger every year I'm overjoyed!
  3. Wow! It sounds really great! There is much energy and freshness in it!
  4. About 90-95 percent of music I listen from CDs. The exception are situations when I’m away from home or I want to listen to something, but don’t have it, so I use Spotify. I think that CD’s enhances the pleasure of experiencing music, at least in my case. I never buy digital music, WAV, MP3 etc. And I'm not going to.
  5. Yes, but... we're talking about John Williams, the best composer on Earth. However, Powell did his job excellently, in my opinion. His themes in Solo are also great. And very diverse.
  6. I’m sure I’ll catch more details at the second viewing, though the CD will be out by then.
  7. Ok, I saw Solo yesterday. I liked it very much, although I rate TFA, TLJ and RO a bit higher. At least for now. Music is great! Above all, John Williams rules in this film! His two Han Solo themes (or two parts of one theme, I don’t know) appear in many places, usually separately. One is more marching, although it is not a march - think about the very beginning of Rey's Theme on light steroids - and the other is very heroic - a bit in the mood of the Poe's theme. Older music also appears in different arrangements, especially in the second part of the movie. Of course, we hear and , but also a bit of ... . However, there is a lot of Powell in this movie. And he put a lot of work and heart into it! The nostalgic dimension of one of the themes is not very far from his How to Train Your Dragon scores. Another theme has a very romantic feel, reminds me of Golden Age scores. And there is also a theme that sounds like a Avatar and Adiemus mixture, due to the vocalization, but it is much more wild, crazy. There are also some choirs. It's a pity that music, unlike in TLJ, loses a bit in battle scenes with sound effects, but in more intimate moments it sounds powerful. There's a lot going on here, it's hard to remember everything after watching a movie once. I can’t wait for the CD and look forward to seeing the movie again!
  8. Great music, but definitely too long with too much underscore. The best, almost outstanding are tracks 1, 19 and 20. Wonderful, ominous and intriguing. 30 minutes of pure beauty with the influence of the greats, like Tchaikovsky or even Mozart, but also Bernard Herrmann. But the CD is too long! 76 minutes? C'mon... I will probably program the CD in this way. It would be a very good 48-minute album. 01. Overture (11:34) 05. Arriving at Sparrow School (2:51) 06. Training (1:43) 10. Follow the Trail Wherever It Leads You (2:30) 11. Blonde Suits You (4:59) 13. Ticket to Vienna (1:45) 14. Telephone Code (1:10) 16. Can I Trust You? (3:06) 19. Didn’t I Do Well? (8:48) 20. End Titles (9:30)
  9. So they've not made a decision yet... I hope that it’s only because it’s too early. It will be a historic event, absolutely unique. It will be a big loss if it’s not released as a blu-ray. Maybe it would be worth in time thinking about the petition? Of course, if they don't announce anything.
  10. Do you think there is a chance that this concert will be recorded and released on blu-ray/DVD? This event would be a great opportunity for something like that. Besides, I wonder if Maestro will make a special album with LSO, at Abbey Road.
  11. I was able to buy tickets - for myself, my wife and a friend - just a few minutes after the start of the sale. It's one of the happiest days of my life Sad to hear that so many of you are less fortunate, though.
  12. The choirs, in addition to the themes related to Snoke, appear in the last quarters of the movie, in two very dramatic and intense action sequences - one related to , the other to I can't say that the load of emotions and beauty is as big as in "Anakin's Betrayal", I won't go that far, but it sounded big and effective. I just have to repeat that these are short fragments, lasting approximately 30-40 seconds. Whether and in what form they will be on the album, I have no idea.
  13. My review, no spoilers. In Polish. http://film.onet.pl/recenzje/gwiezdne-wojny-ostatni-jedi-ostatni-beda-pierwszymi-recenzja-bez-spoilerow/2q6lep Don't believe the malcontents. I saw the movie today and the score is really great. And it's not about recycling old music because, apart from old themes, there's a lot of exciting new music, not just only two new themes. And even two scenes with choirs - short but very emotional and epic. Brilliant score. Williams did it again! Can't wait for the CD, hope to get it tomorrow. I wonder what he chose from this, since the film has about 130 minutes of music.
  14. I'm unbelievably excited. New John Williams score from Star Wars in 2017? Who could have foreseen this in 1977?
  15. I don't think he'll ever retire. I remember that many years ago he said something like this: "Perhaps one day I'll withdraw from conducting, but I can't imagine that I could withdraw from composing."
  16. I think it could be Williams. Very catchy! A little bit of it reminds me of...
  17. I have them all so I'll not be buying this box. But for someone who doesn't have any of these CD's or has just a few, it might be a great deal. Lots of fantastic CD's here.
  18. I agree, this is the best option. One note - the third CD contains an entirely new Vangelis album, composed by him, not "different artists with their interpretations". And it's a wonderful music, only occasionally referring to orgiinal Blade Runner score
  19. Why only five? I would prefer fifteen. Conan the Barbarian Free Willy Lonesome Dove Farewell to the King Wind Honorable mention: The Hunt for Red October Les Misérables Starship Troopers The Blue Lagoon It's My Party Flesh & Blood RoboCop
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