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  1. You're very welcome! And thanks for answering those, I'm really looking forward to see what you have in store going forward. Good luck!
  2. Great work! I hadn't been keeping up since the early cues of OoTP from last year, but I took the time to catch up the other day and just finished your end credits. As an interpretive project (in terms of capturing Williams' style), it's a fantastic piece of work, and the creativity involved is quite breath-taking in terms of where you take existing motifs, and your own new ones. Listening to the end credits, the part that just 'felt' most like Williams to me was at the transition into Buckbeak's flight at 7:30, hit the nail right on the head. I suspect it's those magical textures that surround
  3. Great first cue! I’m so excited to see what you guys have planned for order of the Phoenix. From your preface, I think you’re completely right to address the scoring of this film as an emotional continuation of many of the family related, Sirius Black themes established in POA.
  4. Ahh! Thanks for that, I'll take another look. Thanks again, and good luck!
  5. Hey, just thought I'd probe something quickly. So, I know that you've already written the Goblet of Fire, but I was wondering if you knew about Williams' frequent use of the Ludlow motif, and if you'd ever consider using it in an appropriate place if/when you guys wrote for another one? Here's a compilation of its use in Williams' scores (not included is its use in Williams' main theme for Solo in 2018 as the video was uploaded in 2017) As an aside, it was used in all Quiddich-related incidental music from Years 1-3 by Williams, if you'd want a reference for its use in Harry Potter
  6. Loved the new cues this week! 8 minutes of solid music guys, fantastic work - I particularly like how you let the underwater sequences from the Phantom Menace inform the second task's accompanying underwater setpiece. I understand once the score is all done, you're thinking of posting the full film with the score added in? I'm not an expert, but I think there are pretty straight forward ways to maintain all sound except for the music.. might need some looking into but I'm sure you guys are far more familiar with what I'm talking about than me. Anyway, it'd be so cool (provided copyright s
  7. This is a fantastic idea, I applaud all the work that's been done so far! I love the series, but it has been a bit of a bother that the musical style changes so rapidly from the earlier films to the last few. I appreciate each score in isolation enough, (some more than others), but it's just fascinating to think of what an overall tapestry of music might look like for the whole series. Good luck and I can't wait to see if there's more!
  8. That would make sense! Such a shame a wonderful few cues of music are only physically available when we're now entering the 2020s. Thanks for explaining that
  9. It would not be illegal to listen on a digital streaming platform such as Spotify, which is my main cause for mysticism around why they would omit disc 5 when the rest of the soundtrack seems to be not just on Spotify but also around on YouTube. Let's not kid ourselves into thinking Williams' music is listened to entirely by paying agents (in fact most, I would wager, are non-paying in the form of views on YouTube, the Imperial March has 95 million views there).
  10. Thanks for the response. Curious that they removed it from the digital version... I actually remember listening to it on YouTube so that must have been deleted too (though that’s less unheard of in the soundtrack world). I’ll keep searching to see if anyone’s grabbed it from that collection
  11. Raiders of The Lost Ark - Piece Query So, I've been searching all over YouTube for 'Uncovering the Ark'. I understand that it only had a restricted release. It seems such a shame that such an unnerving and haunting piece is so hard to find... Would anyone care to point me to anywhere where I might find the audio? Preferably YouTube, but if you have an audio extract I can use that too. Many thanks for reading!
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